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The Western MacArthur company was founded in 1967 following a merger of the Western Asbestos and MacArthur companies. At the start, their primary focus was on creating insulation for pipes, but quickly expanded their operation to become wholesale distributors for a variety of products to suppliers and contractors.

In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, Western MacArthur used a naturally occurring material called asbestos in their insulation materials as it was highly prized for its ability to withstand high levels of heat and even fire. Asbestos was also utilized in products made by many other manufacturing companies that Western MacArthur served as a distributor for until it was found to be harmful to humans.

Asbestos Use at Western MacArthur

Asbestos has been shown to have damaging effects on the respiratory system and is the cause of several types of cancer. The most common form of asbestos cancer is a disease called mesothelioma that has been responsible for the deaths of many people who were exposed to asbestos. Because asbestos exposure can lead to serious illness, individuals who have worked at Western MacArthur or in locations where Western MacArthur products were sold or installed could be at risk. Western MacArthur distributed many products to our nation’s shipyards and installed product on new ships that were being built and as well as ships needing repair. Click on the links below for a listing of these ships:

  • Western Built Ships
  • Western Repaired Ships

Companies such as Western MacArthur have been found to be liable for the illnesses and loss of life their products caused. Lawsuits began to flood in from customers who had been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lost loved ones after being subjected to asbestos dust particles that caused internal damage. As the claims continued, the expenses for Western MacArthur skyrocketed. By 2003, the company had declared bankruptcy.

As part of the bankruptcy proceedings, a federal ruling called for the establishment of the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust. This was to be a fund watched over by appointed representatives who would examine all ongoing and future asbestos-related claims and determine whether they met the requirements for a pay out. Every claim that was deemed to be valid would receive a settlement amount to be decided by the trustees.

Western MacArthur continues to operate today, as does the trust fund. It can take many years for signs of asbestos-related disease to show, so new claims, including mesothelioma Navy claims, continue to be filed against the trust. Anyone who becomes sick after being exposed to products created or distributed by this company may be eligible to receive a settlement amount after filing and submitting a claim. In addition our medical support for veterans with mesothelioma page provides useful information about various treatment options that are available if you have been diagnosed with this cancer. We have also compiled a listing of Veteran Medical Centers for your reference.

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Tara Strand specializes in researching and writing about asbestos, raising awareness and advocating for a ban.

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