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Asbestos on Minesweepers

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Minesweepers are small ships that find and defuse mines. Older minesweepers, like those used during World Wars I and II, contained asbestos in boiler rooms, living quarters and other areas. Navy veterans exposed to asbestos on minesweepers may develop mesothelioma.

01. Minesweepers’ History

History of Minesweepers

Minesweepers are small Navy ships used to protect larger warships by detecting and destroying mines. During the 20th century, the Navy commonly used asbestos in ships. The mineral helped insulate and protect against high heat and corrosion. Navy veterans on minesweepers faced asbestos exposure risks.

Minesweepers played a prominent part in naval warfare during the 20th century. The U.S. military also used them in war recovery efforts to find and destroy undetonated mines.

The U.S. Navy commissioned its first minesweeper ship in 1917. Previously, the Navy had only used small boats to detonate mines, such as sloops and tugs. World War I created a need for a new type of ship to specifically handle this dangerous job.

The USS Lapwing was the Navy’s first minesweeper. The Navy soon built 49 more minesweepers of the same type. Over time, the Navy added over 350 minesweepers to its fleet.

Minesweepers’ History at a Glance

  • Hull Classifications:
    • Auxiliary motor minesweepers (AMc)
    • Coastal minehunters (MHC)
    • Coastal minesweepers (MSC)
    • Harbor minesweepers (AMb)
    • Inshore mines hunters (MHI)
    • Mine countermeasures ships (MCM)
    • Minesweepers (AM)
    • Motor minesweepers (AMS)
    • Ocean minesweepers (MSO)
    • Old coastal minesweepers (MSC(O))
    • Steel-hulled minesweepers fleet (MSF)
    • Underwater mine locators (AMCU)
    • Yard minesweepers (YMS)
  • Years of Operation: 1917 – Present
  • Wartime Operations: World War I (WWI), World War II (WWII), Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War
  • Size of Crew: About 60
  • Noteworthy Ships: USS Aggressive, USS Avenge, USS Direct, USS Hazard, USS Illusive, USS Lapwing, USS Peregrine, USS Strength, USS Surfbird, USS Tanager

Today, the United States Navy has 11 minesweepers in service; all are Avenger class ships.

Notable Minesweepers

Minesweepers performed essential functions during warfare and war recovery efforts. Many were built during a time when the Navy used asbestos materials in shipbuilding. Crew members who inhaled asbestos fibers are at risk for mesothelioma, lung cancer and other related illnesses.

The USS Illusive and the USS Phoebe were two notable minesweepers. Both were built in the 1950s when asbestos use was common. Veterans who built, repaired, worked or lived on these Navy vessels faced a high risk of asbestos exposure.

USS Illusive (MSO-448)

In 1953, the U.S. Navy commissioned the USS Illusive as an Aggressive class minesweeper (AM-448). In 1955, the ship was reclassified as an ocean minesweeper (MSO-448). The USS Illusive carried out many operations throughout Asia and the Persian Gulf.

Quick Ship Facts
  • Shipyard: Martinolich Shipbuilding Company
  • Year Built: 1951
  • Years In Service: 1953 – 1990

The USS Illusive was decommissioned in 1990. In 1993, the Navy contracted with a company called Seawitch Salvage Inc. to shipbreak the minesweeper. However, the company failed to safely handle and dispose of asbestos on the USS Illusive before demolishing the vessel.

In 1994, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigated Seawitch Salvage for unlicensed asbestos abatement and removal. Workers were not given the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). The company was convicted on all counts, including violations of the Clean Air Act.

USS Phoebe (MSC-199)

The U.S. Navy commissioned the USS Phoebe in 1955. During its first year, the ship was used for training. In early 1955, the Navy changed its classification to a coastal minesweeper. The USS Phoebe went on to carry out many minesweeping missions along the coasts of Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines.

Quick Ship Facts
  • Shipyard: Harbor Boat Building Company
  • Year Built: 1953
  • Years In Service: 1955 – 1970

The USS Phoebe was decommissioned in 1970 and disposed of in 1976. Former Navy personnel have since testified to asbestos aboard the ship.

In their testimony, the veterans spoke of removing and replacing asbestos burning pads, floor tiles and lagging with minimal PPE.

02. List of Minesweepers

Complete List of Minesweepers

Shipyards built hundreds of minesweepers during the time when asbestos use was common. Many U.S. Navy veterans may have been exposed to asbestos. Exposure may cause mesothelioma and other asbestos-related conditions to develop.

Name Hull Class Commissioned Fate
USS Ability AM-519 Ability 8/4/1958 Scrapped
USS Acme AM-508 Acme 9/27/1956 Sold, 1977
USS Admirable AM-136 Admirable 4/20/1943 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Adopt AM-137 Admirable 5/31/1943 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Adroit AM-82 Adroit 7/28/1942 Disposed, 1948
USS Adroit AM-509 3/4/1957 Scrapped, 1995
USS Advance AM-510 6/16/1958 Scrapped, 1977
USS Advent AM-83 Adroit 8/19/1942 Disposed, 1948
USS Advocate AM-138 Admirable 6/25/1943 To Soviet Union, 1943
USS Affray AM-511 12/8/1958 Scrapped, 2000
USS Aggressive AM-422 Aggressive 11/25/1953 Scrapped, 1980
USS Agile AM-421 6/21/1956 Scrapped, 1980
USS Alacrity AM-520 10/1/1958 Scrapped, 1979
USS Albatross AM-71 Albatross 11/8/1940 To Maritime Commission, 1944
USS Annoy AM-84 Adroit 9/2/1942 To Maritime Commission, 1948
USS Ardent AM-340 Auk 5/25/1944 To Mexico, 1972
USS Assurance AM-521 11/21/1958 Scrapped, 1979
USS Astute AM-148 Admirable 1/17/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Augury AM-149 Admirable 3/17/1943 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Auk AM-38 1/31/1919 Unknown
USS Auk AM-57 Auk 1/15/1942
USS Avenge AM-423 5/13/1954 Destroyed
USS Avocet AM-19 9/17/1918 Sold, 1946
USS Barrier AM-150 Admirable 5/10/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Bittern AM-36 Lapwing 5/28/1919 Scuttled, 1941
USS Bluebird AM-72 11/22/1940 To Norway
USS Bobolink AM-20 Lapwing 1/28/1919 Sold, 1946
USS Bold AM-424 Aggressive 9/25/1953 Sold, 1981
USS Bombard AM-151 Admirable 5/31/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Bond AM-152 Admirable 8/30/1943 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Brant AM-24 Lapwing 9/5/1918 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Broadbill AM-58 Auk 7/21/1943 Scrapped, 1973
USS Bullfinch AM-66 Bullfinch 10/22/1940 Disposed, 1945
USS Bulwark AM-425 11/12/1953 Disposed, 1980
USS Buoyant AM-153 Admirable 9/30/1943 To China, 1946
USS Candid AM-154 Admirable 10/31/1943 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Capable AM-155 Admirable 12/5/1943 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Captivate AM-156 Admirable 12/30/1943 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Caravan AM-157 Admirable 1/21/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Cardinal AM-67 Bullfinch 11/2/1940 Disposed, 1945
USS Catbird AM-68 Catbird 11/27/1940 To Maritime Commission, 1947
USS Caution AM-158 Admirable 2/10/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Chaffinch AM-81 7/16/1941 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Champion AM-314 Auk 9/8/1943 To Mexico, 1972
USS Change AM-159 Admirable 2/28/1944 Scrapped, 1960
USS Chewink AM-39 Lapwing 4/9/1919 Sunk as Target, 1947
USS Chickadee AM-59 Auk 11/9/1943 To Uruguay, 1966
USS Chief AM-315 Auk 10/9/1943 To Mexico, 1973
USS Clamour AM-160 Admirable 3/14/1944 Scrapped, 1959
USS Climax AM-161 Admirable 3/24/1944 Scrapped, 1959
USS Compel AM-162 Admirable 4/8/1944 Scrapped, 1960
USS Competent AM-316 Auk 11/10/1943 To Mexico, 1972
USS Concise AM-163 Admirable 4/25/1944 Scrapped, 1959
USS Conflict AM-426 Aggressive 3/23/1954 Scrapped, 1973
USS Conflict AM-85 Adroit 9/7/1942 Transferred, 1947
USS Conquest AM-488 Aggressive 7/8/1955 To Taiwan, 1995
USS Constant AM-427 Aggressive 9/8/1954 Scrapped, 2001
USS Constant AM-86 Adroit 9/21/1942 Sunk as Target
USS Control AM-164 Admirable 5/11/1944 Scrapped, 1959
USS Cormorant AM-40 Lapwing 5/15/1919 Sold, 1947
USS Counsel AM-165 Admirable 5/27/1944 Scrapped, 1973
USS Crag AM-214 Admirable 8/1/1945 To Mexico, 1962
USS Creddock AM-356 PCE-905 12/18/1945 To Myanmar, 1967
USS Cruise AM-215 Admirable 9/21/1945 Sold, 1973
USS Curlew AM-69 Catbird 11/7/1940 Disposed, 1946
USS Daring AM-87 Adroit 10/10/1942 To Maritime Commission, 1948
USS Dash AM-428 Agile 8/14/1953 Scrapped, 1984
USS Dash AM-88 Adroit 10/27/1942 Transferred, 1947
USS Defense AM-317 Auk 1/10/1944 To Mexico, 1973
USS Deft AM-216 Admirable 4/16/1945 To China
USS Delegate AM-217 Admirable 4/30/1945 To China
USS Density AM-218 Admirable 6/15/1944 Scrapped, 1986
USS Design AM-219 Admirable 6/29/1944 Unknown
USS Despite AM-89 Adroit 8/31/1942 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Detector AM-429 1/26/1954 Scrapped, 1984
USS Devasator AM-318 Auk 1/12/1944 Unknown
USS Device AM-220 Admirable 7/7/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Dextrous AM-341 Auk 9/8/1943 To South Korea, 1967
USS Diploma AM-221 Admirable 7/15/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Dipper AM-357 PCE-905 12/26/1945 Scrapped, 1961
USS Direct AM-430 Agile 7/9/1954 Scrapped, 1984
USS Direct AM-90 Adroit 8/31/1942 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Disdain AM-222 Admirable 12/26/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Dominant AM-431 11/8/1954 Scrapped, 1983
USS Dour AM-223 Admirable 11/4/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Drake AM-359 Admirable 8/15/1945 Sold, 1962
USS Dunlin AM-361 Admirable 2/16/1945 To China, 1946
USS Dynamic AM-91 Adroit 9/15/1942 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Dynamic AM-432 Aggressive 12/15/1953 To Spain, 1971
USS Eager AM-224 Admirable 11/23/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Eagle AM-132 3/5/1942 Sold, 1945
USS Eider AM-17 Lapwing 1/23/1919 Disposed, 1947
USS Elusive AM-225 Admirable 2/19/1945 To China, 1946
USS Embattle AM-434 11/16/1954 Scrapped, 1976
USS Embattle AM-226 Admirable 4/25/1945 To China, 1946
USS Endurance AM-435 5/19/1954 Scrapped, 1974
USS Energy AM-436 Aggressive 7/16/1954 To Philippines, 1972
USS Engage AM-433 Aggressive 6/29/1954 Scrapped, 1994
USS Engage AM-93 Adroit 10/22/1942 To Dominican Republic, 1946
USS Enhance AM-437 4/16/1955 Scrapped, 2000
USS Esteem AM-438 Aggressive 9/10/1955 Scrapped, 2000
USS Excel AM-439 Aggressive 2/24/1955 Scrapped, 2000
USS Excel AM-94 Adroit 12/10/1942 Sold, 1947
USS Execute AM-232 PCE-905 11/15/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Exploit AM-440 Aggressive 3/31/1954 Sold, 2000
USS Exploit AM-95 Adroit 2/5/1943 To Maritime Commission, 1949
USS Exultant AM-441 Aggressive 6/22/1954 Scrapped, 2000
USS Facility AM-233 PCE-905 11/29/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Falcon AM-28 Lapwing 11/12/1918 Sold, 1947
USS Fancy AM-234 Admirable 12/13/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Fearless AM-442 Aggressive 9/22/1954 Scrapped, 1992
USS Fidelity AM-443 Aggressive 1/19/1955 Scrapped, 1990
USS Fidelity AM-96 Adroit 9/9/1942 To Maritime Commission, 1948
USS Fierce AM-97 Adroit 10/12/1942 To Maritime Commission, 1948
USS Finch AM-9 Lapwing 9/10/1918 Sunk, 1942
USS Firm AM-98 Adroit 4/10/1943 To Maritime Commission, 1948
USS Firm AM-444 Aggressive 10/12/1954 To Philippines, 1972
USS Fixity AM-235 PCE-905 12/29/1944 Sold, 1949
USS Flicker AM-70 10/26/1940 To Maritime Commission, 1945
USS Force AM-99 Adroit 6/16/1943 Destroyed, 1945
USS Force AM-445 Aggressive 1/4/1955 Lost by Fire, 1973
USS Fortify AM-446 Aggressive 7/16/1954 Scrapped, 2000
USS Gadwall AM-362 Admirable 6/23/1945 Scrapped, 1967
USS Gallant AM-489 Aggressive 9/14/1955 To China, 1994
USS Gannet AM-41 Lapwing 7/10/1919 Sunk by Torpedo, 1942
USS Garland AM-238 Admirable 8/26/1944 Sold, 1960
USS Gavia AM-363 PCE-905 7/23/1945 To China, 1946
USS Gayety AM-239 Admirable 9/23/1944 To Vietnam, 1962
USS Gladiator AM-319 Auk 2/25/1944 To Mexico, 1973
USS Goldcrest AM-78 1/31/1941 Disposed, 1945
USS Goldcrest AM-80 5/15/1941 Sold, 1946
USS Goldfinch AM-77 1/30/1941 Sold, 1946
USS Goshawk AM-79 Goshawk 3/3/1941 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Grackle AM-73 2/4/1941 Disposed, 1946
USS Graylag AM-364 Admirable 8/31/1945 Scrapped, 1967
USS Grebe AM-43 Lapwing 5/1/1919 Wrecked, 1943
USS Guide AM-447 3/15/1955 Unknown
USS Gull AM-74 12/3/1940 Sold, 1946
USS Harlequin AM-365 Admirable 8/31/1945 To Mexico, 1962
USS Harrier AM-366 Admirable 8/31/1945 Sold, 1964
USS Hazard AM-240 Admirable 10/21/1944 Museum Ship
USS Heed AM-100 Auk 2/27/1943
USS Herald AM-101 Auk 3/23/1943 To Mexico, 1973
USS Heron AM-10 Lapwing 10/30/1918 Disposed, 1947
USS Hilarity AM-241 Admirable 11/27/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Illusive AM-448 Aggressive 11/14/1953 Sold, 1993
USS Impeccable AM-320 Auk 4/24/1944 Scrapped, 1974
USS Impervious AM-449 Aggressive 7/15/1954 Scrapped, 2000
USS Implicit AM-246 Admirable 1/20/1944 To China, 1948
USS Implicit AM-455 Aggressive 3/10/1954 To China, 1994
USS Improve AM-247 Admirable 2/29/1944 Sunk, 1953
USS Inaugural AM-242 Admirable 12/30/1944 Sunk, 1993
USS Incessant AM-248 Admirable 3/25/1944 Sold, 1949
USS Incredible AM-249 Admirable 4/17/1944 Scrapped, 1960
USS Indicative AM-250 Admirable 6/26/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Inflict AM-251 Admirable 8/28/1944 Sold, 1948
USS Inflict AM-456 Aggressive 5/11/1954 Sold, 1992
USS Instill AM-252 Admirable 5/22/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Intrigue AM-253 Admirable 7/31/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Invade AM-254 Admirable 9/18/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Jubilant AM-255 Admirable 8/27/1943 To Mexico, 1962
USS Kingfisher AM-25 Lapwing 5/27/1918 Sold, 1947
USS Kite AM-75 Kite 3/3/1941 Transferred, 1945
USS Knave AM-256 Admirable 10/14/1943 To Mexico, 1962
USS Lance AM-257 Admirable 11/4/1943 To China, 1945
USS Lapwing AM-1 Lapwing 6/12/1918 Sold, 1946
USS Lark AM-21 Lapwing 4/12/1919 Disposed, 1947
USS Leader AM-490 Aggressive 11/16/1955 Scrapped, 1994
USS Linnet AM-76 Kite 3/3/1941
USS Logic AM-258 Admirable 11/21/1944 To China, 1945
USS Loyalty AM-457 6/11/1954 Disposed, 1973
USS Lucid AM-458 5/4/1955 Scrapped, 1976
USS Lucid AM-259 Admirable 12/1/1943 To China, 1945
USS Magnet AM-260 Admirable 3/10/1944 To China, 1945
USS Mainstay AM-261 Admirable 4/24/1944 Scrapped, 1960
USS Mallard AM-44 Lapwing 6/25/1919 Sunk as Target, 1947
USS Marvel AM-262 Admirable 6/9/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Measure AM-263 Admirable 5/5/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Method AM-264 Admirable 7/10/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Minivet AM-371 Auk 5/29/1945 Sunk by Mine, 1945
USS Mirth AM-265 Admirable 8/12/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Motive AM-102 Auk 4/17/1943 Destroyed, 1968
USS Murrelet AM-372 Auk 8/21/1945 To Philippines, 1965
USS Nimble AM-459 5/11/1955 Scrapped, 1981
USS Nimble AM-266 Admirable 9/15/1944 To China, 1948
USS Notable AM-460 6/8/1955 Scrapped, 1971
USS Notable AM-267 Admirable 12/23/1943 To China, 1946
USS Nucleus AM-268 Admirable 12/12/1943 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Nuthatch AM-60 Auk 11/19/1943 Sunk as Target
USS Observer AM-461 8/31/1955 Scrapped, 1979
USS Opponent AM-269 Admirable 2/18/1944 Sold, 1961
USS Oracle AM-103 Auk 5/14/1943 Destroyed, 1967
USS Oriole AM-7 Lapwing 11/5/1918 Sold, 1947
USS Ortolan AM-45 Lapwing 9/17/1919 Sold, 1947
USS Osprey AM-56 Raven 12/16/1940 Sunk by Mine, 1944
USS Owl AM-2 Lapwing 7/11/1918 Scrapped, 1947
USS Palisade AM-270 Admirable 3/9/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Partridge AM-16 Lapwing 6/17/1919 Sunk by Torpedo, 1944
USS Peacock AM-46 Lapwing 12/27/1919 Sunk, 1940
USS Pelican AM-27 Lapwing 10/10/1918 Scrapped, 1946
USS Penetrate AM-271 Admirable 3/31/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Penguin AM-33 Lapwing 11/21/1918 Scuttled, 1941
USS Peregrine AM-373 Auk 9/27/1945
USS Peril AM-272 Admirable 4/2/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Persistent AM-491 Aggressive 2/3/1956 To Spain, 1974
USS Phantom AM-273 Admirable 5/17/1944 To China, 1948
USS Pheasant AM-61 Auk 12/12/1943 Sunk as Target
USS Pigeon AM-374 Auk 10/30/1945 Scrapped
USS Pigeon AM-47 Lapwing 7/15/1919 Sunk in Action, 1942
USS Pilot AM-104 Auk 2/3/1943 To Mexico, 1972
USS Pinnacle AM-462 Aggressive 10/21/1955 Scrapped, 1978
USS Pinnacle AM-274 Admirable 5/24/1944 To China, 1948
USS Pioneer AM-105 Auk 2/27/1943 To Mexico, 1972
USS Pirate AM-275 Admirable 6/16/1944 Sunk by Mine, 1950
USS Pivot AM-276 Admirable 7/12/1944 To China, 1947
USS Pivot AM-463 Aggressive 7/12/1954 To Spain, 1974
USS Pledge AM-277 Admirable 7/29/1944 Sunk by Mine, 1950
USS Pledge AM-492 4/20/1956 To China, 1994
USS Pluck AM-464 8/11/1954 Scrapped, 1992
USS Pochard AM-375 Auk 11/27/1944 Scrapped
USS Portent AM-106 Auk 4/3/1943 Sunk by Mine, 1944
USS Prestige AM-465 9/11/1954 Ran Aground, 1958
USS Prevail AM-107 Auk 4/17/1943 Sold, 1964
USS Prime AM-466 Aggressive 10/11/1954 Scrapped, 1977
USS Prime AM-279 Admirable 9/12/1944 To China, 1946
USS Project AM-278 Admirable 8/22/1944 To Philippines, 1948
USS Prowess AM-280 Admirable 9/27/1944 To Vietnam, 1970
USS Ptarmigan AM-376 Auk 1/15/1945 To Korea, 1963
USS Pursuit AM-108 Auk 4/30/1943
USS Quail AM-377 Auk 3/5/1945 Scrapped
USS Quail AM-15 Lapwing 4/29/1919 Scuttled, 1942
USS Quest AM-281 Admirable 10/25/1944 To Philippines, 1948
USS Rail AM-26 Lapwing 6/5/1918 Disposed, 1947
USS Rampart AM-282 Admirable 11/18/1944 To Soviet Union, 1945
USS Ransom AM-283 Admirable 8/5/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Raven AM-55 Raven 11/11/1940 Sunk as Target
USS Reaper AM-467 11/10/1954 Disposed, 1976
USS Rebel AM-284 Admirable 9/12/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Recruit AM-285 Admirable 11/8/1944 To Mexico, 1963
USS Redstart AM-378 Auk 4/4/1945 To Vietnam, 1963
USS Redwing AM-48 Lapwing 10/17/1919 Sunk by Mine, 1943
USS Reform AM-286 Admirable 2/28/1945 To China, 1948
USS Refresh AM-287 Admirable 4/10/1945 To China, 1948
USS Reign AM-288 Admirable Unknown
USS Requisite AM-109 Auk 6/7/1943 Scrapped, 1965
USS Revenge AM-110 Auk 7/21/1943 Scrapped, 1967
USS Rival AM-468 9/3/1954 Sold, 1971
USS Robin AM-3 Lapwing 8/29/1918 Disposed, 1945
USS Roselle AM-379 Auk 2/6/1945 To Mexico, 1973
USS Ruddy AM-380 Auk 4/28/1945 To Peru, 1960
USS Sagacity AM-469 1/20/1955 Scrapped, 1971
USS Sage AM-111 Auk 8/23/1943 To Mexico, 1973
USS Salute AM-470 Aggressive 5/4/1955 Scrapped, 1971
USS Salute AM-294 Admirable 12/4/1943 Sunk by Mine, 1945
USS Sanderling AM-37 Lapwing 12/4/1918 Sunk, 1937
USS Sandpiper AM-51 Lapwing 10/9/1919 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Saunter AM-295 Admirable 1/22/1944 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Scoter AM-381 Auk 3/17/1945 To Mexico, 1972
USS Scout AM-296 Admirable 3/27/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Scrimmage AM-297 Admirable 4/4/1944 Sunk, 1982
USS Scuffle AM-298 Admirable 5/2/1944 To Mexico, 1962
USS Scurry AM-304 Admirable 7/29/1944 Sunk as Target, 1967
USS Seagull AM-30 Lapwing 3/7/1919 Disposed, 1947
USS Seer AM-112 Auk 10/21/1942 To Norway, 1962
USS Sentinel AM-113 Auk 11/3/1942 Sunk in Action, 1943
USS Sentry AM-299 Admirable 5/30/1944 To Vietnam, 1962
USS Serene AM-300 Admirable 6/24/1944 To Vietnam, 1964
USS Sheldrake AM-62 Auk 10/14/1942 Scrapped, 1971
USS Shelter AM-301 Admirable 7/9/1944 To Vietnam, 1964
USS Shoveler AM-382 Auk 5/22/1945 To Peru, 1974
USS Signet AM-302 Admirable 6/20/1944 To Dominican Republic, 1965
USS Skill AM-471 Aggressive 11/7/1955 Scrapped, 1979
USS Skill AM-115 Auk 11/17/1942 Sunk by Torpedo, 1943
USS Skirmish AM-303 Admirable 6/30/1944 To Dominican Republic, 1965
USS Skylark AM-63 Auk 11/25/1942 Sunk by Mine, 1945
USS Spear AM-322 Auk 12/31/1943 To Mexico, 1972
USS Spectacle AM-305 Admirable 6/11/1944 Scrapped, 1947
USS Specter AM-306 Admirable 8/30/1944 To Mexico, 1973
USS Speed AM-116 Auk 10/15/1942 To Korea, 1967
USS Sprig AM-384 Auk 4/4/1945 Scrapped, 1973
USS Staff AM-114 Auk 11/11/1942 Scrapped, 1967
USS Stalwart AM-493 4/23/1957 Scrapped
USS Starling AM-64 Auk 12/21/1942 To Mexico, 1973
USS Staunch AM-307 Admirable 9/9/1944 Scrapped, 1969
USS Steady AM-118 Auk 11/16/1942 To China, 1967
USS Strategy AM-308 Admirable 9/22/1944 Scrapped, 1969
USS Strength AM-309 Admirable 9/30/1944 Sunk, 1987
USS Strive AM-117 Auk 10/27/1942 To Norway, 1959
USS Sturdy AM-494 10/23/1957 Scrapped, 1987
USS Success AM-310 Admirable 10/18/1944 To Mexico, 1963
USS Superior AM-311 Admirable 11/1/1944 Scrapped
USS Surfbird AM-383 Auk 11/25/1944 Sold, 1975
USS Sustain AM-119 Auk 11/9/1942 To Norway, 1959
USS Swallow AM-4 Lapwing 10/8/1918 Ran Aground, 1938
USS Swallow AM-65 Auk 1/14/1943 Sunk, 1945
USS Swan AM-34 Lapwing 1/31/1919 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Sway AM-120 Auk 7/20/1943 To Mexico, 1973
USS Swerve AM-495 Aggressive 7/27/1957 Scrapped, 1978
USS Swerve AM-121 Auk 1/23/1944 Sunk by Mine, 1944
USS Swift AM-122 Auk 12/29/1943 Scrapped
USS Symbol AM-123 Auk 12/10/1942 To Mexico, 1972
USS Tanager AM-5 Lapwing 6/28/1918 Sunk, 1942
USS Tanager AM-385 Auk 7/28/1945 To US Coast Guard, 1964
USS Teal AM-23 Lapwing 8/20/1918 Sold, 1948
USS Tercel AM-386 Auk 8/21/1945 Disposed, 1988
USS Threat AM-124 Auk 3/14/1943 To Mexico, 1973
USS Thrush AM-18 Lapwing 4/25/1919 Sold, 1946
USS Tide AM-125 Auk 5/9/1943 Sunk in Action, 1944
USS Token AM-126 Auk 12/31/1942
USS Toucan AM-387 Auk 11/25/1944 To China, 1964
USS Towhee AM-388 Auk 5/18/1945 Scrapped, 1969
USS Triumph AM-323 Auk 2/3/1944 To Norway, 1961
USS Tumult AM-127 Auk 2/27/1943 Scrapped
USS Turkey AM-13 Lapwing 12/13/1918 Sold, 1946
USS Valor AM-472 Aggressive 7/29/1954 Scrapped, 1971
USS Velocity AM-128 Auk 4/4/1943 To Mexico, 1972
USS Venture AM-496 2/3/1958 Scrapped, 1978
USS Vigilance AM-324 Auk 2/28/1944 To Philippines, 1967
USS Vigor AM-473 Aggressive 11/8/1954 To Spain, 1972
USS Vireo AM-52 10/16/1919 Disposed, 1947
USS Vital AM-474 Aggressive 6/9/1955 Scrapped, 1979
USS Warbler AM-53 Lapwing 12/22/1919 Declared Surplus, 1947
USS Waxwing AM-389 Auk 8/6/1945 To China, 1965
USS Wheatear AM-390 Auk 10/3/1945 Scrapped, 1973
USS Whippoorwill AM-35 4/1/1919 To Maritime Commission, 1946
USS Widgeon AM-22 Lapwing 7/27/1918 Scrapped, 1948
USS Willet AM-54 1/29/1920 Scrapped, 1948
USS Woodcock AM-14 Lapwing 2/19/1919 Sold, 1947
USS Zeal AM-131 Auk 7/9/1943 Sunk as Target, 1967

03. Minesweepers & Asbestos

Asbestos Use on Minesweepers

Shipbuilders used asbestos-containing products to construct minesweeper ships and protect certain parts of the vessel. Common areas of asbestos exposure were the boiler and engine rooms. This is because asbestos is highly flame-retardant and an excellent electrical and thermal insulator.

The presence of asbestos materials on naval ships may have exposed many sailors, shipyard workers and other types of laborers. Asbestos products that minesweepers may have on board include:

04. Asbestos Exposure on Minesweepers

Who Was at Risk of Asbestos Exposure on Minesweepers?

Shipyard workers and veterans may have experienced occupational asbestos exposure on minesweepers. For both military and non-military service people, the shipbuilding and refitting industries were a main source of asbestos exposure.

People who worked regularly with or near asbestos risked inhaling asbestos fibers. Asbestos exposure may lead to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses.

The following occupations faced the risk of asbestos exposure on minesweepers:

Many years after exposure, Navy veterans may still be diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases. Because of its long latency period, mesothelioma symptoms can take from 10 to 50 years to appear.

People who receive a mesothelioma diagnosis have treatment options. Doctors who specialize in the disease can create a customized treatment plan designed to improve a patient’s prognosis.

05. Compensation Options

Compensation for People Exposed on Minesweepers

Navy veterans with a diagnosis of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases may qualify to seek compensation. Legal support is also available for veterans, including:

Experienced mesothelioma lawyers can help veterans figure out their eligibility and file lawsuits. If eligible, the lawyer can handle filing, negotiating settlements and arguing the case at trial. Any settlement offers must be approved by the client.

Veterans with an asbestos-related diagnosis may also qualify for additional benefits. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers financial aid and specialized medical care.