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North Carolina

Mesothelioma patients who live in North Carolina have access to quality mesothelioma treatment in state. Conventional mesothelioma treatments available in North Carolina include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Additionally, clinical trials may currently be recruiting mesothelioma patients in North Carolina.

We provide a list of top mesothelioma doctors that practice in North Carolina, as well as the top cancer care centers in the state. A list of local cancer support services has been included as well for your convenience. Learn more about health care options available in North Carolina below.

North Carolina Mesothelioma Statistics
  • 969

    Mesothelioma Deaths, 1999 - 2015

  • 306

    Asbestosis Deaths, 1999 - 2015

  • 1,275

    Total Deaths, 1999 - 2015

Mesothelioma Cancer Centers in North Carolina

We have compiled a list of mesothelioma cancer centers in North Carolina. Please click on a cancer center link for more information about the clinical programs offered, affiliated mesothelioma doctors and how to contact the cancer center.

Duke Cancer Institute

Duke Cancer Institute

Durham, NC

The Duke Cancer Institute located in Durham, North Carolina is a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center providing treatment for patients diagnosed with mesothelioma

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Chapel Hill, NC

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center is a leading cancer clinic where some of the best mesothelioma doctors in the country provide quality cancer treatment for patients.

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Comprehensive Cancer Center

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Comprehensive Cancer Center

Winston Salem, NC

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Comprehensive Cancer Center is a top cancer center where leading mesothelioma doctors use the latest mesothelioma treatment protocols to help their cancer patients.

Doctors who Treat Mesothelioma in North Carolina

We have compiled a list of mesothelioma doctors that practice in the state of North Carolina. Please click on a doctor link to obtain more information about his/her background, areas of expertise, professional affiliations, and office locations.

David H. Harpole, M.D.

Dr. Harpole
Durham, NC

Dr. David H. Harpole, Jr.

Vice Chief, Division of Surgical Services

Duke Cancer Center

Durham, NC 27710
(919) 668-8413

Dr. David H. Harpole, Jr. is an Associate Professor of Surgery and Assistant Professor of Pathology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina specializing in mesothelioma.

Edward A. Levine, M.D.

Dr. Levine
Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. Edward A. Levine

Surgical Oncologist

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Comprehensive Cancer Center

Winston-Salem, NC 27157
(336) 716-0545

Dr. Edward A. Levine is a nationally-recognized surgical oncologist at the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He is a world-renowned expert in treating peritoneal malignancies with Hyperthermic Intra-Peritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC).

Jill Ohar, M.D.

Dr. Ohar
Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. Jill Ohar

Professor, Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy, and Immunologic Medicine

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Comprehensive Cancer Center

Winston-Salem, NC 27157
(336) 716-2011

Dr. Jill Ohar is a leading pulmonary disease specialist at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina who treats patients with mesothelioma.

It is not uncommon for patients to travel outside of their current states to meet with top oncologists and thoracic surgeons across the country. These mesothelioma experts usually have a particular focus within their practice.

Top Mesothelioma Doctors in the Country
James Pingpank, M.D.

James Pingpank, M.D.

Surgical Oncologist Map Marker UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Raphael Bueno, M.D.

Raphael Bueno, M.D.

Chief, Division of Thoracic Surgery; Co-Director, The Lung Center Map Marker Brigham and Women's Hospital

Find Cancer Support Services in North Carolina

Cancer support services for mesothelioma patients include patient transport, temporary housing, physical therapy and counseling. The following local services may be of help to you while you are receiving treatment for mesothelioma in North Carolina.

North Carolina Treatment Support Services

Financial Assistance for Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma treatment is expensive. All of the different treatment related costs can add up quickly. On top of that, many people may need to take time off work or stop working to deal with their cancer diagnosis.

The table below provides cost estimates for some of the procedures commonly used in diagnosing and treating mesothelioma.

Common Costs Associated with Treating Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Diagnosis & Treatment Costs Approximate Cost Range
Diagnostic Imaging (CT, PET, MRI) $800 – $1,600 per scan
Needle Biopsy $500 – $700
Thoracoscopy or Pleuroscopy (lungs) or Laparoscopy (abdomen) $3,600 – $5,000
Thoracotomy (lungs) or Laparotomy (abdomen) $7,800 – $7,900
Surgery – Lobectomy/Pneumonectomy (removal of part or all of a lung) $13,000 – $17,000
Radiation $7,000 – $12,000
Chemotherapy – Pemetrexed (Alimta®) $37,000 – $50,000
Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) $700 – $1,000

NOTE: Costs listed above do not take insurance payments or reimbursements into account. These cost estimates are estimated using data from the FAIR Health Consumer Cost Lookup tool, Healthcare Bluebook, and other sources.

Filing a Claim for Asbestos Exposure

Don’t lose your right to file a claim! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and were exposed to asbestos in North Carolina, you may be eligible for financial assistance.

Resources for North Carolina Mesothelioma Patients

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Editor in Chief, Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Linda Molinari

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