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Oklahoma residents are at risk of potential asbestos exposure at various sites in the state. This can lead to asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma. Impacted residents may be eligible for compensation. Law firms have won millions of dollars for asbestos-exposure victims in Oklahoma.

01. Filing Claims and Lawsuits in Oklahoma

Filing Mesothelioma Claims and Lawsuits in Oklahoma

Those who lived or worked in Oklahoma may have been exposed to asbestos. Many industries in Oklahoma used asbestos, such as the oil industry. As a result, many residents have developed mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses. Between 1999 and 2017, reports show 592 Oklahomans were diagnosed with mesothelioma. From 1999 to 2019, more than 500 Oklahomans died from the disease.

Due to associated public health risks, there are now federal laws to regulate asbestos use. However, the United States does not have a full asbestos ban and older buildings may still contain the mineral. This continues to put individuals at risk for exposure and resulting health complications.

For decades, victims and their loved ones have filed lawsuits against asbestos companies. A national mesothelioma firm can help victims understand the asbestos laws in Oklahoma. Victims may be eligible to file a lawsuit or other type of claim.

Who Is Eligible to File a Mesothelioma Claim in Oklahoma?

Oklahomans who were exposed to asbestos and developed a related disease may be eligible to file a mesothelioma claim. Due to certain industries and companies, some areas have a high risk of exposure. Oil refining is one type of high-risk industry for asbestos exposure in Oklahoma.

For instance, the Hudson Refinery in Cushing, Oklahoma, became a designated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund site. The 200-acre site was in operation from 1922 to 1982. Through the oil refinement process, asbestos contaminated the soil, water and sediment.

The EPA directed the site cleanup in 2010 and checks for contamination every five years. The 2015 review determined there was no ongoing risk to public health. However, many oil workers may have been exposed prior to these cleanup efforts.

Oklahoma was also one of the many states that processed vermiculite from W.R. Grace in Libby, Montana. Libby vermiculite was contaminated with asbestos, putting workers and the community at risk of exposure.

One processing site, Henley’s Sealants, is an EPA Superfund site in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The site processed Libby vermiculite for at least 30 years and stopped in 1992. The two-phase cleanup took place from 2010 to 2011 and from 2017 to 2018. Workers and residents may have been exposed to asbestos before the cleanup.

Residents of Oklahoma who lived in the following cities and towns have filed mesothelioma lawsuits to protect their rights and to seek compensation from negligent manufacturers and distributors of asbestos:

  • Altus, OK
  • Ardmore, OK
  • Broken Arrow, OK
  • Checotah, OK
  • Collinsville, OK
  • Edmond, OK
  • Garber, OK
  • Glenpool, OK
  • Grove, OK
  • Jay, OK
  • Jennings, OK
  • Locust Grove, OK
  • McAllister, OK
  • Miami, OK
  • Midwest City, OK
  • Moore, OK
  • Noble, OK
  • Norman, OK
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Owasso, OK
  • Stillwater, OK
  • Tahlequah, OK
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Vici, OK
  • Wann, OK
  • Waukomis, OK
  • Wilburton, OK

Deadlines for Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Oklahoma

Oklahomans may be eligible to file a lawsuit after a mesothelioma diagnosis. Surviving family members may also be eligible to file a claim after a loved one’s death. A qualified mesothelioma lawyer can help individuals understand their rights and options.

Victims must file claims within Oklahoma’s state deadline. This is called the statute of limitations and generally runs from the date of diagnosis or death. Once diagnosed, patients may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. Family members may also be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Oklahoma Statutes of Limitations

Personal Injury

Claims must be filed within 2 years after a mesothelioma diagnosis.

Wrongful Death

Claims must be filed within 2 years after death from mesothelioma.

If the statute of limitations has passed, there may be other options for financial compensation. Victims may qualify for an asbestos trust fund claim or a VA claim. A mesothelioma lawyer can discuss eligibility for these options.

02. Oklahoma Mesothelioma Law Firms

Mesothelioma Law Firms in Oklahoma

Oklahoma residents and workers impacted by an asbestos-related disease can seek legal help from local or nationwide law firms. Experienced mesothelioma law firms can help claimants understand their filing options for financial compensation. These firms can handle the filing process on the claimant’s behalf, enabling them to focus on treatment and time with their loved ones.

The following law firms can help people living in Oklahoma receive compensation:

Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney & Meisenkothen

Recovering billions of dollars for mesothelioma victims for over 40 years as recognized by Martindale-Hubbell, Best Lawyers®, Super Lawyers® and U.S. News & World Report.

Simmons Hanly Conroy

Experienced mesothelioma and asbestos lawyers serving victims nationwide. Recognized by Best Lawyers®, Super Lawyers® and U.S. News & World Report.

Shrader & Associates

For over three decades, Shrader & Associates National Trial Attorneys have fought tirelessly on behalf of mesothelioma victims and their families and recovered millions of dollars in compensation.

The Gori Law Firm

Over 16 years of experience serving asbestos injury victims. The Gori Law Firm is recognized by Super Lawyers®, National Trial Lawyers and the American Society of Legal Advocates (ASLA).

Working with a national law firm can have several advantages over working with smaller, local firms. Nationwide mesothelioma firms have decades of experience and access to many resources to build successful claims. Lawyers at these law firms have proven experience holding asbestos companies accountable and securing mesothelioma settlements for their clients.

National law firms understand the intricacies of asbestos laws across the country and can identify the most favorable jurisdiction to file your claim. It is not always ideal to file your claim in the state you currently live in.

Lawyers at national firms will also travel to you to make the process as easy as possible. They are dedicated to getting you and your family the compensation and peace of mind you deserve.

03. Oklahoma Mesothelioma Settlements and Verdicts

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Settlements in Oklahoma

Oklahoma claimants have received millions of dollars in financial compensation. Qualified attorneys can help victims win the compensation they deserve from asbestos companies.

We have listed below a few of the verdicts and settlements compensating victims of asbestos exposure in Oklahoma:

  • $4.6 MILLION: Navy/Construction – 80 years old
  • $3.4 MILLION: HVAC – 84 years old
  • $2.7 MILLION: Marine Corps – 55 years old
  • $2.4 MILLION: Navy/Electrician – 64 years old
  • $2.0 MILLION: Construction – 61 years old
  • $1.7 MILLION: Aircraft Mechanic – 76 years old
  • $1.7 MILLION: Navy/Mechanic – 61 years old
  • $1.6 MILLION: Mechanic/Renovations – 56 years old
  • $1.5 MILLION: Navy/Carpenter – 87 years old
  • $1.4 MILLION: Teacher/Construction – 60 years old

Note: Each lawsuit is different, and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in the future. Contact a reputable Oklahoma mesothelioma lawyer to understand how much compensation you may be eligible to receive.

04. Asbestos Laws in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Asbestos Laws & Regulations

To help prevent asbestos exposure, Oklahoma follows federal asbestos regulations and standards. Additionally, Oklahoma has created state laws to regulate asbestos use, such as the Oklahoma Asbestos Control Act.

Departments in Oklahoma that oversee asbestos laws include:

  • Air Quality Division (AQD)
  • Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
  • Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL)

The DEQ enforces the EPA’s National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). NESHAP sets guidelines for demolition, renovation and asbestos waste disposal. Besides a few exceptions, individuals must notify the DEQ before any construction work.

The ODOL oversees all asbestos abatement projects. They ensure abatement follows all laws and regulations.

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You