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The team at has compiled a comprehensive list of events related to mesothelioma and asbestos across the United States and around the world. Our goal in promoting these events is to raise awareness about mesothelioma and to generate support for research to find a cure. If you have an event that you would like posted on this page, please email us at [email protected].

Mesothelioma events nationwide have been impacted by COVID-19. Check back for updates.

Upcoming Events

National Cancer Research Month

AACR logo

National Cancer Research Month is a global awareness campaign highlighting the importance of cancer research. The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) initiated the campaign to highlight the importance of lifesaving cancer research. The public can get involved all month long by sharing their personal stories of how cancer and research have impacted them, fundraising and advocating for more research funding.

When: May 2021

Where: Everywhere

More Info: Event Page

ISCT 2021: New Orleans Virtual

ISCT 2021 New Orleans

The International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT) is hosting a virtual event focused on translational science. There will be a scientific program with presentations on topics such as immuno and gene therapies. Speakers include global experts from institutions such as Baylor College of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong, National University of Ireland Galway and more.

When: 5/26/2021 – 5/28/2021

Where: Virtual event

More Info: Event Page

Cancer Immunotherapy Month™

Cancer Immunotherapy Month

The Cancer Research Institute is hosting the 9th Annual Cancer Immunotherapy Month™ in June. The month is meant to raise awareness around the potential of immunotherapy as a cancer treatment. People can get involved by helping to fundraise for research, raising awareness and sharing their immunotherapy story.

When: June 2021

Where: Everywhere

More Info: Event Page

National Cancer Survivors Day®

National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day® is celebrated each year on the first Sunday in June. The annual event is a celebration for survivors, inspiration for current cancer patients and a gathering of support for families. Survivors, patients, family members and the larger public can celebrate the day by attending virtual events, sharing stories and promoting cancer research.

When: 6/6/2021

Where: Everywhere

More Info: Event Page

2021 Developments in Cellular Therapy

Baylor Scott & White logo

Baylor Scott and White Health is hosting an inaugural conference on cellular therapy. The virtual conference will focus on CAR-T cell therapy, including treatment developments and identifying eligible patients. The conference will also explain short- and long-term treatment side effects and how to manage them.

When: 6/19/2021

Where: Virtual event

More Info: Event Page

Imaging Cancer: Gaining insights from cells to organisms

European Association for Cancer Research logo

The European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) is hosting this virtual event on cancer imaging. Imaging experts in clinical and basic research will present the latest findings in the field. Discussions will include how to visualize cancer early in tissues, evaluating the scale and spread of disease, and predicting and monitoring treatment response with imaging scans.

When: 6/29/2021 – 6/30/2021

Where: Virtual event

More Info: Event Page

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