Asbestos on Amphibious Warships

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Amphibious warships were large vessels built to transport troops and equipment. The military used these ships frequently throughout the wars of the 20th century. Like other naval vessels, amphibious warships were often constructed and repaired with asbestos parts. As a result, many veterans and shipyard workers were exposed to the mineral.

01. Amphibious Warships’ History

History of Amphibious Warships

Amphibious warships are used to launch land attacks from sea. There are two main classifications of amphibious assault vessels:

  1. Troop transports
  2. Cargo transports

The United States Navy and Marine Corps used amphibious warships frequently in World War II (WWII) and other wars throughout the 20th century. Amphibious warships should not be confused with landing ships, which dock directly ashore.

A total of 388 amphibious attack transport ships served in WWII. The Navy divided these ships into several different classes. The ships typically carried the APA (troop transports) or AKA (cargo transport) hull designations.

Many of these ships were originally constructed as merchant ships or freighters and were retrofitted as amphibious warships. At the time of their construction, the Navy required asbestos use in its ships.

One of the most notable uses of amphibious warships was during the D-Day invasion of Normandy. These ships helped transport troops and landing equipment to the battle zone. They were also used across the Pacific for island-hopping campaigns. Some of these ships later served in Korea and Vietnam.

The Navy recognized the need for differentiation of its fleet in the late 1960s. It reclassified 41 of these vessels as amphibious transports (LPA) and 13 as small amphibious transports (LPR).

Further differentiation emerged as the military designed new classes. However, the asbestos-containing amphibious warships began to fall out of favor around the late 1960s. By 1969, only a few of the original amphibious warships remained in service.

The last of these ships were decommissioned or sold abroad around 1980. The Navy discontinued asbestos use around the same time.

Amphibious Warships’ History at a Glance

  • Other Names: Amphibious assault ships, attack transport, cargo transport, dock landing ship, gator freighter, troop transport
  • Years of Operation: 1940 – 1980
  • Wartime Operations: World War II (WWII), Korean War, Vietnam War
  • Size of Crew: Amphibious warships carried smaller crews, often with fewer than 100 individuals. However, they transported as many as 1,500 enlisted officers at a time.
  • Size of Ship: 400 – 500 feet long
  • Noteworthy Ships: USS Cavalier, USS Elmore, USS Queens

Notable Amphibious Warships

The military built amphibious warships to safely transport troops and supplies. The Navy and Marine Corps frequently used these ships in Pacific conflicts throughout WWII. The USS Queens and the USS Cavalier were two notable amphibious warships. Asbestos was used on these and other amphibious warships to provide resistance to heat and explosives.

As a result, many individuals aboard amphibious warships may have been exposed to the mineral. Anyone exposed to asbestos risks developing a related illness, such as mesothelioma cancer or lung cancer.

USS Queens (APA-103)

The USS Queens was a Windsor-class amphibious attack transport. She was constructed in 1942 by Bethlehem Steel Company, a known user of asbestos. Asbestos companies also provided the ship’s propulsion systems, including two Babcock & Wilcox steam turbines.

Quick Ship Facts
  • Ship’s Name: USS Queens
  • Year Built: 1942
  • Years In Service: 1944 – 2007

In 1944, the Navy commissioned the USS Queens to serve in WWII. She was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater and served two years in this arena. In 1946, the ship was decommissioned and given to the National Defense Reserve Fleet.

Just two years later, civilian passenger company American Export Lines purchased USS Queens and renamed her SS Excambion. She provided service between New York City and the Mediterranean from 1948 to 1959. After her civilian service, the company returned the USS Queens to the National Defense Reserve Fleet.

In 1960, the Texas Maritime Academy loaned the ship and rechristened her as the USTS Texas Clipper. For three decades, she served as a training ship for sea cadets and a dormitory for Seaborne Conservation Corps members.

In 2006, the ex-USS Queens was transferred to Texas Parks & Wildlife for use as an artificial reef. To prepare for her new life, crews removed all toxic materials still aboard the vessel. This included 1,680 cubic yards of asbestos. She was sunk in 2007.

The life of the USS Queens demonstrates how many people may unwittingly come into contact with asbestos. Throughout her life, the USS Queens may have exposed veterans, crew members, civilian passengers, cadets and demolition workers.

USS Cavalier (APA-37)

The USS Cavalier was a Bayfield-class amphibious warship. The Navy classified her as an attack transport vessel under the APA hull designation in 1943. Her outfit included machinery and products manufactured by asbestos companies, including:

Quick Ship Facts
  • Ship’s Name: USS Cavalier
  • Year Built: 1942
  • Years In Service: 1943 – 1969

These products may have included asbestos when installed on the USS Cavalier.

The USS Cavalier served several campaigns in the Asia-Pacific and Far East regions during her short life. She was also involved in the Korean War and Vietnam War. At several points during these campaigns, the USS Cavalier returned to the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, California, for repairs.

Western Asbestos Company products were used during the USS Cavalier’s repairs in 1950, 1951, 1952, 1954 and 1957. As a result, the USS Cavalier is one of hundreds of ships on the company’s trust fund list as a potential asbestos exposure site.

The USS Cavalier was ultimately decommissioned and struck from the Naval Register in 1968. During her life, she earned five battle stars for WWII service, four battle stars for Korean War service, five campaign stars for Vietnam War service, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and the Vietnam Service Medal.

02. List of Amphibious Warships

Complete List of Amphibious Warships

Hundreds of Navy and Marine Corps ships built in the 20th century contained asbestos. As a result, construction, battle, repair and maintenance may have disturbed asbestos fibers aboard these ships. Veterans and other service members may have been exposed to the mineral during these activities.

Below is a list of amphibious warships where service members may have experienced asbestos exposure.

Name Hull Class Commissioned Status
USS Accomac APB-49 LST-542 7/24/1944 Scrapped, 1959
USS Achernar AKA-53 1/31/1944 Scrapped, 1982
USS Adair APA-91 Windsor 7/15/1944 Scrapped, 1970
USS Adirondack AGC-15 Adirondack 9/2/1945 Scrapped, 1972
USS Alamance AKA-75 Tolland 12/22/1944
USS Alamo LSD-33 Thomaston 8/24/1956 To Brazil, 1990
USS Alchiba AKA-6 Arcturus 6/15/1941 Scrapped, 1973
USS Alcyone AKA-7 Arcturus 6/15/1941 Scrapped, 1969
USS Algol AKA-54 Andromeda 11/27/1943 Sunk, 1991
USS Algorab AKA-8 Arcturus 6/15/1941 Scrapped, 1973
USS Alhena AKA-9 6/15/1941 Scrapped, 1971
USS Allendale APA-127 11/22/1944 Scrapped, 1988
USS Almaack AKA-10 6/15/1941 Unknown
USS Alpine APA-92 Bayfield 4/22/1944 Scrapped, 1971
USS Alshain AKA-55 Andromeda 4/1/1944 Scrapped, 1978
USS American Legion APA-17 Harris 8/26/1941 Scrapped, 1948
USS Amesbury APD-46 Buckley 8/30/1943 Scrapped, 1962
USS Anchorage LSD-36 Anchorage 3/15/1969 Sunk as Target, 2010
USS Ancon AGC-4 8/12/1942 Scrapped, 1973
USS Andromeda AKA-15 4/2/1943 Sold, 1971
USS Appalachian AGC-1 10/2/1943 Scrapped
USS Appling APA-58 Gilliam 8/22/1944 Scrapped, 1954
USS Aquarius AKA-16 Andromeda 8/21/1943 Sold, 1947
USS Arcturus AKA-1 Arcturus 10/26/1940 Scrapped, 1971
USS Arenac APA-128 1/8/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Arneb AKA-56 Andromeda 4/22/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Artemis AKA-21 Artemis 8/28/1944 Scrapped, 1960s
USS Arthur L. Bristol APD-97 Crosley 6/25/1945 Scrapped, 1965
USS Arthur Middleton APA-25 9/7/1942 Scrapped, 1973
USS Ashland LSD-1 6/5/1943 Scrapped, 1970
USS Athene AKA-22 Artemis 9/29/1944 Scrapped, 1960
USS Attala APA-130 11/30/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Auburn AGC-10 Mount McKinley 7/20/1944 Scrapped, 1961
USS Audrain APA-59 Gilliam 9/2/1944 Scrapped, 1972
USS Audubon APA-149 12/20/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Aurelia AKA-23 Artemis 10/14/1944 To Maritime Commission
USS Austin LPD-4 2/6/1965 Scrapped, 2009
USS Balduck APD-132 / LPR-132 Crosley 5/7/1945 Scrapped, 1976
USS Bandera APA-131 12/6/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Banner APA-60 Gilliam 9/16/1944 Scuttled, 1948
USS Barber APD-57 / LPR-57 Buckley 10/10/1943 To Mexico, 1969
USS Barnett APA-5 McCawley 9/25/1940 Scrapped, 1966
USS Barnstable APA-93 Bayfield 5/22/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Barnwell APA-132 / LPA-132 1/19/1945 Sunk as Target, 1980s
USS Barr APD-39 Buckley 2/16/1944 Sunk as Target, 1963
USS Barrow APA-61 Gilliam 9/28/1944 Scuttled, 1948
USS Barry APD-29 Clemson 12/28/1920 Sunk, 1945
USS Bassett APD-73 Charles Lawrence 2/23/1945 To Colombia, 1968
USS Bates APD-47 Buckley 9/13/1943 Sunk, 1945
USS Baxter APA-94 Sumter 5/15/1944 Scrapped, 1968
USS Bayfield APA-33 Bayfield 11/20/1943 Scrapped, 1969
USS Beckham APA-133 12/10/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Begor APD-127 / LPR-127 Crosley 3/14/1945 Scrapped, 1976
USS Begor LPR-127 Crosley 3/14/1945 Scrapped, 1976
USS Belet APD-109 Rudderow 6/15/1945 To Mexico, 1963
USS Belknap APD-34 Clemson 4/28/1919 Sold, 1945
USS Bellatrix AKA-3 2/17/1942 To Peru, 1963
USS Belle Grove LSD-2 8/9/1943 Scrapped, 1970
USS Belleau Wood LHA-3 Tarawa 9/23/1978 Sunk as Target, 2006
USS Benawah APB-35 Benewah 3/19/1946 To Philippines
USS Bergen APA-150 12/23/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Berrien APA-62 Gilliam 10/8/1944 Scrapped, 1966
USS Betelgeuse AKA-11 Arcturus 6/14/1941 Scrapped, 1972
USS Beverly W. Reid APD-119 / LPR-119 Crosley 6/25/1945 Scrapped, 1975
USS Bexar APA-237 Haskell 10/9/1945 Scrapped, 1982
USS Bexar LPA-237 Haskell 10/9/1945 Scrapped, 1982
USS Bingham APA-225 / LPA-225 Haskell 12/23/1944 Scrapped, 1983
USS Birgit AKA-24 Artemis 10/28/1944 Scrapped, 1970s
USS Biscayne AGC-18 Barnegat 7/3/1941 Sunk as Target, 1968
USS Bladen APA-63 Gilliam 10/18/1944 Unknown
USS Bland APA-134 12/15/1944 Scrapped
USS Blessman APD-48 Buckley 9/19/1943 To Taiwan, 1967
USS Block Island CVE-106 Commencement Bay 12/30/1944 Unknown
USS Blue Ridge AGC-2 Appalachian 9/27/1943 Scrapped, 1960
USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 Blue Ridge 11/14/1970
USS Bolivar APA-34 Bayfield 3/15/1943
USS Bollinger APA-234 / LPA-234 Haskell 12/9/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Borum APD-82 11/30/1943 Scrapped, 1966
USS Bosque APA-135 12/17/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Botetourt APA-136 1/31/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Bottineau APA-235 Haskell 12/30/1944 Disposed, 1983
USS Bottineau LPA-235 Haskell 12/30/1944 Disposed, 1983
USS Bowers APD-40 1/27/1944 To Philippines, 1961
USS Bowie APA-137 12/23/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Boxer LPH-4 Essex 4/16/1945 Scrapped, 1971
USS Bracken APA-64 Gilliam 10/4/1944 Scuttled, 1948
USS Braxton APA-138 12/29/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Bray APD-139 Crosley 9/4/1944 Sunk as Target, 1963
USS Briscoe APA-65 Gilliam 10/29/1944 Sunk as Target, 1948
USS Broadwater APA-139 Haskell 1/2/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Brock APD-93 Crosley 2/9/1945 To Colombia, 1962
USS Bronx APA-236 / LPA-236 Haskell 8/27/1945 Unknown
USS Brookings APA-140 1/6/1945 Scuttled, 1992
USS Brooks APD-10 Clemson 6/18/1920 Sold, 1946
USS Brule APA-66 Gilliam 10/31/1944 Sunk as Target, 1948
USS Buckingham APA-141 1/23/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Bull APD-78 Buckley 8/12/1943 To Taiwan, 1966
USS Bunch APD-79 Buckley 8/21/1943 Scrapped, 1965
USS Burdo APD-133 Crosley 6/2/1945 Scrapped, 1967
USS Burke APD-65 Buckley 7/20/1943 To Colombia, 1968
USS Burleigh APA-95 Bayfield 10/30/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Burleson APA-67 Gilliam 11/8/1944 Scrapped, 1968
USS Butte APA-68 Gilliam 11/21/1944 Sunk as Target, 1948
USS Cabildo LSD-16 Casa Grande 3/15/1945 Sunk as Target, 1985
USS Callaway APA-35 Bayfield 4/24/1943 Scrapped, 1974
USS Calvert APA-32 Crescent City 10/1/1942 Scrapped, 1977
USS Capricornus AKA-57 Andromeda 5/31/1944 Scrapped, 1985
USS Carlisle APA-69 Gilliam 11/29/1944 Sunk as Target
USS Carpellotti APD-136 Crosley 7/30/1945 Scrapped, 1966
USS Carronade LFR-1 5/25/1955 Scrapped
USS Carter Hall LSD-3 9/18/1943 Scrapped, 1970
USS Carteret APA-70 Gilliam 12/3/1944 Sunk as Target
USS Casa Grande LSD-13 6/5/1944 Sold, 1992
USS Caswell AKA-72 Tolland 12/13/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Catamount LSD-17 6/5/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Catoctin AGC-5 8/31/1943
USS Catron APA-71 Gilliam 11/28/1944 Sunk as Target, 1948
USS Catskill LSV-1 6/30/1944
USS Cavalier APA-37 Bayfield 1/16/1944 Scrapped, 1969
USS Cavallaro APD-128 Crosley 3/13/1945 To South Korea, 1959
USS Cecil APA-96 Bayfield 9/15/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Centaurus AKA-17 Andromeda 10/21/1943
USS Cepheus AKA-18 Andromeda 12/16/1943
USS Chara AKA-58 Andromeda 6/14/1944 Scrapped, 1972
USS Charles Carroll APA-28 Crescent City 8/13/1942 Sold, 1977
USS Charles Lawrence APD-37 Buckley 5/31/1943 Scrapped, 1965
USS Charleston AKA-113 Charleston 12/14/1968 Inactive Reserve
USS Charleston LKA-113 Charleston 12/14/1968 Inactive Reserve
USS Chase APD-54 Buckley 7/18/1943 Scrapped, 1946
USS Chilton APA-38 / LPA-38 12/7/1943 Sold, 1974
USS Circe AKA-25 Artemis 11/10/1944 Disposed, 1946
USS Clarendon APA-72 Gilliam 12/14/1944 Unknown
USS Clarion River LFR-409 LSM(R)-501 5/16/1945 Scrapped, 1970
USS Clay APA-39 Bayfield 3/15/1943 Scrapped, 1974
USS Clearfield APA-142 1/12/1945 Scrapped, 1973
USS Cleburne APA-73 Gilliam 12/22/1944 Unknown
USS Clemson APD-31 Clemson 12/29/1919 Sold, 1946
USS Clermont APA-143 1/28/1945 Unknown
USS Cleveland LPD-7 Austin 4/21/1967
USS Clinton APA-144 2/1/1945 Sunk as Target, 1984
USS Clinton LPA-144 2/1/1945 Sunk as Target, 1984
USS Coates APD-138 Rudderow 1/24/1944 Sunk as Target, 1971
USS Cofer APD-62 Buckley 1/19/1944 Scrapped, 1968
USS Colbert APA-145 2/7/1945 Unknown
USS Colhoun APD-2 Wickes 6/13/1918 Sunk in Battle, 1942
USS Colleton APB-36 Benewah 1/28/1967 Scrapped, 1974
USS Collingsworth APA-146 2/27/1945 Excessed, 1983
USS Collingsworth LPA-146 2/27/1945 Excessed, 1983
USS Colonial LSD-18 5/15/1945 Scrapped, 1993
USS Colusa APA-74 Gilliam 12/20/1944 Unknown
USS Comstock LSD-19 Casa Grande 7/2/1945 To Taiwan, 1984
USS Cook APD-130 Crosley 4/25/1945 Scrapped, 1970
USS Coronado LPD-11 Austin 5/23/1970 Awaiting Disposal
USS Cortland APA-75 Gilliam 1/1/1945 Unknown
USS Corvus AKA-26 Artemis 11/20/1944 Disposed, 1946
USS Cottle APA-147 12/14/1944 scrapped, 1973
USS Cread APD-88 7/29/1945 Scrapped, 1961
USS Crenshaw APA-76 Gilliam 1/4/1945 Unknown
USS Crescent City APA-21 Crescent City 10/10/1941 Sold, 2004
USS Crittenden APA-77 Gilliam 1/17/1945 Scuttled, 1947
USS Crockett APA-148 1/18/1945 Scrapped
USS Crosby APD-17 Wickes 1/24/1919 Scrapped, 1946
USS Crosley APD-87 10/22/1944 To Ecuador
USS Cullman APA-78 Gilliam 1/25/1945 Scrapped, 1965
USS Custer APA-40 Bayfield 7/18/1943 Sold, 1948
USS Dade APA-99 Bayfield 11/11/1944 Unknown
USS Dane APA-238 Haskell 10/29/1945 Disposed by MARAD
USS Daniel T. Griffin APD-38 Buckley 6/9/1943 To Chile, 1966
USS Darke APA-159 10/10/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Dauphin APA-97 Windsor 9/23/1944 Scrapped, 1979
USS Dawson APA-79 Gilliam 2/4/1945 Sunk as Target, 1948
USS DeLong APD-137 Rudderow 12/31/1943 Sunk as Target, 1970
USS Dent APD-9 Wickes 9/9/1918 Sold, 1946
USS Denver LPD-9 Austin 10/26/1968
USS Deuel APA-160 10/13/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Devosa AKA-27 Artemis 11/30/1944 Scrapped, 1966
USS Diachenko APD-123 / LPR-123 12/8/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Dickens APA-161 10/18/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Dickerson APD-21 Wickes 9/3/1919 Sunk, 1945
USS Diphda AKA-59 Andromeda 7/8/1944
USS Don O. Woods APD-118 Rudderow 5/28/1945 To Mexico, 1963
USS Donald W. Wolf APD-129 Crosley 4/14/1945 To China, 1965
USS Donner LSD-20 7/31/1945 Scrapped, 2005
USS Dorchester APB-46 LST-542 6/15/1945 Sold, 1974
USS Doyen APA-1 Doyen 5/22/1943 Sold, 1974
USS Drew APA-162 10/22/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Dubuque LPD-8 Austin 9/1/1967
USS Duluth LPD-6 Austin 12/18/1965 Stricken
USS Dupage APA-41 Bayfield 9/1/1943 Disposed, 1946
USS Duplin AKA-87 Tolland 5/15/1945 Scrapped, 1971
USS Durham AKA-114 / LKA-114 Charleston 5/24/1969 Inactive Reserve
USS Durik APD-68 3/24/1944 Scrapped, 1967
USS Dutchess APA-98 Windsor 11/4/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Earhart APD-113 Rudderow 7/26/1945 To Mexico, 1963
USS Earle B. Hall APD-107 Crosley 5/15/1945 Scrapped, 1966
USS Eastland APA-163 10/26/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Edgecombe APA-164 10/30/1944 Unknown
USS Effingham APA-165 11/1/1944 Unknown
USS El Paso AKA-117 / LKA-117 Charleston 1/17/1970
USS Eldorado AGC-11 Mount McKinley 8/25/1944 Scrapped, 1976
USS Electra AKA-4 Arcturus 3/17/1942 Scrapped, 1974
USS Elkhart APA-80 Gilliam 2/8/1945 Scrapped, 1964
USS Elmore APA-42 Bayfield 8/25/1943 Scrapped, 1971
USS England APD-41 Buckley 12/10/1943 Scrapped, 1946
USS Enright APD-66 Buckley 9/21/1943 To Ecuador, 1967
USS Epping Forest LSD-4 10/11/1943 Scrapped, 1969
USS Estes AGC-12 Mount McKinley 10/9/1944 Scrapped, 1977
USS Fallon APA-81 Gilliam 2/14/1945 Scuttled, 1948
USS Fayette APA-43 Bayfield 10/14/1943 Scrapped, 1971
USS Feland APA-11 Doyen 6/21/1943 Scrapped, 1964
USS Fergus APA-82 Gilliam 2/20/1945 Unknown
USS Fillmore APA-83 Gilliam 2/25/1945 Scrapped, 1966
USS Fomalhaut AKA-5 3/2/1942
USS Fond du Lac APA-166 11/6/1944 Scrapped
USS Fort Fisher LSD-40 Anchorage 12/9/1972 Scrapped, 2009
USS Fort Mandan LSD-21 10/31/1945 To Greece, 1971
USS Fort Marion LSD-22 Casa Grande 1/29/1946 To Taiwan, 1977
USS Fort Snelling LSD-30 Thomaston 1/24/1955 Scrapped, 1995
USS Frament APD-77 8/15/1943
USS Francis Marion APA-249 Paul Revere 7/6/1961 To Spain, 1980
USS Francovich APD-116 9/6/1945 Scrapped, 1965
USS Frederick Funston APA-89 Frederick Funston 4/24/1943 Scrapped, 1969
USS Freestone APA-167 11/9/1944 scrapped, 1973
USS Fremont APA-44 Bayfield 11/29/1943 Scrapped, 1974
USS Fuller APA-7 4/9/1941 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Gage APA-168 11/12/1944 Scrapped, 2009
USS Gallatin APA-169 11/15/1944 Unknown
USS Gantner APD-42 Buckley 7/23/1943 To China, 1966
USS Garrard APA-84 Gilliam 3/3/1945 Scrapped, 1963
USS Gasconade APA-85 Gilliam 3/11/1945 Sunk as Target, 1948
USS Geneva APA-86 Gilliam 3/22/1945 Scrapped, 1966
USS George Clymer APA-27 Arthur Middleton 6/15/1942 Scrapped, 1968
USS George E. Badger APD-33 Clemson 7/28/1920 Scrapped, 1946
USS George W. Ingram APD-43 Buckley 8/11/1943 To China, 1967
USS Gilliam APA-57 Gilliam 8/1/1944 Sunk, 1946
USS Gilmer APD-11 Clemson 4/30/1920 Scrapped, 1946
USS Glynn APA-239 Haskell 10/17/1945 Disposed, 1983
USS Goldsborough APD-32 Clemson 1/26/1920 Scrapped, 1946
USS Goodhue APA-107 Bayfield 11/11/1944 Scrapped, 1982
USS Goshen APA-108 Bayfield 12/13/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Gosper APA-170 11/18/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Gosselin APD-126 Rudderow 12/31/1944 Scrapped, 1965
USS Grafton APA-109 Bayfield 1/5/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Granville APA-171 11/21/1944 Unknown
USS Greene APD-36 Clemson 5/9/1919 Wrecked, 1945
USS Gregory APD-3 Wickes 6/1/1918 Sunk in Battle, 1942
USS Griggs APA-110 Windsor 12/14/1944 Unknown
USS Grimes APA-172 11/23/1944 Unknown
USS Grundy APA-111 Windsor 1/3/1945 Unknown
USS Guadalcanal LPH-7 Iwo Jima 7/20/1963 Sunk as Target, 2005
USS Guam LPH-9 Iwo Jima 1/16/1965 Sunk as Target, 2001
USS Guilford APA-112 Bayfield 5/14/1945 Scrapped, 1973
USS Gunston Hall LSD-5 11/10/1943 To Argentina
USS Haines APD-84 Buckley 12/27/1943 Scrapped, 1961
USS Hamblen APA-114 Bayfield 6/12/1945 scrapped, 1973
USS Hampton APA-115 Bayfield 2/17/1945 Scrapped, 1973
USS Hanover APA-116 Bayfield 3/31/1945 Scrapped, 1972
USS Hansford APA-106 Bayfield 10/12/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Harris APA-2 Harris 8/19/1940 Scrapped, 1948
USS Harry L. Corl APD-108 Crosley 6/5/1945 Scrapped, 1984
USS Harry Lee APA-10 Harry Lee 12/27/1940 To Turkey, 1948
USS Haskell APA-117 9/11/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Hayter APD-80 Buckley 3/16/1944 To South Korea, 1967
USS Hendry APA-118 9/29/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Henrico APA-45 Bayfield 11/26/1943 Sold, 1979
USS Henry T Allen APA-15 Harris 4/22/1942 Scrapped, 1948
USS Herbert APD-22 Wickes 11/21/1919 Scrapped, 1946
USS Hermitage LSD-34 Thomaston 12/14/1956 To Brazil, 1989
USS Heywood APA-6 Heywood 11/7/1940 Scrapped, 1956
USS Highlands APA-119 10/5/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Hinsdale APA-120 10/15/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Hocking APA-121 10/22/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Hollis APD-86 / LPR-86 1/24/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Hopping APD-51 Buckley 5/21/1943 Scrapped, 1966
USS Horace A. Bass APD-124 / LPR-124 Crosley 12/21/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Hubbard APD-53 Buckley 3/6/1944 Scrapped, 1966
USS Hulbert APD-28 Clemson 10/27/1920 Scrapped, 1946
USS Humphreys APD-12 Clemson 7/21/1920 Scrapped, 1946
USS Hunter Liggett APA-14 Harris 6/9/1941 Scrapped, 1948
USS Hunter Marshall APD-112 Crosley 7/17/1945 To Ecuador, 1961
USS Hyde APA-173 / LPA-173 11/26/1944 Disposed, 1973
USS Hydrus AKA-28 Artemis 12/9/1944 Scrapped, 1964
USS Inchon LPH-12 Iwo Jima 6/20/1970 Sunk as Target, 2004
USS Ira Jeffery APD-44 Buckley 8/15/1943 Sunk as Target, 1962
USS Iwo Jima LPH-2 Iwo Jima 8/26/1961 Scrapped, 1995
USS J. Franklin Bell APA-16 Harris 4/2/1942 Scrapped, 1948
USS Jack C. Robinson APD-72 Charles Lawrence 2/2/1945 To Chile
USS James O’Hara APA-90 Frederick Funston 4/26/1943 Scrapped, 1968
USS Jenks APD-67 1/19/1944 Scrapped, 1968
USS Jerauld APA-174 11/28/1944 Unknown
USS John P. Gray APD-74 Charles Lawrence 3/15/1945 Scrapped, 1968
USS John Penn APA-23 John Penn 4/6/1942 Sunk, 1943
USS John Q. Roberts APD-94 Crosley 3/8/1945 Scrapped, 1960
USS Joseph E. Campbell APD-49 Buckley 9/23/1943 To Chile, 1966
USS Joseph M. Auman APD-117 Rudderow 4/25/1945 To Mexico, 1963
USS Joseph T. Dickman APA-13 Harris 6/10/1941 Scrapped, 1948
USS Julius A. Raven APD-110 Crosley 6/28/1945 To South Korea, 1966
USS Juneau LPD-10 7/12/1969
USS Kane APD-18 Clemson 6/11/1920 Scrapped, 1946
USS Karnes APA-175 12/3/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Kenton APA-122 11/1/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Kephart APD-61 Buckley 1/7/1944 To South Korea, 1967
USS Kershaw APA-176 12/2/1944 Scrapped, 1982
USS Kilty APD-15 Wickes 12/17/1918 Scrapped, 1946
USS Kingsbury APA-177 / LPA-177 12/6/1944 Scrapped, 1983
USS Kinzer APD-91 Crosley 11/1/1944 To China, 1965
USS Kirwin APD-90 / LPR-90 Crosley 11/4/1945 Scrapped, 1975
USS Kittson APA-123 11/5/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Kleinsmith APD-134 Crosley 6/12/1945 To China, 1960
USS Kline APD-120 Crosley 10/18/1944 To China, 1966
USS Knox APA-46 Bayfield 9/30/1943 Scrapped, 1971
USS Knudson APD-101 / LPR-101 Crosley 11/25/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS La Grange APA-124 11/1/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS La Porte APA-151 8/14/1944 Unknown
USS Lacerta AKA-29 Artemis 12/19/1944 Scrapped, 1966
USS Lamar APA-47 Bayfield 4/6/1944 Sold, 1946
USS Lander APA-178 / LPA-178 12/9/1944 Disposed, 1983
USS Lanier APA-125 12/22/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Laning APD-55 / LPR-55 Buckley 8/1/1943 Scrapped, 1975
USS LaSalle LPD-3 Raleigh 2/22/1964 Sunk as Target, 2007
USS Latimer APA-152 8/28/1944 Scrapped
USS Lauderdale APA-179 / LPA-179 12/12/1944 Scrapped, 2005
USS Laurens APA-153 9/7/1944 scrapped, 1988
USS Lavaca APA-180 12/17/1944 Scrapped, 1992
USS Lee Fox APD-45 Buckley 8/30/1943 Scrapped, 1966
USS Leedstown APA-56 Windsor 7/16/1943 Scrapped, 1970
USS Lenawee APA-195 Haskell 10/11/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Lenoir AKA-74 Tolland 12/14/1944 Sold, 1947
USS Leo AKA-60 Andromeda 8/30/1944 Scrapped, 1976
USS Leon APA-48 Bayfield 2/12/1944 Scrapped, 1971
USS Leonard Wood APA-12 Harris 6/10/1941 Scrapped, 1948
USS Libra AKA-12 / LKA-12 Arcturus 5/13/1942 Scrapped, 1985
USS Liddle APD-60 Buckley 12/6/1943 Scrapped, 1967
USS Lindenwald LSD-6 12/9/1943 Scrapped, 1968
USS Little APD-4 Wickes 4/6/1918 Sunk, 1942
USS Lloyd APD-63 Buckley 2/11/1944 Scrapped, 1968
USS Logan APA-196 Haskell 10/14/1944 Scrapped
USS Lowndes APA-154 / LPA-154 9/14/1944 Scrapped, 1983
USS Loy APD-56 Buckley 9/12/1943 Scrapped, 1966
USS Lubbock APA-197 10/18/1944 Scrapped
USS Lumen AKA-30 Artemis 12/29/1944 Scrapped, 1964
USS Lycoming APA-155 9/20/1944 Scrapped
USS Magoffin APA-199 / LPA-199 10/25/1944 Unknown
USS Maloy APD-83 Buckley 12/13/1943 Scrapped, 1966
USS Manley APD-1 Caldwell 10/15/1917 Scrapped, 1946
USS Marquette AKA-95 Andromeda 6/20/1945 Scrapped, 1972
USS Marvin H. McIntyre APA-129 1/8/1945 Scrapped, 1973
USS Mathews AKA-96 Andromeda 3/15/1945 Scrapped, 1969
USS McCawley APA-4 McCawley 9/11/1940 Sunk, 1943
USS McCracken APA-198 10/21/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS McFarland APD-26 Clemson 9/30/1920 Scrapped, 1946
USS McKean APD-5 Wickes 2/25/1919 Sunk, 1943
USS Medea AKA-31 Artemis 1/10/1945 Scrapped, 1965
USS Mellena AKA-32 Artemis 1/20/1945 Scrapped, 1971
USS Mellette APA-156 9/27/1944 Scrapped, 1987
USS Menard APA-201 Haskell 10/31/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Mendocino APA-100 Bayfield 10/31/1944 scrapped, 1973
USS Menifee APA-202 Haskell 11/4/1944 Unknown
USS Mercer APB-39 Benewah 9/19/1945
USS Meriwether APA-203 Haskell 11/7/1944 Scrapped
USS Merrick AKA-97 Andromeda 3/31/1945 Scrapped, 1980
USS Mifflin APA-207 Haskell 10/11/1944
USS Missoula APA-211 10/27/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Mobile AKA-115 / LKA-115 Charleston 9/29/1969 Inactive Reserve
USS Monitor LSV-5 Osage 6/14/1944 Scrapped, 1961
USS Monrovia APA-31 Crescent City 12/1/1942 Scrapped, 1968
USS Montague AKA-98 Andromeda 4/12/1945 Scrapped, 1971
USS Montauk LSV-6 Osage 10/6/1944 Scrapped, 1972
USS Monticello LSD-35 Thomaston 3/29/1957 Sunk as Target, 2010
USS Montour APA-101 Bayfield 12/9/1944 Scrapped, 1977
USS Montrose APA-212 / LPA-212 Haskell 11/2/1944 Scrapped, 1970
USS Mount McKinley AGC-7 5/1/1944 Scrapped, 1979
USS Mount Olympus AGC-8 Mount McKinley 5/24/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Mount Vernon<an/td> LSD-39 Anchorage 5/13/1972 Disposed
USS Mount Whitney LCC-20 1/16/1971
USS Mountrail APA-213 / LPA-213 Haskell 11/16/1944 Unknown
USS Muliphen AKA-61 Andromeda 10/23/1944 Sunk, 1989
USS Myers APD-105 Crosley 3/26/1945 To Colombia
USS Napa APA-157 Haskell 10/1/1944 Scrapped, 1983
USS Napa LPA-157 Haskell 10/1/1944 Scrapped, 1983
USS Nashville LPD-13 Austin 2/14/1970
USS Nassau LHA-4 Amphibious Assault 7/28/1979
USS Natrona APA-214 Haskell 11/8/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Navarro APA-215 / LPA-215 Haskell 11/15/1944 Unknown
USS Neshoba APA-216 Haskell 11/16/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Neville APA-9 Heywood 11/18/1918
USS New Hanover AKA-73 Tolland 12/22/1944 Sold, 1947
USS New Kent APA-217 11/22/1944 Scrapped, 1971
USS New Orleans LPH-11 Iwo Jima 11/16/1968 Sunk as Target, 2010
USS Newberry APA-158 10/7/1944 Scrapped
USS Newman APD-59 Buckley 11/26/1943 Scrapped, 1966
USS Niagara APA-87 Gilliam 3/29/1945 Scrapped, 1950
USS Noa APD-24 Clemson 2/15/1921 Sunk, 1944
USS Noble APA-218 Haskell 11/27/1944 To Spain, 1964
USS Oak Hill LSD-7 1/5/1944 Scrapped, 1970
USS Oberon AKA-14 Arcturus 6/15/1942 Scrapped, 1970
USS Oconto APA-187 9/2/1944 Unknown
USS Odum APD-71 Charles Lawrence 1/12/1945 To Chile
USS Ogden LPD-5 6/19/1965
USS Oglethorpe AKA-100 Andromeda 6/6/1945 Unknown
USS Okaloosa APA-219 Haskell 11/28/1944 Unknown
USS Okanogan APA-220 / LPA-220 Haskell 12/3/1944 Scrapped, 1979
USS Okinawa LPH-3 Iwo Jima 4/14/1962 Sunk as Target, 2002
USS Olmstead APA-188 / LPA-188 9/5/1944 Unknown
USS Oneida APA-221 Haskell 12/4/1944 Unknown
USS Ormsby APA-49 Ormsby 6/28/1943 Scrapped, 1969
USS Osage LSV-3 Osage 12/30/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Osmond Ingram APD-35 Clemson 6/28/1919 Scrapped, 1946
USS Ostara AKA-33 Artemis 1/31/1945 Scrapped, 1965
USS Ottawa AKA-101 Tolland 2/8/1945 Sold, 1946
USS Overton APD-23 Clemson 6/30/1920 Scrapped, 1945
USS Oxford APA-189 9/11/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Ozark LSV-2 Catskill 9/23/1944 Sunk as Target, 1980
USS Pamina AKA-34 Artemis 2/10/1945 To Maritime Commission
USS Panamint AGC-13 Mount McKinley 10/14/1944 Scrapped, 1961
USS Paul Revere APA-248 / LPA-248 Paul Revere 10/9/1958 To Spain, 1980
USS Pavlic APD-70 Charles Lawrence 12/29/1944 Scrapped, 1968
USS Peleliu LHA-5 Tarawa 5/3/1980
USS Pensacola LSD-38 Anchorage 3/27/1971 To China, 1999
USS Pickaway APA-222 / LPA-222 Haskell 12/12/1944 Disposed, 1980
USS Pickens APA-190 9/18/1944 Unknown
USS Pierce APA-50 Ormsby 6/30/1943 Scrapped, 1969
USS Pitt APA-223 Haskell 12/11/1944 Disposed, 1980
USS Pitt LPA-223 Haskell 12/11/1944 Disposed, 1980
USS Plymouth Rock LSD-29 Thomaston 11/29/1954 Scrapped, 1995
USS Pocono AGC-16 Adirondack 12/29/1945 Scrapped, 1981
USS Point Defiance LSD-31 Thomaston 3/31/1955 In Reserve
USS Polana AKA-35 Artemis 2/21/1945
USS Ponce LPD-15 Austin 7/10/1971
USS Pondera APA-191 9/24/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Portland LSD-37 10/3/1970 Sunk as Target, 2004
USS Prentiss AKA-102 Tolland 2/11/1945 Sold, 1947
USS President Adams APA-19 President Jackson 11/19/1941 Scrapped, 1974
USS President Hayes APA-20 President Jackson 12/15/1941 Scrapped, 1973
USS President Jackson APA-18 President Jackson 1/16/1942 Scrapped, 1973
USS Presidio APA-88 Gilliam 4/9/1945 Scrapped, 1965
USS Princeton LPH-5 Essex 11/18/1945 Scrapped, 1971
USS Procyon AKA-2 Arcturus 8/28/1941 Scrapped, 1973
USS Queens APA-103 Windsor 12/16/1944 Sunk, 2007
USS Raleigh LPD-1 Raleigh 9/8/1962 Sunk as Target, 1994
USS Randall APA-224 Haskell 12/12/1944 Scrapped, 1971
USS Rankin AKA-103 Tolland 2/25/1945 Sunk, 1988
USS Rathburne APD-25 Wickes 6/24/1918 Scrapped, 1946
USS Rawlins APA-226 Haskell 11/11/1944 Scrapped, 1987
USS Ray K. Edwards APD-96 Crosley 6/11/1945 Scrapped, 1961
USS Raymon W. Herndon APD-121 Crosley 11/3/1944 To China, 1966
USS Rednour APD-102 Rudderow 12/30/1944 To Mexico, 1969
USS Reeves APD-52 Buckley 6/9/1943 To Ecuador, 1961
USS Register APD-92 Crosley 1/11/1945 To China, 1966
USS Raymon W. Herndon APD-121 Crosley 11/3/1944 To China, 1966
USS Rednour APD-102 Rudderow 12/30/1944 To Mexico, 1969
USS Reeves APD-52 Buckley 6/9/1943 To Ecuador, 1961
USS Register APD-92 Crosley 1/11/1945 To China, 1966
USS Renate AKA-36 Artemis 2/28/1945 Scrapped, 1973
USS Renville APA-227 Haskell 11/15/1944 Disposed, 1982
USS Ringness APD-100 / LPR-100 Crosley 10/25/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Riverside APA-102 6/29/1944
USS Rockbridge APA-228 / LPA-228 Haskell 11/18/1944 Scrapped, 1969
USS Rockingham APA-229 / LPA-229 11/22/1944 Unknown
USS Rockwall APA-230 Haskell 1/14/1945 Disposed, 1983
USS Rocky Mount AGC-3 10/16/1943 Scrapped, 1973
USS Rogers Blood APD-115 Crosley 8/22/1945 Scrapped, 1961
USS Rolette AKA-99 Andromeda 4/27/1945 Unknown
USS Roper APD-20 Wickes 2/15/1919 Scrapped, 1946
USS Roxane AKA-37 Artemis 3/12/1945 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Ruchamkin APD-89 / LPR-89 Crosley 9/16/1945 To Colombia, 1969
USS Runels APD-85 1/3/1944 Scrapped, 1961
USS Rushmore LSD-14 7/3/1944 Sunk as Target, 1993
USS Rutland APA-192 9/29/1944 Scrapped, 1982
USS Saint Croix APA-231 Haskell 12/1/1944 Scrapped, 1979
USS Saipan LHA-2 Tarawa 10/15/1977 Scrapped, 2009
USS Samuel Chase APA-26 6/13/1942
USS San Marcos LSD-25 4/15/1945 To Spain, July 1, 1971
USS San Saba APA-232 Haskell 12/3/1944 Unknown
USS Sanborn APA-193 10/3/1944 scrapped, 1971
USS Sandoval APA-194 / LPA-194 10/7/1944 Unknown
USS Sands APD-13 Clemson 11/10/1920 Scrapped, 1946
USS Sappho AKA-38 Artemis 4/24/1945 Scrapped, 1965
USS Sarasota APA-204 Haskell 8/16/1944
USS Sarita AKA-39 Artemis 3/22/1945 Scrapped, 1966
USS Saugus LSV-4 Osage 2/22/1945 Scrapped, 1976
USS Scania AKA-40 Artemis 4/16/1945 Scrapped, 1965
USS Schley APD-14 Wickes 9/20/1918 Scrapped, 1946
USS Schmitt APD-76 Buckley 7/24/1943 To Taiwan, 1968
USS Scott APD-64 Buckley 7/20/1943 Scrapped, 1967
USS Scribner APD-122 Crosley 11/20/1944 Scrapped, 1967
USS Selinur AKA-41 Artemis 4/21/1945 Scrapped, 1968
USS Seminole AKA-104 / LKA-104 Tolland 3/8/1945 Sold, 1977
USS Sevier APA-233 Haskell 12/5/1944 Scrapped, 1980
USS Shadwell LSD-15 Casa Grande 7/24/1944 Training Ship
USS Shelby APA-105 Windsor 1/20/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Sheliak AKA-62 Andromeda 12/1/1944 Scrapped, 1969
USS Sherburne APA-205 Haskell 9/20/1944 In Reserve
USS Sheridan APA-51 Ormsby 7/31/1943 Scrapped, 1969
USS Shoshone AKA-65 Tolland 9/24/1944 Scrapped, 1971
USS Shreveport LPD-12 Austin 12/12/1970
USS Sibley APA-206 Haskell 10/2/1944 Unknown
USS Sidonia AKA-42 Artemis 4/30/1945 Scrapped, 1964
USS Sims APD-50 Buckley 4/24/1943 Scrapped, 1961
USS Sirona AKA-43 Artemis 5/10/1945 Scrapped, 1966
USS Sitka APA-113 Bayfield 3/14/1945 Scrapped, 1976
USS Skagit AKA-105 Tolland 5/2/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Southampton AKA-66 Tolland 9/16/1944 Unknown
USS Spiegel Grove LSD-32 Thomaston 6/8/1956 Sunk, 2002
USS St. Louis AKA-116 Charleston 11/22/1969 Inactive Reserve
USS St. Louis LKA-116 Charleston 11/22/1969 Inactive Reserve
USS St. Mary’s APA-126 11/15/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Starr AKA-67 Tolland 9/29/1944 Scrapped, 1970
USS Stokes AKA-68 Tolland 10/12/1944
USS Stringham APD-6 Wickes 7/2/1918 Scrapped, 1946
USS Suffolk AKA-69 Tolland 10/23/1944 Unknown
USS Sumter APA-52 Sumter 9/1/1943 Scrapped, 1978
USS Sylvania AKA-44 Artemis 5/19/1945 Scrapped, 1964
USS Tabora AKA-45 Artemis 5/29/1945
USS Taconic AGC-17 Adirondack 1/16/1945 Scrapped, 1982
USS Talbot APD-7 Wickes 7/20/1918 Scrapped, 1946
USS Talladega APA-208 / LPA-208 10/31/1944 Disposed by MARAD
USS Tarawa LHA-1 Tarawa 5/29/1976 Awaiting Disposal
USS Tate AKA-70 Tolland 11/25/1944 Sold
USS Tattnall APD-19 Wickes 6/26/1919 Scrapped, 1946
USS Tatum APD-81 Buckley 11/22/1943 Scrapped, 1961
USS Tazewell APA-209 Haskell 10/25/1944 Scrapped, 1972
USS Telfair APA-210 Haskell 10/31/1944 Scrapped, 1969
USS Teton AGC-14 10/18/1944 Scrapped
USS Theenim AKA-63 Andromeda 12/22/1944 Scrapped, 1970
USS Thetis Bay LPH-6 Casablanca 4/12/1944 Scrapped, 1964
USS Thomas Jefferson APA-30 President Jackson 8/31/1942 Scrapped, 1973
USS Thomas Stone APA-29 President Jackson 5/18/1942 Scrapped
USS Thomaston LSD-28 Thomaston 9/17/1954 In Reserve
USS Thuban AKA-19 Andromeda 6/10/1943 Disposed, 1984
USS Titania AKA-13 Arcturus 5/27/1942 Scrapped, 1974
USS Todd AKA-71 Tolland 11/30/1944 Unknown
USS Tolland AKA-64 Tolland 9/4/1944 Sold
USS Tollberg APD-103 Crosley 1/31/1945 To Colombia, 1965
USS Torrance AKA-76 Tolland 11/18/1944 Sold, 1948
USS Tortuga LSD-26 Casa Grande 6/8/1945 Scuttled, 1988
USS Towner AKA-77 Tolland 12/3/1944 Unknown
USS Trego AKA-78 Tolland 12/21/1944 Unknown
USS Trenton LPD-14 3/6/1971 To India, 2007
USS Tripoli LPH-10 Iwo Jima 8/6/1966 Trials Ship
USS Troilus AKA-46 Artemis 6/8/1945 Scrapped, 1967
USS Trousdale AKA-79 Tolland 12/21/1944 Sold, 1947
USS Truxtun APD-98 Crosley 7/9/1945 To China, 1965
USS Tulare AKA-112 Tulare 1/12/1956 In Reserve
USS Tulare LKA-112 Tulare 1/12/1956 In Reserve
USS Turandot AKA-47 Artemis 6/18/1945
USS Tyrrell AKA-80 Tolland 12/4/1944 Sold, 1948
USS Union AKA-106 / LKA-106 Tolland 4/25/1945 Scrapped, 1977
USS Upham APD-99 Crosley 7/23/1945 To Colombia, 1962
USS Uvalde AKA-88 Andromeda 8/18/1945 Scrapped, 1969
USS Valencia AKA-81 Tolland 1/9/1945 Sold, 1946
USS Valeria AKA-48 Artemis 6/28/1945 Unknown
USS Valley Forge LPH-8 Essex 11/3/1946 Scrapped, 1971
USS Vanadis AKA-49 Artemis 7/9/1945 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Vancouver LPD-2 Raleigh 5/11/1963
USS Venango AKA-82 Tolland 1/2/1945 Sold, 1948
USS Veritas AKA-50 Artemis 7/19/1945 Unknown
USS Vermilion AKA-107 / LKA-107 Tolland 6/23/1945 Sunk, 1988
USS Vinton AKA-83 Tolland 2/23/1945 Sold, 1946
USS Virgo AKA-20 Andromeda 7/16/1943 Sold, 1973
USS Walsh APD-111 Crosley 7/11/1945 Scrapped, 1968
USS Walter B. Cobb APD-106 Crosley 4/25/1945 In Reserve
USS Walter S. Gorka APD-114 Crosley 8/7/1945 To Ecuador, 1961
USS Walter X. Young APD-131 Crosley 5/1/1945 Sunk as Target, 1967
USS Wantuck APD-125 Crosley 12/30/1944 Scrapped, 1958
USS Ward APD-16 Wickes 7/24/1918 Sunk, 1944
USS Warren APA-53 Sumter 8/2/1943 Scrapped, 1977
USS Warrick AKA-89 Andromeda 8/30/1944 Sunk as Target, 1971
USS Wasatch AGC-9 Mount McKinley 5/20/1944 Scrapped
USS Washburn AKA-108 / LKA 108 Tolland 5/17/1945 Scrapped
USS Waters APD-8 Wickes 8/8/1918 Scrapped, 1946
USS Wayne APA-54 Sumter 8/27/1943 Scrapped, 1977
USS Weber APD-75 6/30/1943 Sunk as Target, 1962
USS Weiss APD-135 / LPR-135 Crosley 7/7/1945 Scrapped, 1976
USS Westmoreland APA-104 Bayfield 1/18/1945 Unknown
USS Wheatland AKA-85 Tolland 4/3/1945 Unknown
USS Whetstone LSD-27 2/12/1946 Scrapped, 1983
USS White Marsh LSD-8 Ashland 1/29/1944 To China, 1960
USS Whiteside AKA-90 Andromeda 9/11/1944 Sunk as Target, 1971
USS Whitley AKA-91 Andromeda 9/21/1944 To Italy, 1962
USS William APA-8 Heywood 2/3/1941 Scrapped, 1957
USS William J. Pattison APD-104 Crosley 2/27/1945 Scrapped, 1962
USS William M. Hobby APD-95 Crosley 4/4/1945 To South Korea, 1967
USS Williamsburg AGC-369 10/7/1941
USS Williamson APD-27 Clemson 10/29/1920 Scrapped, 1948
USS Windsor APA-55 Windsor 6/17/1943 Scrapped, 1972
USS Winston AKA-94 Andromeda 1/19/1945 Scrapped, 1979
USS Witter APD-58 Buckley 12/19/1943 Scrapped, 1946
USS Woodford AKA-86 Tolland 3/3/1945 Sold, 1947
USS Wyandot AKA-92 Andromeda 9/30/1944 Scrapped, 1987
USS Xenia AKA-51 Artemis 7/28/1945 To Chile, 1946
USS Yancey AKA-93 Andromeda 10/11/1944 Sunk, 1990
USS Yokes APD-69 Charles Lawrence 12/18/1944 Scrapped, 1965
USS Zeilin APA-3 Harris 1/3/1942 Scrapped
USS Zenobia AKA-52 Artemis 8/6/1945 To Chile, 1946

03. Amphibious Warships & Asbestos

Asbestos Use on Amphibious Warships

For many years, the Navy required all contracted shipyards to build their vessels with asbestos components. The mineral was considered standard use at the time because of its durability, chemical resistance and heat resistance. In particular, asbestos’ resistance to high temperatures and flammability made it a popular choice for warships.

Many ship materials contained asbestos. Common asbestos-containing products aboard U.S. Navy ships include boilers, engines, pipe insulation, pumps and turbines.

Hull designations and classes of amphibious vessels with known use of asbestos include:

  • AGC (classes include Adirondack, Appalachian, Barnegat, Mount McKinley)
  • AKA (classes include Andromeda, Arcturus, Artemis, Charleston, Tolland)
  • APA (classes include Arthur Middleton, Bayfield, Crescent City, Doyen, Frederick Funston, Gilliam, Harris, Harry Lee, Haskell, Heywood, John Penn, McCrawley, Ormsby, Paul Revere, President Jackson, Sumter, Windsor)
  • APB (classes include Benewah, LST-542)
  • APD (classes include Buckley, Caldwell, Charles Lawrence, Clemson, Crosley, Rudderow, Wickes)
  • CVE (classes include Commencement Bay)
  • LCC (classes include Blue Ridge)
  • LFR (classes include LSM(R)-501)
  • LHA (classes include Tarawa)
  • LKA (classes include Charleston)
  • LPA (classes include Haskell)
  • LPD (classes include Austin, Raleigh)
  • LPH (classes include Casablanca, Essex, Iwo Jima)
  • LPR (classes include Buckley, Crosley)
  • LSD (classes include Anchorage, Ashland, Casa Grande, Thomaston)
  • LSV (classes include Osage)

These Navy vessels included large amounts of asbestos. For example, some APA-designated vessels included up to 1,680 cubic yards of asbestos. Exposure to the mineral put veterans, shipyard workers and crew members at high risk of developing an asbestos-related illness.

04. Asbestos Exposure on Amphibious Warships

Who Was at Risk of Asbestos Exposure on Amphibious Warships?

Any individual who came into contact with an amphibious warship may have been exposed to asbestos. Occupational exposure may have been minimal for those with infrequent contact with asbestos materials. However, there is no safe level of asbestos exposure.

Individuals who may have experienced asbestos exposure aboard amphibious warships include:

Navy veterans, Marine Corps veterans, shipbuilders and other professionals may have experienced occupational asbestos exposure aboard amphibious warships. Common areas of exposure included boiler rooms, engine rooms and other areas with high-temperature equipment.

Exposure can lead to serious asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma and asbestosis.

05. Compensation Options

Compensation for People Exposed on Amphibious Warships

Veterans and other individuals who worked around amphibious warships may have been exposed to asbestos. These workers may be eligible for compensation for resulting asbestos diseases.

There are several avenues for compensation, including:

Asbestos trust fund claims are available to individuals who were exposed to asbestos materials manufactured, installed, serviced or repaired by an asbestos company with a trust fund. These trust funds were often set up during bankruptcy proceedings to protect money for future asbestos claims.

Western Asbestos Trust Lists Amphibious Warships as Asbestos Exposure Sites

The Western Asbestos Settlement Trust handles asbestos claims related to the MacArthur Company, Western Asbestos Company and Western MacArthur Company. Some of these companies manufactured asbestos products used in shipbuilding.

Trust documents list hundreds of ships built or repaired using these companies’ asbestos products. Several amphibious warships are listed on this document. As a result, veterans and shipbuilders who worked on amphibious warships may have been exposed to asbestos while working with MacArthur Company, Western Asbestos Company and Western MacArthur Company products.

The trust was initially funded with $2 billion. Individuals who believe they may have been exposed to asbestos in products manufactured by any of the participating companies should contact a law firm. An experienced mesothelioma attorney can help confirm eligibility and handle the claim filing process.

Filing for compensation can help veterans and other asbestos victims get the compensation they deserve. It can also help victims and their families pay for medical expenses, cover lost wages and punish responsible parties. Mesothelioma patients and their loved ones should contact a mesothelioma lawyer to determine their compensation options.