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Columbia is the capital and largest city in South Carolina, with a population of approximately 129,000 people. Columbia is located at the confluence of the Saluda River and Broad River and lies 13 miles northwest of South Carolina’s geographic center. Nicknamed “The Capital of Southern Hospitality”, Columbia is home to the University of South Carolina and Fort Jackson, the U.S. Army’s most active entry training installation.

After becoming a chartered city in 1854, Columbia experienced rapid growth and by 1907 had become a regional textile manufacturing hub. Olympia Cotton Mills, Palmetto Compress Company, and four other mills operated facilities in Columbia, employing over 3,400 workers. Over the years Columbia served as home to numerous manufacturing facilities, including A.P. Green Refractory Company, Industrial Firebrick Company, Pacific Mills, and U.S. Rubber Company. In 1917, Columbia was selected as the site of the United States military’s Camp Jackson but was shut down immediately following World War I. The site was reactivated for World War II and renamed Fort Jackson; the installation is currently one of the oldest in the country and operates Basic Combat Training for new recruits. Around the turn of the 21st century, Columbia’s worn down warehouse district became the center of a revitalization project. Following completion, the area has transformed into a prosperous district of art galleries, shops, and restaurants.

We have confirmed that Columbia has a number of manufacturing, construction, and other jobsites where asbestos exposure has occurred. If you have been exposed to asbestos you may be at risk to develop mesothelioma, a form of asbestos-related cancer. Mesothelioma attorneys may be able to assist you if you were exposed to asbestos in Columbia, South Carolina.

Other Asbestos Sites in Columbia, South Carolina

If you worked at any of these companies and/or job sites in Columbia, South Carolina, you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma cancer.

  • A.P. Green Refractory Company
  • Ac & S Inc.
  • Allied Chemical Company
  • Ap Green Refractories Company
  • Armstrong Contracting & Supply
  • Bauwaters Papermill
  • Board of Education
  • Bonitz Insulation Company
  • Brown Rodgers & Dixson
  • Carolina Coliseum
  • Carolina Drywall Insul.
  • Carolina Eastman
  • Catlin Parish
  • Central Roofing & Supply Company
  • Certified Welders
  • Chester Arthur Office Building
  • CK Supply
  • Clark Heating Company
  • Columbia Brick Company
  • Columbia Hospital
  • Columbia Pipe Company
  • Columbia Plastering Company
  • Columbia Railroad Gas & Electric
  • Columbia St. Railway Light and Power Company
  • Columbia Supply Company
  • Columbus Electric St Railway Light and Power Company
  • Continental Can Company
  • Eastman Chemical Company
  • Eighty Four Lbr.
  • Federal Land Bank
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Fort Jackson
  • Guard Tower
  • Ind Fire Brick Const Company
  • Industrial Firebrick Company
  • Keenan High School Addition
  • Laundry Building
  • Leaphart Elementary School
  • Lyman Printing and Finishing Company
  • Manning Correctional Center
  • Mcclendon Center
  • Mccrory Sumwalt Construction Company
  • National Linen Service Corporation
  • North Brothers, Inc.
  • Olympia Cotton Mills
  • Pacific Mills
  • Palmetto Compress Company
  • Ricetex Brick
  • Richland Shale Product Company
  • Seaboard Park
  • South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
  • South Carolina State Hospital For The Insane
  • Southern Bell
  • Southern States Supply
  • Supreme Court Building
  • Tidewater Supply Company
  • Trustees Quarters Manning Corr
  • U. S. Rubber Company
  • University of South Carolina
  • Veterans Administration Hospital
  • Vocational Education Center
  • W A Blackstone Company
  • Walker Plumbing and Heating Company

Mesothelioma Doctors near Columbia, SC

If you need help getting an accurate diagnosis or developing a treatment plan, the following mesothelioma doctors and oncologists who practice near Columbia, South Carolina have the expertise to assist you. More detailed information about each doctor is available by clicking on the appropriate doctor detail link. Details about their background, areas of expertise, professional affiliations and contact information is provided.

Medical University of South Carolina
Integrated Center for Comprehensive Excellence (ICCE)
Charleston, SC 29425

Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC 29425

Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC 29425

Cancer Centers near Columbia, South Carolina

If you need help getting an accurate diagnosis or developing a treatment plan, the following mesothelioma cancers near Columbia, South Carolina have the resources available to assist you. More detailed information about each cancer center is available by clicking on the appropriate cancer center detail link.

Lexington Medical Park 2
Suite 400
West Columbia, SC 29169

Distance: 5.2 miles

Mesothelioma Patient Support Services near Columbia

While receiving treatment, mesothelioma patients may find a need for temporary lodging, patient transport, physical therapy or counseling. We have compiled a list of these cancer support services near Columbia, South Carolina for your convenience.

South Carolina Treatment Support Services

Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Columbia, SC

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and were exposed to asbestos at a commercial, residential or military site in Columbia, South Carolina, you may be entitled to compensation. Don’t lose your right to file a claim. You must act quickly and file your claim within the appropriate statute of limitations for the state of South Carolina.

Legal Help for Columbia Residents with Mesothelioma

Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney and Meisenkothen is a national law firm recognized for its representation of over 3,000 hardworking men and women who have been exposed to asbestos and diagnosed with mesothelioma. ELSM's experience in asbestos litigation spans four decades.

At Gori Julian and Associates, P.C., we have handled hundreds of mesothelioma lawsuits on behalf of people throughout the United States. This experience allows us to choose jurisdiction in which to file your case based on many factors including but not limited to state of residence, jobsites, and previous and current employers.

As one of the nation’s leading mesothelioma law firms, Simmons Hanly Conroy has a proven track record. Every mesothelioma lawyer at the firm is committed to helping families affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases.

Help for Columbia, SC Mesothelioma Patients

Asbestos-Related News in South Carolina

Johnson & Johnson and Rite Aid Face Asbestos Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Darlington, South Carolina - May 24, 2018

Johnson & Johnson and Rite Aid were named as defendants in a lawsuit alleging baby powder led to a woman’s mesothelioma. Read more at

Firefighters and Other Community Members Exposed to Asbestos

Marion City, SC - December 01, 2017

Marion City Administrator and Fire Chief were accused of exposing firefighters and other community members to asbestos. Read more at

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