Mesothelioma in Honolulu, Hawaii

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In Honolulu, Hawaii, asbestos exposure is a concern due to shipbuilding and naval installations. Asbestos was also used to protect equipment in sugar processing facilities and generating stations. Honolulu residents who develop an illness after asbestos exposure can find legal and treatment resources below.

01. Mesothelioma Treatment in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii Mesothelioma Treatment

Workers and residents may have been exposed to asbestos in Hawaii, leading to an asbestos disease diagnosis. Mesothelioma patients in Honolulu, Hawaii, have access to a variety of treatment options. Treatment at nearby mesothelioma care centers may help patients extend survival.

Mesothelioma treatment may vary depending on the patient’s disease location and stage. Doctors may work with patients to create a personalized treatment plan for their diagnosis.

Cancer Centers for Mesothelioma Serving Honolulu, Hawaii

Some of Hawaii’s top cancer treatment centers are located in Honolulu. For example, the University of Hawaii Cancer Center has been recognized as a world leader in mesothelioma research. Doctors at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center continue to conduct research of emerging treatments through clinical trials.

University of Hawaii Cancer Center

University of Hawaii Cancer Center

Honolulu, HI 96813

02. Mesothelioma Doctors in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii Mesothelioma Doctors

Individuals with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease near Honolulu may contact a specialist with experience treating the disease. Mesothelioma doctors in Honolulu may develop personalized treatment plans for patients.

Working with a mesothelioma specialist ensures that patients have access to innovative treatment methods. Top doctors are often affiliated with medical centers and research institutes that offer support for patients and their family members.

Photo of Michele Carbone, M.D.

Michele Carbone, M.D.

Director of Thoracic Oncology
Honolulu, HI

Photo of Haining Yang, M.D.

Haining Yang, M.D.

Honolulu, HI

03. Mesothelioma Lawsuits in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Individuals who experienced asbestos exposure in Honolulu may seek compensation. After developing an asbestos-related illness, individuals may file a mesothelioma lawsuit to recover financial compensation. Many cases are settled before they reach the courtroom. Successful mesothelioma lawsuits may also result in jury awards.

Asbestos victims and their families may recover compensation for medical bills and other costs related to a mesothelioma diagnosis.

Finding a Lawyer or Law Firm in Honolulu, Hawaii

Families in Honolulu impacted by an asbestos-related diagnosis should contact a mesothelioma lawyer. They can explain a victim’s eligibility for lawsuits and different claim types. For instance, victims may file a lawsuit against negligent asbestos companies. Many companies knew about the dangers of asbestos but continued to manufacture or use asbestos-containing materials.

Attorneys at experienced asbestos law firms can provide a personalized case assessment to determine an individual’s legal options.

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Deadlines for Filing Mesothelioma Lawsuits in Honolulu, Hawaii

Mesothelioma lawyers may advise clients on the statute of limitations. A state’s statute of limitations defines how long patients and their family members have to file a lawsuit. Mesothelioma patients and loved ones have two years after diagnosis or death to file an asbestos lawsuit in Hawaii.

Statutes of Limitations for Honolulu

Personal Injury

Claims must be filed within 2 years after an asbestos-related diagnosis.

Wrongful Death

Claims must be filed within 2 years after an asbestos-related death.

Attorneys can explain what documentation is needed to file a lawsuit and help their clients recover evidence. Family members and loved ones may also seek compensation on behalf of a deceased asbestos victim.

Examples of clients served in the Honolulu area include:

Client Profile

Age: 66

Occupation: Plant worker

Jobsites Worked at: General Electrical Supply Warehouse (1969 – 2003); Oahu Distribution Inc. (1977 – 1993); Tiki Torch Inc. (1966); Weber Trucking & Equipment Rental (1964 – 1966)

Settlement: ~$3,582,878

Client Profile

Age: 67

Occupations: Navy, Engineer

Jobsites Worked at: Cen Pac Properties, Inc. (1978)

Settlement: ~$2,167,842

Client Profile

Age: 77

Occupation: Plant worker

Jobsites Worked at: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (1944 – 1946)

Settlement: ~$2,022,239

Client Profile

Age: 67

Occupations: Navy, Carpenter

Jobsites Worked at: Pearl Harbor Shipyard (1966 – 1970)

Settlement: ~$1,984,534

04. Asbestos Use in Honolulu

Asbestos Use in Honolulu, Hawaii

Various industries in Honolulu relied on asbestos, exposing workers and residents. Asbestos has been used in Honolulu shipyards, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

As Hawaii’s largest city, Honolulu has significant power demands. Asbestos was frequently used in the island’s generating stations and power distribution plants. Asbestos was also used at local Honolulu sugar mills due to the heat-generating refining processes. Factories and packing facilities in Honolulu that contained asbestos include:

  • The Honiron Honolulu Iron Works
  • The Hawaiian Agricultural Company
  • The Hawaiian Telephone Annex

Honolulu is also a seaport known for its shipping and naval industry. Reports show various asbestos products were used at Honolulu’s shipyards.

Asbestos Found at Honolulu, Hawaii Shipyards and Naval Sites

Honolulu and the Island of Oahu have an important connection to the U.S. Navy and the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. For decades, the shipyard used asbestos to build submarines and other vessels.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), shipbuilding is the most dangerous profession for asbestos exposure based on proportionate mortality ratios. Asbestos exposure levels are typically high in these professions, especially among individuals who built and repaired ships.

Asbestos was also used in other naval facilities in Honolulu. As recently as 2000, asbestos was discovered in the Schofield Barracks, forcing many soldiers to relocate.

Today, the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard is also a part of a massive asbestos Superfund site that spans more than 12,600 acres of land and water. As part of the cleanup efforts, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is addressing asbestos contamination in the soil.

Asbestos at Honolulu, Hawaii Factories and Generating Stations

Asbestos could also be found in various factories and power plants in Honolulu. Several notable facilities were operated by the Hawaiian Electric Company, including the Kahe IV Power Plant and the Waiau Power Plant. These steel-frame facilities date back to the 1930s and were built with corrugated asbestos paneling. This put insulators, pipefitters and other workers at risk of exposure at these sites.

Power plants also used asbestos to insulate boilers, steam pipes and turbines. The use of asbestos products endangered workers and contractors during installation and repair.

Honolulu, Hawaii Jobsites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

  • Alexander & Baldwin
  • Alexander Young Building
  • Aloha State Sales Company
  • American Factors Limited
  • American Sanitary Laundry Company
  • Bechtel Power Corporation
  • C. Brewer & Company
  • California Packing Corporation
  • Castle & Cooke, Inc.
  • Craig & Company
  • Dole Food Company
  • Electric Automobile Company
  • Ewa Plantation Company
  • Gear Lansing and Company
  • Grumman Ecosystems Corporation
  • H. Hackfeld and Company
  • H.R. Worthington
  • Hakalau Plantation Company
  • Hawaii Water Works LLC
  • Hawaiian Agricultural Company
  • Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company
  • Hawaiian Electric
  • Hawaiian Electric Kahe Power Plant
  • Hawaiian Electric Waiau Power Plant
  • Hawaiian Equipment Company
  • Hawaiian Linen Supply
  • Hawaiian Pineapple Company
  • Hawaiian Telephone Annex
  • Hawaiian Tuna Packers, Ltd.
  • Hilo Drywall Company, Inc.
  • Honokaa Sugar Company
  • Honolulu Brewing & Malting Co. Ltd.
  • Honolulu Gas Company (Hawaii Gas)
  • Honolulu Iron Works
  • Honolulu Laundry Company, Ltd.
  • Honolulu Planing Mill
  • Honolulu Plantation Company
  • Honolulu Rapid Transit and Land Company
  • Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Company
  • Kahuku Plantation Company
  • Kalihi Pumping Station
  • Kilauea Sugar Plantation Company
  • Kohala Sugar Company
  • Laie Plantation
  • Lambert-Cole, Inc.
  • Laupahoehoe Sugar Company
  • Lewers & Cooke
  • Libby, McNeill & Libby
  • Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America
  • Mason Contractors Association of Hawaii
  • Matson Container Station
  • McBryde Sugar Company
  • Nuuanu Memorial Park & Mortuary
  • Oahu Ice and Electric Company
  • Oahu Sugar Company
  • Onomea Sugar Company
  • Owens-Corning Fiberglas
  • Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
  • Pioneer Mill Company
  • Schofield Barracks
  • The Plantation Inn – Lahaina
  • The Queen’s Medical Center
  • Troy Laundry Machinery Company, Ltd.
  • Von Hamm-Young Company
  • W.A. Ramsey, Ltd.
  • Waiahole Water Company
  • Waialua Agricultural Company
  • Waialua Sugar Mill
  • Waimanalo Sugar Company
  • Waimea Sugar Company

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You