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Silvabestos Cloth

Asbestos is an incredibly strong mineral, but it has the ability to be plied into most any form. People may think it was only used to create construction materials, such as cement, insulation or bricks, but it could also be made into a very durable type of cloth. It has actually served this purpose for centuries. Ancient cultures were known to make cloth out of this powerful material, and some records indicate that it was sometimes cleaned by being held within a fire. Unlike any other type of cloth, it could not only endure the flames, it would actually help contain and put out a small blaze.

Silvabestos Cloth was created in a much more modern American setting, but it shared the same qualities as the goods made so many years ago. Regrettably, it was also a health hazard. Asbestos is a poisonous material, and exposure to the fibers that make it up can cause people to become extremely sick and even die. Commonly it causes a respiratory disorder known as asbestosis, as well as a cancerous disease called mesothelioma. There is no cure for mesothelioma, hence the number of survivors is low. Mesothelioma in women is seen less frequently than in men but the general prognosis is the same for both sexes. There are different mesothelioma cell types including sarcomatoid mesothelioma, biphasic mesothelioma and papillary mesothelioma. Recomended mesothelioma treatment depends on type of mesothelioma present as well as the stage at which it was diagnosed. Browse our mesothelioma treatment guide to get more details.

These conditions have gained a lot of attention over the years, once people began to understand that their illnesses were a direct result of contaminated items like Silvabestos Cloth. A public outcry was soon followed by the filing of many personal injury claims against manufacturers that utilized the hazardous mineral. Making matters worse, some companies used asbestos even after they knew how dangerous it was. These businesses were more interested in making a buck than protecting the people who worked for them or the customers who purchased their wares. This caused more people to be afflicted, and even more lawsuits were filed.

As the hazardous nature of asbestos became public knowledge, items such as Silvabestos Cloth were no longer produced. To help ensure this, the Environmental Agency banned the used of the mineral completely. No new products will contain the toxin, but there could easily be thousands of older products out there that could still be harmful. This means that people may continue to be exposed to this dangerous substance for years to come.

Would you like to read more about asbestos and the options people have if they have fallen prey to the serious conditions it creates? You may do so by requesting a copy of our information kit. It is packed full of facts and tips, and it is available for free to the public.

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