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Carolina Shipping Company

Carolina Shipping Company - Charleston, South Carolina

Carolina Shipping originally performed agency and stevedoring services while operating several of its own general cargo vessels. The company eventually sold its ships, but it continued to provide agency and stevedoring services throughout the South Atlantic. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, the company was established in 1927. By 1989, Carolina Shipping sold its stevedoring interest to Stevedoring Services of America (SSA), and Carolina Shipping was bought by Biehl International, Houston, Texas. At that time, Carolina Shipping Company had offices in Charleston, Savannah and Atlanta, but it soon expanded to offer facilities in Georgetown, South Carolina, Jacksonville, Florida, and Brunswick, Georgia. Carolina Shipping Company began functioning exclusively as a steamship agency under the direction of its new ownership.

Equipped with a full range of modern communications equipment, each of Carolina Shipping Company's full cargo operations departments are ISO 9001:2000 certified by ISOQAR. The company's newest equipment allows constant contact with all parties. Carolina Shipping networks directly with its sister company, Biehl & Company in the Northeast Atlantic and U.S. Gulf.

People working at companies like Carolina Shipping Company could have been exposed to harmful asbestos while on the job. Asbestos exposure is directly linked to mesothelioma and those diagnosed with the disease are usually given a prognosis that includes a short life expectancy. If you have been diagnosed and are a veteran you may be wondering how mesothelioma affects veterans. You may also be interested in knowing more about available medical support for veterans who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. We have created a complete directory of mesothelioma clinics in the country as well as a veteran medical centers guide for your convenience. In addition, you can find helpful treatment information in our mesothelioma treatment guide. We hope you find these resources helpful!

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