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Bridgeport is currently the most populous city in the state of Connecticut and is located on Long Island Sound. Currently the largest employers in Bridgeport are People’s Bank, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Bridgeport Hospital and the City of Bridgeport.

Bridgeport Overview

Bridgeport’s first settlement was made in 1659, however the city was not chartered until 1836. Bridgeport’s location on the deep Black Rock Harbor supported shipbuilding and whaling in the mid 19th century. Bridgeport’s advantageous geographic location encouraged the early settlers to shift from agrarian to mercantile and manufacturing pursuits. Industrialization started taking place in the mid-19th century. Famous factories included Wheeler & Wilson, a producer of sewing machines, and the Locomobile Company of America, builder of one of the premier automobiles of the time. By 1930, Bridgeport was a thriving industrial center with more than 500 factories. Industrialization and the presence of the railroad made Bridgeport an ideal manufacturing center producing Bridgeport milling machines, saddles, corsets, carriages, brass fittings, sewing machines, and ammunition.

While manufacturing has died out in Bridgeport in recent years, it has become an important retail location because of its seaport, railroad center, and proximity to interstates and highways. The recent renovation of the waterfront, the emergence of the Black Rock community, and low real estate prices have attracted some to Bridgeport but the high crime rate and lack of major companies has kept others away. One of the most recognizable symbols of Bridgeport is the Barnum Museum which was originally known as the Barnum Institute of Science and History. The Museum houses artifacts and information relating to its founder, P.T. Barnum, his businesses, including the “greatest show on earth,” and the history of Bridgeport, which he served as Mayor.

An active construction industry coupled with its manufacturing roots puts Bridgeport in a high-risk category for asbestos exposure. Workers in Bridgeport exposed to asbestos may be at risk to develop mesothelioma, a cancer caused by the inhalation of asbestos particles.

Other Asbestos Sites in Bridgeport, Connecticut

If you worked at any of these companies and/or job sites in Bridgeport, Connecticut, you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma cancer.

  • A D C Contr. & Supply Corporation
  • Acme Shear Company
  • Algonquin Club
  • Amer Chain & Cable Company
  • American Fabrics Company
  • American Graphophone Company
  • American Tube & Stamping Plant
  • Asbestos Distributors Corporation
  • Ashcroft Manufacturing Company
  • Bassic Company Div/Stewart War
  • Beardlsey Tr. Housing Project
  • Beechmont Daipies
  • Best Welding Company
  • Bilton Machine Tool Company
  • Boiler Repair & Welding Inc
  • Bridgeport Brass Company
  • Bridgeport Electric Light Company
  • Bridgeport Forge Company
  • Bridgeport Gas Light Company
  • Bridgeport Harbor Station Powerhouse
  • Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing
  • Bridgeport Hospital
  • Bridgeport Metal Goods Manufacturing Company
  • Bridgeport Pipe Engineering
  • Bridgeport Powerhouse
  • Bridgeport Projectile Company
  • Bridgeport Rolling Mills Company
  • Bristol Hospital
  • Bryant Electric Company
  • Buckley Brothers
  • Bullard Company
  • Burnzol Incinerator
  • C.C. Fischer and Company
  • Carpenter Steel of New England
  • Catholic High School For Girls
  • Central Police Headquarters
  • Citizens Gas Company
  • Columbia Recording Company
  • Commercial Metal Heat Tre
  • Connecticut Breweries Company
  • Connecticut Fire Brick Company
  • Connecticut Railway and Lighting Company
  • Consolidated Ashcroft Hancock Company
  • Consolidated Safety Valve Company
  • Crane Value Company
  • Dictaphone Corporation
  • Eaton, Cole and Burnham
  • Ebasco Services
  • Fairchild and Shelton
  • Federal Court House Building
  • Federal Office Building, Lafayette St.
  • Fire Brick Construction Company
  • General Electric Company
  • George C Batcheller and Company
  • Griffin Hospital
  • Handy & Harmon
  • Harvey Hubel, Inc.
  • Heppenstall Company
  • Hobbell, Harvey Inc
  • Housing For Elderly
  • Hydro-Blast Corporation
  • Industrial Refractories Corp
  • Isolation Hospital
  • Jenkins Brothers
  • Jewish Community Center
  • Lafayette Bank & Trust Company
  • Lewin and Sons, Inc.
  • Liberty Ordnance Company
  • Litchfield High School
  • Litchfield Junior High School
  • Locke Manufacturing
  • Manning, Maxwell & Moore
  • Masonic Temple
  • Michael Hoffman Fuel Company
  • N Y N H & Hartford R R
  • Nancy Lynn Bakeries Inc
  • Park City Hospital Inc
  • Park City Supply Company
  • Peerless Aluminum Foundry Company Inc
  • Peoples Savings Bank
  • Ponds Extract Company
  • Post Publishing Company
  • Producto Machine Company
  • Rann Hickman Associates
  • Raybestos-Manhattan Inc
  • Read School
  • Remington Arms & Ammunition Company
  • Remington Rand Shaver
  • Robert A. Keasbey Company
  • Sikorski Aircraft Company
  • Singer Manufacturing Company
  • Stamford Hospital
  • Standard Fuel Company
  • Stanley Wks American Tube & Stamping Plt
  • Steel Point Powerhouse
  • Stratfield Motor Inn
  • Stratford Housing Job
  • U.S. Aluminum Company
  • Underwood Commerce Properties
  • Union Metalic Cartridge Company
  • Union Typewriter Company
  • United Electric Illg Company
  • United Gas Imp Company
  • United Illuminating Corp
  • University of Bridgeport
  • Valve Corporation of America
  • Warner Brothers Company
  • West End Plant
  • Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company
  • Wheeler and Wilson Manufacturing Company
  • Whiting Manufacturing Company
  • Wisvest Connecticut
  • Zandanella Construction

Contact a Mesothelioma Doctor near Bridgeport

We have compiled a list of mesothelioma doctors that practice within a 100-mile radius of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Click on a specific doctor link to obtain more information about their areas of expertise, background, professional affiliations, and office locations.

Dr. Carrie A. Redlich
Yale School of Medicine
New Haven, CT 06510

Dr. Frank C. Detterbeck
Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven
New Haven, CT 06511

Dr. Tracey L. Weigel
Westchester Medical Center
Valhalla, NY 10595

Dr. John D. Allendorf
NYU Winthrop Hospital
Winthrop Surgical Associates
Mineola, NY 11501

Dr. Roman Perez-Soler
Montefiore Medical Park
Bronx, NY 10461

Dr. Shahriyour Andaz
South Nassau Communities Hospital on Long Island
Lynbrook, NY 11563

Dr. John A. Chabot
Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
New York, NY 10032

Dr. Raja M. Flores
Mount Sinai Medical Center
New York, NY 10029

Dr. Andrea S. Wolf
The Mount Sinai Hospital
Ruttenberg Treatment Center
New York, NY 10029

Dr. Emanuela Taioli
Mount Sinai Medical Center
Icahn (East) Building, Floor 2nd, Room L2-70A
New York, NY 10029

Dr. Michael R. Grey
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Hartford, CT 06105

Dr. Robert J. Cerfolio
NYU Langone Medical Center
Perlmutter Cancer Center
New York, NY 10016

Dr. Harvey Pass
NYU Langone Medical Center
Perlmutter Cancer Center
New York, NY 10016

Dr. Stephen C. Rush
NYU Langone Medical Center
New York, NY 10016

Dr. Daniel H. Sterman
NYU Langone Medical Center
Perlmutter Cancer Center
New York, NY 10016

Dr. Jyoti Malhotra
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Dr. Bruce G. Haffty
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Dr. H. Richard Alexander, Jr.
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Dr. Anthony F. Testa
Fatima Hospital
Johnston, RI 02919

Dr. Sundaresan T. Sambandam
Hematology and Oncology Associates of Rhode Island
Cranston, RI 02920

Dr. John A. Pella
John A. Pella Ltd.
Cranston, RI 02920

Bridgeport, Connecticut Mesothelioma Cancer Centers

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of mesothelioma cancer centers that are located within a 100-mile radius of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Please click on a cancer center link to obtain more information about the clinical programs offered, areas of expertise and how to contact the cancer center.

Yale Cancer Center
WWW 205
New Haven, CT 06520

Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
Columbia University
New York, NY 10032

Mount Sinai Medical Center
Lung and Thoracic Cancer Services at The Mount Sinai Hospital
New York, NY 10029

NYU Langone Medical Center
Perlmutter Cancer Center – Lung Cancer Center
8th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Mesothelioma Support Services near Bridgeport

The following cancer support services may be of help to you while you are receiving treatment for mesothelioma. Support services for mesothelioma patients include patient transport, temporary housing, physical therapy and counseling.

Connecticut Treatment Support Services
Counseling & Support Groups
  • Connecticut Counseling Services 
  • Connecticut Counseling Services 
  • Ann’s Place 
  • Connecticut Counseling Services 
  • Cancer Care 
    (New York)
  • Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey 
  • South County Health 
  • Care New England Wellness Center 
Long-Term Housing
  • Atria Stratford 
  • Flats at 390 
  • Montage Rocky Hill 
    (Rocky Hill)
  • Short Term Rentals NYC 
    (New York)
  • Extended Stay America Hotels Warwick 
Patient Transport
  • Connecticut Transportation Solutions 
  • Sweetheart Transportation Service 
  • Connecticut Transportation Solutions 
  • Dash Xpress 
    (New York)
  • Golden Medical Transportation LLC 
    (Jersey City)
  • Alliance Medical Services LLC 
  • Andover Dial a Ride 
  • Honest Medical Transportation 
Physical Therapy
  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center 
  • Griffin Hospital 
  • Gaylord Physical Therapy, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine 
    (North Haven)
  • Pact Physical Therapy 
    (New York)
  • Liberty Physical Therapy PC 
    (Jersey City)
  • Elite Physical Therapy 
  • Brunswick Health & Physical Therapy Center 
    (New Brunswick)
  • Kent Hospital 
    (East Greenwich)

Filing an Asbestos Lawsuit in Bridgeport

If you were exposed to asbestos at a commercial, residential or military site in Bridgeport, Connecticut and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to compensation. Don’t lose your right to file a lawsuit to hold those responsible accountable. You must act quickly and file your claim within the appropriate statute of limitations for the state of Connecticut.

Mesothelioma Law Firms Servicing Bridgeport

Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney & Meisenkothen

Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney and Meisenkothen is a national law firm recognized for its representation of over 3,000 hardworking men and women who have been exposed to asbestos and diagnosed with mesothelioma. ELSM’s experience in asbestos litigation spans four decades.

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You

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Linda Molinari Editor in Chief

Linda Molinari has more than 15 years of experience as a writer and advocate for mesothelioma patients and a ban on asbestos.

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