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Asbestos: A Toxic Mineral

Although most people might not know it today, as recently as the later 1970's, many products were made out of a toxic mineral that made millions of people sick. The culprit was asbestos, a strong material that was found in large natural deposits. American manufacturers recognized its beneficial properties at the onset of the Industrial Revolution, but at that point they were not aware of the dangers it posed. In fact, it took nearly a century before these became general knowledge in the United States.

Lamentably, even after the companies that produced goods that contained asbestos were notified that their merchandise could potentially harm or even kill their employees and customers, many of them continued to use it anyway. Executives did not want to lose the immense level of profit they were raking in because of the inexpensive material that served so many different purposes. These officials did not warn their employees of the danger. Doing so would have allowed the employees to wear protective gear to guard them from the danger they faced every day.

Included in the long list of goods that were made out of asbestos was rope. Asbestos rope, as it was commonly known, did not necessarily serve the same purposes as standard rope. It was used as an insulation material in pipes and machinery and also as a packing material for fragile items.

How Did Asbestos Dust Get Into the Air?

When rope is used, tiny bits of it tend to break off, and these particles contained asbestos dust. This dust has the ability to float, so it was often inhaled by the people who helped make it or used it on the job. It was at this point that the mineral turns into a health hazard. Once the dust was inhaled, it was likely to cause tissue scarring, respiratory disorders and even cancer. Mesothelioma became a well known cancerous disease as people started becoming ill and even passing away after being around asbestos. Doctors are generally not able to provide a favorable mesothelioma prognosis to patients. This is because there is a long latency period associated with the disease and there is no cure. Treatment for mesothelioma has advanced over the years, however, and top mesothelioma clinics offer both conventional treatments like mesothelioma pneumonectomy and experimental treatments like photo-dynamic therapy and mesothelioma brachytherapy. There are even some newer drugs available including Alimta®, Onconase and Navelbine. Our mesothelioma treatment guide provides more detail on available treatment options.

Victims who were harmed, and the families of those who had perished sought retribution from the manufacturers who had allowed this to happen. These people made their voices heard in the form of personal injury claims. Companies that produced items like Asbestos Rope made pay outs into the billions, and many ended up seeking bankruptcy protection as a result.

Asbestos Rope Products Containing Asbestos

The following partial list of asbestos rope products were known to contain asbestos:

Product Name Start Year End Year
Amatex Asbestos Rope 1962
Celotex Carey Asbestos Rope 1925 1945
Garlock Rope
Johns Manville 373 AAA Grade Rope 1982
Johns Manville 566 Commercial Grade Rope 1982
Johns Manville 702 Commercial Grade Rope 1982
Johns Manville 733 Commercial Grade Rope 1982
Johns Manville 787 Comnercial Grade Rope 1982
Johns Manville 788 AAA Grade Rope 1982
Johns Manville 857 AAA Grade Rope 1982
Johns Manville 869 AAA Grade Rope 1982
Johns Manville Thermo-Pac Asbestos Rope
Keasbey & Mattison Asbestos Rope
Raymark Rope
Unarco Asbestos Rope 1940 1969

Contact Us If You Believe You Have Been Exposed to Asbestos

Conditions that stem from asbestos exposure are generally slow to develop, very difficult to treat and impossible to cure. Dealing with the aftermath can be difficult and confusing, which is why we have put together a mesothelioma resources section and an information kit to answer any questions you might have. It will help guide you through your options if you or a loved one were affected by products that contained the toxic substance, and it is available at no charge upon request.

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