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Mayport Naval Station

Mayport Naval Station

Originally commissioned in 1942, Mayport Naval Station has grown to become home to the third largest fleet concentration area in the United States. Naval Station Mayport is located near the Port of Jacksonville in northeast Florida on the south side of the St. Johns River just inside the entrance jetties and westward of St. Johns Point. Even before the Naval Station was established there, the ease of access to inland waterways and the open ocean at the site has been drawing interest for more than 400 years. Mayport has an 8,000-foot runway that can handle any aircraft in the Department of Defense inventory as well as a harbor with enough room for 34 ships. Covering 3,409 acres, the NS Mayport is the operational and training headquarters for the SH-60B Seahawk LAMPS MKIII with a primary mission of anti-submarine warfare. It is also host to more than 70 tenant commands including the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67), 20 other naval ships, and six Light Airborne Multi-purpose System (LAMPS) Mark III helicopter squadrons.

Since the station merged with Naval Air Station Mayport in 1992, the expanded facilities have become home to more than 14,000 active-duty personnel, 45,000 family members and retirees, and 1,400 civilian employees. The Naval Station's air facility conducts more than 135,000 flight operations each year, and the station also boasts a busy seaport. Approximately two-dozen ships are currently berthed in the Mayport basin, including an aircraft carrier, AEGIS guided-missile cruisers, destroyers and guided missile frigates.



Mayport Naval Station - Jacksonville, Florida

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