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Request a Free Guide is dedicated to helping mesothelioma patients, loved ones and caregivers receive the most recent information on the disease and reliable resources at every step of their cancer journey. Read what some survivors and loved ones had to say about has been a great source of information through the great articles from health care providers and patients. I am so thankful to be able to access their resources and be able to guide family and friends to to this wonderful website.

–Annamarie Kearns, Salt Lake City, Utah

I’m so grateful to for its ongoing advocacy work. The articles are always informative and engaging. I’ve learned a great deal about asbestos safety and have felt less alone in my loss. I’m thankful to be a part of this community and the work of spreading awareness to honor my father and all mesothelioma warriors and their loved ones.

-Willa Carroll, New York, New York

I feel that this is a wonderful platform to start something new and exciting for our loved ones. I feel that we can start here and make so many individuals aware of this horrible, sad disease. I have enjoyed being a part of the blogs and informative information.

–Angela F. de Rodríguez, Frisco, Texas

I love the inspirational stories. I miss my mom everyday, but if her death can help to find a cure for one person I will know that would make her very happy.

–Lora Frymoyer, Leeport, Pennsylvania

Always informative and sharing up to date News Lots of Advocacy and shared stories of Bravery of the Mesothelioma journey. Thanks MCA and all who contribute to this site which is open to all and not a closed site.

–Shirley White, Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much for publishing my story of my experience with my step-father’s mesothelioma and my own lung cancer. I fit the profile perfectly. Even though I wasn’t his child, I was in the same home environment when he would get off his shift covered with asbestos. I was in my early forties when I was diagnosed with oat cell carcinoma. In fact, I went to a brand new high school that was later closed because of asbestos. So, either from my own home environment and/or the high school I went through for 5 years. God knows how the miracle happened. Now, I am almost twice the age my step dad was when he died from the disease. I learned a lot and have no doubt that the lung cancer I had was from his working in the Houston shipyards during WWII. thank you, so much for the work of informing the public this could happen to anyone.

–Johnie Beth Matthews, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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