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Shook & Fletcher

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Shook & Fletcher manufactured, distributed and installed asbestos insulation products until the 1970s. The company’s asbestos use exposed thousands of people to the mineral. In 2002, it created a trust fund to satisfy and pay asbestos claims. The fund still operates and handles claims today.

01. History of Asbestos Use

Shook & Fletcher History of Asbestos Use

Shook & Fletcher was founded in 1901 by Paschal Green Shook and John F. Fletcher as a steel producer. Shook & Fletcher also sold mining equipment, parts and supplies. As the company branched out into other products, it began to use asbestos.

Quick Facts
  • Years in Operation: 1901 – Present
  • Location: Vestavia Hills, Alabama
  • Production: Building materials distribution, contracting, insulation manufacturing
  • Asbestos Trust: Yes

In 1949, Shook & Fletcher started manufacturing insulation. Around this time, asbestos was a popular additive for insulation and thousands of other products.

In 1967, the company spun off Shook & Fletcher Insulation Company as an employee-owned venture that manufactured asbestos insulation. The company also worked as a distributor and contractor to supply and install other asbestos products.

It stopped using asbestos in the 1970s. People who developed asbestos-related diseases from Shook & Fletcher products began to name the company in claims in 1976.

The company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2002 and established a trust fund to handle claims that same year. In 2023, Shook & Fletcher Insulation Company was absorbed into Shook & Fletcher Services. The trust continues to operate and accept claims.

02. Asbestos Products

Shook & Fletcher Asbestos Products

Shook & Fletcher manufactured, distributed and installed asbestos insulation products. Its products allegedly contained asbestos from 1949 through the 1970s. Shook & Fletcher also sold and installed products manufactured by other asbestos companies.

The company’s asbestos trust lists hundreds of jobsites where it installed these products. Notable jobsites include Johns-Manville plants, power companies and Celotex Corporation plants.

The company’s asbestos activities exposed thousands of people to the dangerous mineral.

03. Occupational Exposure

Shook & Fletcher and Occupational Exposure

Shook & Fletcher’s insulation products put workers and consumers at risk of asbestos exposure.

Insulation manufacturers who experience occupational exposure may develop asbestos diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma. Tradespeople who used Shook & Fletcher’s insulation products also risked exposure.

Individuals who worked around Shook & Fletcher products may also have put their family members at risk of secondhand exposure. This type of exposure occurs when someone accidentally brings asbestos fibers home on their clothes or person. People in the home may then experience secondhand exposure if they encounter the transferred fibers.

04. Asbestos Litigation

Asbestos Litigation Against Shook & Fletcher

Asbestos lawsuits against Shook & Fletcher began in 1976. In 1985, Shook & Fletcher and several other asbestos companies entered into a claims facility agreement to “jointly handle and defend asbestos cases.” The company tried to file against its insurers as well but was unsuccessful.

Asbestos claims continued to mount into the early 21st century. Before declaring bankruptcy in 2002, Shook & Fletcher faced as many as 80,000 asbestos lawsuits.

Some of these cases were settled confidentially, while others were decided in court. Cases decided in favor of the asbestos victim may result in mesothelioma compensation.

05. Asbestos Trust Fund

Shook & Fletcher Asbestos Trust Fund

Shook & Fletcher filed for bankruptcy in April 2002. The Shook & Fletcher Asbestos Settlement Trust was established in October 2002 and began accepting claims the same year. It was initially funded with $109 million.

The current payment percentage for successful claims is 50%.

Individuals harmed by Shook & Fletcher’s asbestos products can file claims with the trust. Successful claims are subject to the payment percentage, which is currently set at 50%.

Other factors may also influence payment amounts, including the victim’s age, disease severity, exposure history and firm settlement history. A mesothelioma lawyer can help victims file a claim with Shook & Fletcher’s trust fund.