Asbestos on Submarines

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Submarines are Navy vessels designed to operate above and below the water. Before the 1980s, many submarines were constructed with asbestos materials. Submarines commonly contained asbestos gaskets, pumps and insulation. As a result, Navy personnel aboard these ships may have experienced exposure.

01. Submarines’ History

History of Submarines

Submarines are Navy ships capable of self-propelling underwater. These vessels have the ability to collect intelligence, identify foreign vessels and attack enemy ships. Submarines are also used to protect cargo ships and other vessels.

The United States Navy began constructing submarines in the early 1900s. Beginning in 1922, the Navy allowed asbestos use in the construction of new submarines. Chrysotile and amosite asbestos were commonly used in submarine gaskets, insulation and packing.

During World War II, asbestos was an important material in ship construction. The mineral is able to withstand high temperatures and chemical corrosion.

Submarine History at a Glance

  • Hull classifications: Auxiliary submarines (AGSS), ballistic missile submarines (SSBN), guided-missile submarines (SSGN), radar picket submarines (SSR), submarines (SS), submarines, nuclear powered (SSN)
  • Years of Operation: 1900 – Present
  • Wartime Operations: World War I (WWI), World War II (WWII), Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War
  • Size of Ship: Approximately 300 – 560 feet long
  • Noteworthy Ships: USS Argonaut, USS Seawolf, USS Tang, USS Triton

Submarines continued to be constructed with asbestos until the late 1970s. Years of asbestos use on submarines and in shipyards led to high rates of asbestos disease among Navy veterans. Today, military veterans make up approximately 30% of mesothelioma cases.

Notable Submarines

Many notable submarines were constructed to support World War II and the Cold War. Before the dangers of asbestos became well known, the mineral was widely used in the shipbuilding industry. The USS Seawolf and the USS Triton were two notable submarines constructed with asbestos products. Navy veterans who served on these vessels may still risk developing asbestosis, lung cancer and/or mesothelioma.

USS Seawolf (SSN-575)

The USS Seawolf (SSN-575) was a nuclear submarine used throughout the Cold War. General Dynamics Electric Boat constructed the submarine in the early 1950s. The company constructed many submarines for the U.S. Navy.

Quick Ship Facts
  • Ship’s Name: USS Seawolf
  • Year Built: 1953
  • Years In Service: 1957 – 1987

General Dynamics Electric Boat used asbestos-containing products during ship and submarine construction. According to court records, there were asbestos gaskets, pumps and other products aboard the USS Seawolf.

Crew members who came in contact with these products may be at risk of developing an asbestos-related illness. General Dynamics Electric Boat employees and shipbuilders who built and repaired the USS Seawolf may also risk developing an illness from asbestos exposure.

USS Triton (SSR(N)-586)

In 1959, the U.S. Navy commissioned the USS Triton (SSR(N)-586) as a radar picket submarine. At the time, it was the largest and most powerful submarine ever built.

Quick Ship Facts
  • Ship’s Name: USS Triton
  • Year Built: 1956
  • Years In Service: 1959 – 1969

It was later reclassified as an attack submarine (SSN-586). The vessel was the first submarine to sail around earth completely submerged.

The USS Triton was also constructed by General Dynamics Electric Boat. It contained a variety of asbestos products, including gaskets, packing and insulation.

One individual testified the ship contained asbestos products manufactured by several companies, including:

Many asbestos products could be found in the engine room of the ship. When gaskets and packing were removed or replaced, asbestos dust was often released into the air. Therefore, crew members aboard the USS Triton were likely exposed to the dangerous mineral.

02. List of Submarines

Complete List of Submarines

Before the 1980s, many Navy submarines were constructed with asbestos materials. The shipbuilding industry used asbestos because of the mineral’s durable and heat-resistant qualities. Widespread asbestos use caused exposure among many shipbuilders and crew members.

Individuals who served aboard the submarines may be at risk of developing an asbestos-related illness.

Name Hull Class Commissioned Status
USS Abraham Lincoln SSBN-602 George Washington 3/11/1961 Recycled, 1994
USS Albacore SS-218 Gato 6/1/1942 Mined, 1944
USS Albacore AGSS-569 12/6/1953 Museum Ship
USS Alexander Hamilton SSBN-617 Lafayette 6/27/1963 Recycled, 1994
USS Amberjack SS-219 Gato 6/19/1942
USS Amberjack SS-522 Tench 3/4/1946 To Brazil, 1973
USS Andrew Jackson SSBN-619 Lafayette 7/3/1963 Sub Recycling, 1999
USS Angler SS-240 Gato 10/1/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1974
USS Apogon SS-308 Balao 7/16/1943 Sunk, 1946
USS Archerfish SS-311 Balao 9/4/1943 Sunk as Target, 1968
USS Archerfish SSN-678 Sturgeon 12/17/1971 Sub Recycling, 1998
USS Argonaut SM-1 4/2/1928 Sunk, 1943
USS Argonaut SS-475 Tench 1/15/1945 To Canada, 1968
USS Aspro SS-309 Balao 7/31/1943 Sunk as Target, 1962
USS Aspro SSN-648 Sturgeon 2/20/1969 Recycled, 1999
USS Atlanta SSN-712 Los Angeles 3/6/1982 Sub Recycling
USS Atule SS-403 Balao 6/21/1944 To Peru, 1974
USS Balao SS-285 Balao 2/4/1943 Sunk as Target
USS Baltimore SSN-704 Los Angeles 7/24/1982 Sub Recycling
USS Bang SS-385 Balao 12/4/1943 To Spain, 1972
USS Barb SS-220 Gato 7/8/1942 To Italy, 1954
USS Barb SSN-596 Thresher 8/24/1963 Sub Recycling, 1996
USS Barbel SS-316 Balao 4/3/1944 Sunk, 1945
USS Barbel SS-580 Barbel 1/17/1959 Sunk as Target, 2001
USS Barbero SS-317 Balao 4/29/1944 Sunk as Target, 1964
USS Barracuda SS-163 V-1 (Barracuda) 10/1/1924 Sold for Scrap, 1945
USS Barracuda SS-550 Barracuda 11/10/1951 Sold for Scrap, 1974
USS Barracuda SSK-1 Barracuda 11/10/1951 Sold for Scrap, 1974
USS Bashaw SS-241 Gato 10/25/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Bass SS-164 V-1 (Barracuda) 9/26/1925 Scuttled, 1945
USS Bass SS-551 Barracuda 11/16/1951 Sold for Scrap, 1966
USS Bass SSK-2 Barracuda 11/16/1951 Sold for Scrap, 1966
USS Batfish SS-310 Balao 8/21/1943 Memorial,1972
USS Batfish SSN-681 Sturgeon 9/1/1972 Sub Recycling, 2002
USS Baton Rouge SSN-689 Los Angeles 6/25/1977 Sub Recycling
USS Baya SS-318 Balao 5/20/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Becuna SS-319 Balao 5/27/1944 Museum Ship, 1976
USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN-640 Benjamin Franklin 10/22/1965 Recycled, 1995
USS Bergall SS-320 Balao 6/12/1944 To Turkey, 1958
USS Bergall SSN-667 Sturgeon 6/13/1969 Recycled, 1997
USS Besugo SS-321 Balao 6/19/1944 To Italy, 1966
USS Billfish SS-286 Balao 4/20/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Billfish SSN-676 Sturgeon 3/12/1971 Recycled, 2000
USS Birmingham SSN-695 Los Angeles 12/16/1978 Sub Recycling
USS Blackfin SS-322 Balao 7/4/1944 Sunk as Target, 1973
USS Blackfish SS-221 Gato 7/22/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Blenny SS-324 Balao 6/27/1944 Scuttled, 1989
USS Blower SS-325 Balao 8/10/1944 To Turkey, 1950
USS Blueback SS-326 Balao 8/28/1944 To Turkey, 1948
USS Blueback SS-581 Barbel 10/15/1959 Museum Ship
USS Bluefish SS-222 Gato 5/24/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Bluefish SSN-675 Sturgeon 1/8/1971 Sub Recycling, 2003
USS Bluegill SS-242 Gato 11/11/1943 Scuttled, 1970
USS Boarfish SS-327 Balao 9/23/1944 To Turkey, 1948
USS Bonefish SS-223 Gato 5/31/1943 Sunk, 1945
USS Bonefish SS-582 Barbel 7/9/1959 Sold for Scrap, 1989
USS Bonita SS-165 V-1 (Barracuda) 5/22/1926 Sold for Scrap, 1945
USS Bonita SS-552 Barracuda 1/11/1952 Sold for Scrap, 1966
USS Bonita SSK-3 Barracuda 1/11/1952 Sold for Scrap, 1966
USS Boston SSN-703 Los Angeles 1/30/1982 Sub Recycling
USS Bowfin SS-287 Balao 5/1/1943 Museum Ship, 1979
USS Bream SS-243 Gato 1/24/1944 Sunk as Target, 1969
USS Bremerton SSN-698 Los Angeles 3/28/1981
USS Brill SS-330 Balao 10/26/1944 To Turkey, 1948
USS Bugara SS-331 Balao 11/15/1944 Foundered, 1971
USS Bullhead SS-332 Balao 12/4/1944 Sunk, 1945
USS Bumper SS-333 Balao 12/9/1944 To Turkey, 1950
USS Burrfish SS-312 Balao 9/13/1943 To Canada, 1961
USS Cabezon SS-334 Balao 12/30/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Cabrilla SS-288 Balao 5/24/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Cachalot SS-170 12/1/1933 Sold for Scrap, 1947
USS Caiman SS-323 Balao 7/17/1944 To Turkey, 1972
USS Capelin SS-289 Balao 6/4/1943 Missing Since 1943
USS Capitaine SS-336 Balao 1/26/1945 To Italy, 1966
USS Carbonero SS-337 Balao 2/7/1945 Sunk as Target, 1975
USS Carp SS-338 Balao 2/28/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Casimir Pulaski SSBN-633 James Madison 8/14/1964 Recycled, 1994
USS Catfish SS-339 Balao 3/19/1945 To Argentina, 1971
USS Cavalla SS-244 Gato 2/29/1944 Museum Ship, 1971
USS Cavalla SSN-684 Sturgeon 2/9/1973 Sub Recycling, 2000
USS Cero SS-225 Gato 7/4/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1970
USS Charr SS-328 Balao 9/23/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Chivo SS-341 Balao 4/28/1945 To Argentina, 1971
USS Chopper SS-342 Balao 5/25/1945 Sunk, 1976
USS Chub SS-329 Balao 10/21/1944 To Turkey, 1948
USS Cincinnati SSN-693 Los Angeles 3/11/1978 Sub Recycling
USS Cisco SS-290 Balao 5/10/1943 Sunk, 1943
USS Clamagore SS-343 Balao 6/28/1945
USS Cobbler SS-344 Balao 8/8/1945 To Turkey, 1973
USS Cobia SS-245 Gato 3/29/1944
USS Cochino SS-345 Balao 8/25/1945 Sunk, 1949
USS Cod SS-224 Gato 6/21/1943 Museum Ship, 1975
USS Conger SS-477 Tench 2/14/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1964
USS Corporal SS-346 Balao 11/9/1945 To Turkey, 1973
USS Corsair SS-435 Tench 11/8/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1963
USS Corvina SS-226 Gato 8/6/1943 Sunk, 1943
USS Crevalle SS-291 Balao 6/24/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Croaker SS-246 Gato 4/21/1944 Museum Ship
USS Cubera SS-347 Balao 12/19/1945 To Venezuela, 1972
USS Cusk SS-348 Balao 2/5/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Cutlass SS-478 Tench 3/17/1945 To Taiwan, 1973
USS Cuttlefish SS-171 6/8/1934 Sold for Scrap, 1947
USS Dace SS-247 Gato 7/23/1943 To Italy, 1955
USS Dace SSN-607 4/4/1964 Sub Recycling, 1997
USS Dallas SSN-700 Los Angeles 7/18/1981
USS Daniel Boone SSBN-629 James Madison 4/23/1964 Sub Recycling, 1994
USS Daniel Webster SSBN-626 Lafayette 4/9/1964 Moored for Training
USS Darter SS-227 Gato 9/7/1943 Scuttled, 1944
USS Darter SS-576 10/20/1956 Sunk as Target, 1992
USS Dentuda SS-335 Balao 12/30/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1969
USS Devilfish SS-292 Balao 9/1/1944 Sunk as Target, 1968
USS Diablo SS-479 Tench 3/31/1945 To Pakistan, 1964
USS Diodon SS-349 Balao 3/18/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Dogfish SS-350 Balao 4/29/1946 Sold to Brazil, 1972
USS Dolphin SS-169 6/1/1932 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS Dolphin AGSS-555 8/17/1968 Museum Ship
USS Dorado SS-248 Gato 8/28/1943 Sunk, 1943
USS Dragonet SS-293 Balao 3/6/1944 Scuttled, 1961
USS Drum SS-228 Gato 11/1/1941 Museum Ship, 1969
USS Drum SSN-677 Sturgeon 4/15/1972
USS Entemedor SS-340 Balao 4/6/1945 To Turkey, 1972
USS Escolar SS-294 Balao 6/2/1944 Mined, 1944
USS Ethan Allen SSBN-608 Ethan Allen 8/8/1961 Sub Recycling, 1999
USS Finback SS-230 Gato 1/31/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Finback SSN-670 Sturgeon 2/4/1970 Sub Recycling, 1997
USS Flasher SS-249 Gato 9/25/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1963
USS Flasher SSN-613 Thresher 7/22/1966 Sub Recycling
USS Flier SS-250 Gato 10/18/1943 Mined, 1944
USS Flounder SS-251 Gato 11/29/1943
USS Flying Fish SS-229 Gato 12/10/1941 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Flying Fish SSN-673 Sturgeon 4/29/1970 Recycled, 1996
USS Francis Scott Key SSBN-657 Benjamin Franklin 12/3/1966 Recycled, 1995
USS Gabilan SS-252 Gato 12/28/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Gar SS-206 Tambor 4/14/1941 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Gato SS-212 Gato 12/31/1941 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Gato SSN-615 Thresher 1/25/1968 Sub Recycling
USS George Bancroft SSBN-643 Benjamin Franklin 1/22/1966 Recycled, 1998
USS George C. Marshall SSBN-654 Benjamin Franklin 4/29/1966 Recycled, 1994
USS George Washington SSBN-598 George Washington 12/30/1959 Sub Recycling, 1998
USS George Washington Carver SSBN-656 Benjamin Franklin 6/15/1966 Recycled, 1994
USS Glenard P. Lipscomb SSN-685 12/21/1974 Sub Recycling, 1997
USS Golet SS-361 Gato 11/30/1943 Sunk, 1944
USS Grampus SS-207 Tambor 5/23/1941 Sunk, 1943
USS Grampus SS-523 Tench 10/26/1949 To Brazil, 1972
USS Grayback SS-208 Tambor 6/30/1941 Sunk, 1944
USS Grayback SSG-574 Grayback 3/7/1958 Sunk as Target, 1986
USS Grayling SS-209 Tambor 3/1/1941 Lost, 1943
USS Grayling SSN-646 Sturgeon 10/11/1969 Recycled, 1998
USS Greenfish SS-351 Balao 6/7/1946 To Brazil, 1973
USS Greenling SS-213 Gato 1/21/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Greenling SSN-614 Thresher 11/3/1967 Sub Recycling, 1994
USS Grenadier SS-210 Tambor 5/1/1941 Scuttled, 1943
USS Grenadier SS-525 Tench 2/10/1951 To Venezuela, 1973
USS Groton SSN-694 Los Angeles 7/8/1978 Sub Recycling
USS Grouper SS-214 Gato 2/12/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1970
USS Growler SS-215 Gato 3/20/1942 Sunk, 1944
USS Growler SSG-577 Grayback 8/30/1958 Museum Ship
USS Grunion SS-216 Gato 4/11/1942 Sunk, 1942
USS Guardfish SS-217 Gato 5/8/1942 Sunk as Target, 1961
USS Guardfish SSN-612 Thresher 12/20/1966 Sub Recycling, 1992
USS Guavina SS-362 Gato 12/23/1943 Sunk as Target, 1967
USS Gudgeon SS-211 Tambor 4/21/1941 Lost, 1944
USS Gudgeon SS-567 Tang 11/21/1952 Leased to Turkey, 1983 – Sold to Turkey, 1987
USS Guitarro SS-363 Gato 1/26/1944 To Turkey, 1954
USS Guitarro SSN-665 Sturgeon 9/9/1972 Sub Recycling, 1994
USS Gunnel SS-253 Gato 8/20/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Gurnard SS-254 Gato 9/18/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1961
USS Gurnard SSN-662 Sturgeon 12/6/1968 Recycled, 1997
USS Hackleback SS-295 Balao 11/7/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1968
USS Haddo SS-255 Gato 10/9/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Haddo SSN-604 Thresher 12/16/1964 Sub Recycling
USS Haddock SS-231 Gato 3/14/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Haddock SSN-621 Thresher / Permit 12/22/1967 Sub Recycling, 2001
USS Hake SS-256 Gato 10/30/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Halfbeak SS-352 Balao 7/22/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Halibut SS-232 Gato 4/10/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS Halibut SSGN-587 1/4/1960 Sub Recycling, 1994
USS Hammerhead SS-364 Gato 3/1/1944 To Turkey, 1954
USS Hammerhead SSN-663 Sturgeon 6/28/1968 Sub Recycling, 1995
USS Harder SS-257 Gato 12/2/1942 Sunk, 1944
USS Harder SS-568 Tang 8/19/1952 Sold to Italy, 1974
USS Hardhead SS-365 Balao 4/18/1944 To Greece, 1972
USS Hawkbill SS-366 Balao 5/17/1944 To Netherlands, 1953
USS Hawkbill SSN-666 Sturgeon 2/4/1971 Recycled, 2000
USS Henry Clay SSBN-625 Lafayette 2/20/1964 Recycled, 1997
USS Henry L. Stimson SSBN-655 Benjamin Franklin 8/20/1966 Recycled, 1994
USS Herring SS-233 Gato 5/4/1942 Sunk, 1944
USS Hoe SS-258 Gato 12/16/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Houston SSN-713 Los Angeles 9/25/1982
USS Icefish SS-367 Balao 6/10/1944 To Netherlands, 1953
USS Indianapolis SSN-697 Los Angeles 1/5/1980 Sub Recycling
USS Irex SS-482 Tench 5/14/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Jack SS-259 Gato 1/6/1943 To Greece, 1958
USS Jack SSN-605 Permit 3/31/1967 Sub Recycling, 1992
USS Jacksonville SSN-699 5/16/1981
USS Jallao SS-368 Balao 7/8/1944 To Spain, 1974
USS James K. Polk SSBN-645 Benjamin Franklin 4/16/1966 Recycled, 2000
USS James Madison SSBN-627 James Madison 7/28/1964 Recycled, 1997
USS James Monroe SSBN-622 Lafayette 12/7/1963 Recycled, 1995
USS John Adams SSBN-620 Lafayette 5/12/1964 Sub Recycling, 1996
USS John C. Calhoun SSBN-630 James Madison 9/15/1964 Recycled, 1994
USS John Marshall SSBN-611 Ethan Allen 5/21/1962 Sub Recycling, 1993
USS Kamehameha SSBN-642 Benjamin Franklin 12/10/1965 Recycled, 2002
USS Kete SS-369 Balao 7/31/1944 Lost, 1945
USS Kingfish SS-234 Gato 5/20/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Kraken SS-370 Balao 9/8/1944 To Spain, 1959
USS L. Mendel Rivers SSN-686 Sturgeon 2/1/1975 Recycled, 2002
USS La Jolla SSN-701 Los Angeles 9/30/1981
USS Lafayette SSBN-616 Lafayette 4/23/1963 Sub Recycling, 1991
USS Lagarto SS-371 Balao 10/14/1944 Sunk, 1945
USS Lamprey SS-372 Balao 11/17/1944 To Argentina, 1960
USS Lancetfish SS-296 Balao 2/12/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Lapon SS-260 Gato 1/23/1943 To Greece, 1957
USS Lapon SSN-661 Sturgeon 12/14/1967 Recycled, 2003
USS Lewis and Clark SSBN-644 Benjamin Franklin 12/22/1965 Recycled, 1995
USS Ling SS-297 Balao 6/8/1945 Museum Ship, 1972
USS Lionfish SS-298 Balao 11/1/1944 Museum Ship, 1972
USS Lizardfish SS-373 Balao 12/30/1944 To Italy, 1960
USS Loggerhead SS-374 Balao 2/9/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1969
USS Los Angeles SSN-688 Los Angeles 11/13/1976
USS Macabi SS-375 Balao 3/29/1945 To Argentina, 1960
USS Mackerel SS-204 Mackerel 3/31/1941 Sold for Scrap, 1947
USS Mackerel SST-1 T-1- 10/9/1953 Sunk as Target, 1978
USS Manta SS-299 Balao 12/18/1944 Sunk as Target, 1969
USS Mapiro SS-376 Balao 4/30/1945 To Turkey, 1960
USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN-658 Benjamin Franklin 12/16/1966 Recycled, 1994
USS Marlin SS-205 Mackerel 8/1/1941 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS Marlin SST-2 T-1- 11/20/1953 Museum Ship, 1974
USS Medregal SS-480 Tench 4/14/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Memphis SSN-691 Los Angeles 12/17/1977
USS Menhaden SS-377 Balao 6/22/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1988
USS Mero SS-378 Balao 8/17/1945 To Turkey, 1960
USS Michigan SSGN-727 9/11/1982
USS Mingo SS-261 Gato 2/12/1943 To Japan, 1955
USS Moray SS-300 Balao 1/26/1945 Sunk as Target, 1970
USS Muskallunge SS-262 Gato 3/15/1943 To Brazil, 1957
USS Narwhal SS-167 5/15/1930 Sold for Scrap, 1945
USS Narwhal SSN-671 7/12/1969
USS Nathan Hale SSBN-623 Lafayette 11/23/1963 Sub Recycling, 1991
USS Nathanael Greene SSBN-636 James Madison 12/19/1964 Sub Recycling, 1998
USS Nautilus SS-168 7/1/1930 Sold for Scrap, 1945
USS Nautilus SSN-571 9/30/1954 Museum
USS New York City SSN-696 Los Angeles 3/3/1979 Sub Recycling
USS Odax SS-484 Tench 7/11/1945 To Brazil, 1972
USS Ohio SSGN-726 Ohio 11/11/1981
USS Omaha SSN-692 Los Angeles 3/11/1978 Sub Recycling
USS Paddle SS-263 Gato 3/29/1943 To Brazil, 1957
USS Pampanito SS-383 Balao 11/6/1943
USS Parche SS-384 Balao 11/20/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1970
USS Parche SSN-683 Sturgeon 8/17/1974 Sub Recycling, 2006
USS Pargo SS-264 Gato 4/26/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1961
USS Pargo SSN-650 Sturgeon 1/5/1968 Recycled, 1994
USS Patrick Henry SSBN-599 George Washington 4/11/1960 Sub Recycling, 1997
USS Perch SS-176 Porpoise 11/19/1936 Scuttled, 1942
USS Perch SS-313 Balao 1/7/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Permit SS-178 Porpoise 3/17/1937 Sold for Scrap, 1958
USS Permit SSN-594 Thresher 5/29/1962 Sub Recycling, 1991
USS Peto SS-265 Gato 11/21/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Philadelphia SSN-690 Los Angeles 6/25/1977
USS Phoenix SSN-702 Los Angeles 12/19/1981 Sub Recycling
USS Pickerel SS-177 Porpoise 1/26/1937 Sunk, 1943
USS Pickerel SS-524 Tench 4/4/1949 To Italy, 1972
USS Picuda SS-382 Balao 10/16/1943 To Spain, 1972
USS Pike SS-173 Porpoise 12/2/1935 Sold for Scrap, 1957
USS Pilotfish SS-386 Balao 12/16/1943 Sunk, 1946
USS Pintado SS-387 Balao 1/1/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1969
USS Pintado SSN-672 Sturgeon 9/11/1971 Recycled, 1998
USS Pipefish SS-388 Balao 1/22/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1969
USS Piper SS-409 Balao 8/23/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Piranha SS-389 Balao 2/5/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1970
USS Plaice SS-390 Balao 2/12/1944 To Brazil, 1963
USS Plunger SS-179 Porpoise 11/19/1936 Sold for Scrap, 1957
USS Plunger SSN-595 Thresher 11/21/1962 Sub Recycling, 1995
USS Pogy SS-266 Gato 1/10/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Pogy SSN-647 Sturgeon 5/15/1971 Recycled, 2000
USS Pollack SS-180 Porpoise 1/15/1937 Sold for Scrap, 1947
USS Pollack SSN-603 Thresher 5/26/1964 Sub Recycling, 1993
USS Pomfret SS-391 Balao 2/19/1944 To Turkey, 1971
USS Pompano SS-181 US Porpoise 6/12/1937 Mined, 1943
USS Pompon SS-267 Gato 3/17/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Porpoise SS-172 Porpoise 8/15/1935 Sold for Scrap, 1957
USS Puffer SS-268 Gato 4/27/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Puffer SSN-652 Sturgeon 8/9/1969 Recycled, 1997
USS Queenfish SS-393 Balao 3/11/1944 Sunk as Target, 1963
USS Queenfish SSN-651 Sturgeon 12/6/1966 Recycled, 1992
USS Quillback SS-424 Tench 12/29/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1974
USS Rasher SS-269 Gato 7/22/1953 Sold for Scrap, 1974
USS Raton SS-270 Gato 7/13/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Ray SS-271 Gato 7/27/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Ray SSN-653 Sturgeon 4/12/1967 Recycled, 2002
USS Razorback SS-394 Balao 4/3/1944 Sold to Turkey, 1970
USS Redfin SS-272 Gato 8/31/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Redfish SS-395 Balao 4/12/1944 Sunk as Target, 1969
USS Remora SS-487 Tench 1/3/1946 To Greece, 1973
USS Requin SS-481 Tench 4/28/1945 Museum Ship, 1972
USS Richard B. Russell SSN-687 Sturgeon 8/16/1975 Recycled, 2001
USS Robalo SS-273 Gato 9/28/1943 Mined, 1944
USS Robert E. Lee SSBN-601 George Washington 9/15/1960 Sub Recycling, 1991
USS Rock SS-274 Gato 10/26/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Roncador SS-301 Balao 3/27/1945 Scrapped
USS Ronquil SS-396 Balao 4/22/1944 To Spain, 1971
USS Runner SS-275 Gato 7/30/1942 Lost, 1943
USS Runner SS-476 Tench 2/6/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS S-1 SS-105 6/5/1920 To Royal Navy, 1942
USS S-10 SS-115 S 9/21/1922 Sold for Scrap
USS S-11 SS-116 S 1/11/1923 Sold for Scrap
USS S-12 SS-117 S 4/30/1923 Sold for Scrap
USS S-13 SS-118 S 7/14/1923 Sold for Scrap
USS S-14 SS-119 S 2/11/1921 Sold for Scrap, 1945
USS S-15 SS-120 S 1/15/1921 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-16 SS-121 S 12/17/1920 Sunk as Target, 1945
USS S-17 SS-122 S 3/1/1921 Sunk as Target, 1945
USS S-18 SS-123 4/3/1924 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-19 SS-124 8/24/1921 Sunk, 1938
USS S-20 SS-125 11/22/1922 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-21 SS-126 S 8/24/1921 To Royal Navy, 1942
USS S-22 SS-127 S 6/23/1924 Sold for Scrap, 1945
USS S-23 SS-128 S 10/30/1923 Sold for Scrap
USS S-24 SS-129 S 8/24/1923 To UK, 1942
USS S-25 SS-130 S 7/9/1923 To UK
USS S-26 SS-131 S 10/15/1923 Sunk, 1942
USS S-27 SS-132 S 1/22/1924 Ran Aground, 1942
USS S-28 SS-133 S 12/13/1923 Lost, 1944
USS S-29 SS-134 S 5/22/1924 Scrapped, 1986
USS S-30 SS-135 S 10/29/1920 Sold for Scrap
USS S-31 SS-136 S 5/11/1922 Sold for Scrap
USS S-32 SS-137 S 6/15/1922 Sold for Scrap
USS S-33 SS-138 S 4/18/1922 Sold for Scrap
USS S-34 SS-139 S 7/12/1922 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-35 SS-140 S 8/17/1922 Sunk as Target, 1946
USS S-36 SS-141 S 4/4/1923 Ran Aground, 1942
USS S-37 SS-142 S 7/16/1923 Sunk, 1945
USS S-38 SS-143 S 5/11/1923 Sunk as Target, 1945
USS S-39 SS-144 S 9/14/1923 Ran Aground, 1942
USS S-40 SS-145 S 11/20/1923 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-41 SS-146 S 1/15/1924 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-42 SS-153 S 11/20/1924 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-43 SS-154 S 12/31/1924 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-44 SS-155 S 2/16/1925 Sunk, 1943
USS S-45 SS-156 S 3/31/1925 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-46 SS-157 S 6/5/1925 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-47 SS-158 S 9/16/1925 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-48 SS-159 S 10/14/1922 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS S-6 SS-111 S 5/17/1920
USS S-7 SS-112 S 7/1/1920
USS S-8 SS-113 S 10/1/1920
USS S-9 SS-114 S 2/21/1921
USS Sabalo SS-302 Balao 6/19/1945 Sunk as Target, 1973
USS Sablefish SS-303 Balao 12/18/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Sailfish SSR-572 Sailfish 4/14/1956 Sunk as Target, 2007
USS Salmon SS-182 Salmon 3/15/1938 Scrapped, 1946
USS Salmon SSR-573 Sailfish 8/25/1956 Sunk as Target, 1993
USS Sam Houston SSBN-609 Ethan Allen 3/6/1962 Sub Recycling, 1992
USS Sam Rayburn SSBN-635 Lafayette 12/2/1964 Moored for Training, 1989
USS San Francisco SSN-711 Los Angeles 4/24/1981
USS Sand Lance SS-381 Balao 10/9/1943 To Brazil, 1963
USS Sand Lance SSN-660 Sturgeon 9/25/1971 Recycled, 1998
USS Sarda SS-488 Tench 4/19/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1965
USS Sargo SS-188 Sargo 2/7/1939 Sold for Scrap, 1947
USS Sargo SSN-583 Skate 10/1/1958 Sub Recycling
USS Saury SS-189 Sargo 4/3/1939
USS Sawfish SS-276 Gato 8/26/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Scabbardfish SS-397 Balao 4/29/1944 To Greece, 1965
USS Scamp SS-277 Gato 9/18/1942 Sunk, 1944
USS Scamp SSN-588 Skipjack 6/5/1961 Sub Recycling, 1990
USS Scorpion SS-278 Gato 10/1/1942 Mined, 1944
USS Scorpion SSN-589 Skipjack 7/29/1960 Sunk, 1968
USS Sculpin SS-191 Sargo 1/16/1939 Scuttled, 1943
USS Sculpin SSN-590 Skipjack 6/1/1961 Sub Recycling, 2000
USS Sea Cat SS-399 Balao 5/16/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Sea Devil SS-400 Balao 5/24/1944 Sunk as Target, 1964
USS Sea Devil SSN-664 Sturgeon 1/30/1969 Recycled, 1998
USS Sea Dog SS-401 Balao 6/3/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Sea Fox SS-402 Balao 6/13/1944 To Turkey, 1970
USS Sea Leopard SS-483 Tench 6/11/1945 To Brazil, 1973
USS Sea Owl SS-405 Balao 7/17/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Sea Poacher SS-406 Balao 7/31/1944 To Peru, 1974
USS Sea Robin SS-407 Balao 8/7/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Seadragon SS-194 Sargo 10/23/1939 Sold for Scrap, 1948
USS Seadragon SSN-584 Skate 12/5/1959 Sub Recycling
USS Seahorse SS-304 Balao 3/31/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1968
USS Seahorse SSN-669 Sturgeon 9/19/1969 Recycled, 1995
USS Seal SS-183 Salmon 4/30/1938 Sold for Scrap, 1957
USS Sealion SS-195 Sargo 11/27/1939 Scuttled, 1941
USS Sealion SS-315 Balao 3/8/1944 Sunk as Target, 1978
USS Searaven SS-196 Sargo 10/2/1939 Sunk, 1948
USS Seawolf SS-197 Sargo 12/1/1939 Sunk, 1944
USS Seawolf SSN-575 3/30/1957 Sub Recycling
USS Segundo SS-398 Balao 5/9/1944 Sunk as Target, 1970
USS Sennet SS-408 Balao 8/22/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Shad SS-235 Gato 6/12/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Shark SS-174 Porpoise 1/25/1936 Sunk, 1942
USS Shark SS-314 Balao 2/14/1944 Sunk, 1944
USS Shark SSN-591 Skipjack 2/9/1961 Sub Recycling, 1995
USS Silversides SS-236 Gato 12/15/1941 Museum Ship
USS Silversides SSN-679 Sturgeon 5/5/1972 Recycled, 2000
USS Simon Bolivar SSBN-641 Benjamin Franklin 10/29/1965 Recycled, 1994
USS Sirago SS-485 Tench 8/13/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Skate SS-305 Balao 4/15/1943 Sunk as Target, 1948
USS Skate SSN-578 Skate 12/23/1957 Sub Recycling
USS Skipjack SS-184 Salmon 6/30/1938 Sunk, 1948
USS Skipjack SSN-585 Skipjack 4/15/1959 Sub Recycling
USS Snapper SS-185 Salmon 12/15/1937 Sold for Scrap, 1948
USS Snook SS-279 Gato 10/24/1942 Missing Since 1945
USS Snook SSN-592 Skipjack 10/24/1961 Sub Recycling, 1996
USS Spadefish SS-411 Balao 3/9/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1969
USS Spadefish SSN-668 Sturgeon 8/14/1969 Recycled, 1996
USS Spearfish SS-190 Sargo 7/19/1939 Sold for Scrap, 1947
USS Spikefish SS-404 Balao 6/30/1944 Sunk as Target, 1964
USS Spinax SS-489 Tench 9/20/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Spot SS-413 Balao 8/3/1944 To Chile, 1962
USS Springer SS-414 Balao 10/18/1944 To Chile, 1961
USS Squalus/Sailfish SS-192 Sargo 3/1/1939 Sunk
USS Steelhead SS-280 Gato 12/7/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Sterlet SS-392 Balao 3/4/1944 Sunk as Target, 1969
USS Stickleback SS-415 Balao 3/29/1945 Sunk, 1958
USS Stingray SS-186 Salmon 3/15/1938 Sold for Scrap, 1947
USS Stonewall Jackson SSBN-634 James Madison 8/26/1964 Recycled, 1995
USS Sturgeon SS-187 Salmon 6/25/1938 Sold for Scrap, 1948
USS Sturgeon SSN-637 Sturgeon 3/3/1967 Recycled, 1995
USS Sunfish SS-281 Gato 7/15/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Sunfish SSN-649 Sturgeon 3/15/1969 Sub Recycling, 1997
USS Swordfish SS-193 Sargo 7/22/1939 Sunk, 1945
USS Swordfish SSN-579 Skate 9/15/1958 Sub Recycling
USS Tambor SS-198 Tambor 6/3/1940 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Tang SS-306 Balao 10/15/1943 Sunk, 1944
USS Tang SS-563 Tang 10/25/1951 Leased to Turkey, 1980
USS Tarpon SS-175 Porpoise 3/12/1936 Sold for Scrap, 1957
USS Tautog SS-199 Tambor 7/3/1940 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Tautog SSN-639 Sturgeon 8/17/1968 Sub Recycling, 2004
USS Tecumseh SSBN-628 James Madison 5/29/1964 Sub Recycling, 1994
USS Tench SS-417 Tench 10/6/1944 Sold to Peru,1976
USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN-600 George Washington 2/13/1961 Sub Recycling, 1995
USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN-610 Ethan Allen 3/10/1962 Sub Recycling, 1997
USS Thomas Jefferson SSBN-618 Ethan Allen 1/4/1963 Sub Recycling, 1996
USS Thornback SS-418 Tench 10/13/1944 To Turkey, 1971
USS Threadfin SS-410 Balao 8/30/1944 To Turkey, 1972
USS Thresher SSN-593 Thresher 8/3/1961 Sunk, 1963
USS Tigrone SS-419 Tench 10/25/1944 Sunk as Target, 1976
USS Tilefish SS-307 Balao 12/15/1943 To Venezuela, 1960
USS Tinosa SS-283 Gato 1/15/1943 Scuttled, 1960
USS Tinosa SSN-606 Thresher 10/17/1964 Sub Recycling, 1992
USS Tirante SS-420 Tench 11/6/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1974
USS Tiru SS-416 Balao 9/1/1948 Sunk as Target, 1979
USS Toro SS-422 Tench 12/8/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1965
USS Torsk SS-423 Tench 12/16/1944 Museum Ship, 1972
USS Trepang SS-412 Balao 5/22/1944 Sunk as Target, 1969
USS Trepang SSN-674 Sturgeon 8/14/1970 Recycled, 2000
USS Trigger SS-237 Gato 1/31/1942 Sunk, 1945
USS Trigger SS-564 Tang 3/31/1952 Sold to Italy
USS Triton SS-201 Tambor 8/15/1940 Sunk, 1943
USS Triton SSRN-586 11/10/1959 Recycled
USS Trout SS-202 Tambor 11/15/1940 Lost, 1944
USS Trout SS-566 Tang 6/27/1952 To Iran, 1978
USS Trumpetfish SS-425 Balao 1/29/1946 To Brazil, 1973
USS Trutta SS-421 Tench 11/16/1944 To Turkey, 1972
USS Tullibee SS-284 Gato 2/15/1943 Sunk, 1944
USS Tullibee SSN-597 11/9/1960 Sub Recycling, 1995
USS Tuna SS-203 Tambor 1/2/1941 Scuttled, 1948
USS Tunny SS-282 Gato 9/1/1942 Sunk as Target, 1970
USS Tunny USS Tunny Sturgeon 1/26/1974 Recycled, 1997
USS Tusk SS-426 Balao 4/11/1946 To China, 1973
USS Ulysses S. Grant SSBN-631 James Madison 7/17/1964 Recycled, 1993
USS USS Mackerel SST-1 T-1- 10/9/1953 Sunk as Target, 1978
USS V-1 SF-4 V-1 (Barracuda) 10/1/1924 Sold for Scrap, 1945
USS V-2 SF-5 V-1 (Barracuda) 9/26/1925 Scuttled, 1945
USS V-3 SF-6 V-1 (Barracuda) 5/22/1926 Sold for Scrap, 1945
USS V-4 SF-7 / SM-1 4/2/1928 Sunk, 1943
USS Volador SS-490 Tench 10/1/1948 To Italy, 1972
USS Von Steuben SSBN-632 James Madison 9/30/1964 Recycled, 2000
USS Wahoo SS-238 Gato 5/15/1942 Sunk, 1943
USS Wahoo SS-565 Tang 5/30/1952 Sold for Scrap, 1984
USS Whale SS-239 Gato 6/1/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Whale SSN-638 Sturgeon 10/12/1968 Recycled, 1996
USS Will Rogers SSBN-659 Benjamin Franklin 4/1/1967 Recycled, 1882
USS William H. Bates SSN-680 Sturgeon 5/5/1973 Recycled, 2002
USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624 Lafayette 12/27/1963 Sub Recycling, 1997

03. Submarine & Asbestos

Asbestos Use on Submarines

Navy submarines previously contained a variety of asbestos products. For example, asbestos insulation was used to protect pipes from steam and hot fluids pumped throughout the ships.

Fires on submarines are a concern because there are few ways to escape the vessels. Shipbuilders used asbestos to increase heat resistance and fireproof areas within submarines.

Asbestos-containing products frequently used on U.S. Navy submarines include:

Crew members were responsible for installation, repair and removal of asbestos products. For example, machinists scraped, trimmed and fitted asbestos gaskets aboard ships. During these processes, asbestos fibers often became airborne.

Work and sleeping quarters on submarines are tight and poorly ventilated. Some submarines also stayed underwater for months at a time. During these periods, asbestos dust could be sealed inside the ship. Small, poorly ventilated areas may have increased the risk of asbestos exposure.

04. Asbestos Exposure on Submarines

Who Was at Risk of Asbestos Exposure on Submarines?

Navy personnel, shipyard workers and shipbuilders may have experienced occupational asbestos exposure from submarines. Individuals who maintained and repaired asbestos products frequently risked inhaling or ingesting airborne fibers.

Asbestos in the body may lead to asbestosis, mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease.

Trades at risk of asbestos exposure on submarines include:

Because of laws and regulations, asbestos is no longer used in submarine construction. However, veterans and other individuals may still develop an illness. Mesothelioma symptoms may take up to 50 years to present. As a result, many Navy veterans are diagnosed years after initial asbestos exposure.

05. Compensation Options

Compensation for People Exposed on Submarines

After experiencing asbestos exposure, Navy veterans and shipbuilders who develop diseases may seek compensation. Several legal options are available to asbestos victims and their loved ones. To receive compensation, individuals may file:

Attorneys at asbestos law firms can help asbestos victims pursue the most beneficial options. Many lawsuits result in mesothelioma settlements. In some cases, lawsuits may also result in compensation from a jury award.

Navy veterans exposed to asbestos on submarines may also qualify for treatment through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. At VA treatment centers, eligible veterans may receive care from specialized mesothelioma doctors.