Mesothelioma in Bloomington, Indiana

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Asbestos materials were used in the construction of residential, commercial, municipal and industrial buildings in Bloomington, Indiana, until the 1980s. This included homes, office buildings and water treatment plants. Residents and workers exposed to asbestos may be at risk for mesothelioma. Victims can find legal and medical resources below.

01. Mesothelioma Treatment in Bloomington

Bloomington, Indiana Mesothelioma Treatment

Bloomington residents can seek mesothelioma treatment at regional cancer centers. These facilities are staffed with mesothelioma doctors that specialize in treating this rare disease. They offer both established and new treatments. Patients at mesothelioma cancer treatment centers may also speak with their doctor about emerging treatments and participation in clinical trials.

Cancer Centers for Mesothelioma Serving Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington mesothelioma patients can seek treatment at cancer centers in Indiana or in neighboring states. There are large cancer centers that specialize in mesothelioma in the major cities around Bloomington. The Chicago metropolitan area is home to many cancer centers. One example is City of Hope Chicago. City of Hope Chicago offers specialized mesothelioma treatments, including immunotherapy, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) and surgery.

Rush University Cancer Center, a U.S. News & World Report top-ranked hospital, is another cancer center in the Chicago metropolitan area. Rush University Cancer Center has a dedicated team of mesothelioma physicians. These doctors may use HIPEC, oxygen therapy and other therapies to treat mesothelioma. This cancer center also runs clinical trials of experimental mesothelioma treatments.

Columbus Regional Hospital Cancer Center

Columbus Regional Hospital Cancer Center

Columbus, IN 47201

Purdue University Center for Cancer Research

Purdue University Center for Cancer Research

West Lafayette, IN 47907

Rush University Cancer Center

Rush University Cancer Center

Chicago, IL 60612

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University

Chicago, IL 60611

The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center

The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center

Chicago, IL 60637

Edward Cancer Center – Naperville

Edward Cancer Center – Naperville

Naperville, IL 60540

City of Hope Chicago

City of Hope Chicago

Zion, IL 60099

02. Mesothelioma Doctors in Bloomington

Bloomington, Indiana Mesothelioma Doctors

Bloomington asbestos victims should seek doctors that specialize in mesothelioma treatment. These doctors use the latest methods for treating mesothelioma. Each mesothelioma doctor has their own area of expertise and treats patients on an individualized basis. Some of the treatments these doctors specialize in include HIPEC, chemotherapy and surgery.

Photo of Michael T. Slaughter, M.D.

Michael T. Slaughter, M.D.

Medical Oncologist/Hematologist
Indianapolis, IN

Photo of Anita F. Conte, M.D.

Anita F. Conte, M.D.

Retired Medical Oncologist/Hematologist
Columbus, IN

Photo of Michael J. Liptay, M.D.

Michael J. Liptay, M.D.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Chicago, IL

Photo of Hedy Lee Kindler, M.D.

Hedy Lee Kindler, M.D.

Director of the Mesothelioma Program
Chicago, IL

Photo of Samuel Armato, M.D.

Samuel Armato, M.D.

Chicago, IL

Photo of Wickii Thambiah Vigneswaran, M.D.

Wickii Thambiah Vigneswaran, M.D.

Thoracic Surgeon
Maywood, IL

Photo of David Johnstone, M.D.

David Johnstone, M.D.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Milwaukee, WI

03. Mesothelioma Lawsuits in Bloomington

Bloomington, Indiana Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Mesothelioma victims in Bloomington, or their surviving loved ones, may be entitled to compensation. Residents of Bloomington have successfully filed lawsuits against companies that wrongly exposed workers to asbestos. Victims have legal options available to them. For example, a mesothelioma lawsuit can be filed in court or a claim filed with an asbestos trust. An experienced lawyer can help clients make the right decisions about their legal options.

Finding a Lawyer or Law Firm in Bloomington, Indiana

Residents of Bloomington that have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness should seek help from a nationwide law firm experienced in Indiana asbestos litigation. An experienced mesothelioma lawyer can assist their client in choosing the right type of claim to file, whether it’s a lawsuit, an asbestos bankruptcy trust fund claim or both. Experienced lawyers also know state laws that determine how to best receive compensation for damages incurred by an asbestos-related illness. A list of trusted mesothelioma law firms can be found below.

Experienced mesothelioma and asbestos lawyers serving victims nationwide. Recognized by Best Lawyers®, Super Lawyers® and U.S. News & World Report.

Over 16 years of experience serving asbestos injury victims. The Gori Law Firm is recognized by Super Lawyers®, National Trial Lawyers and the American Society of Legal Advocates (ASLA).

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For over 20 years, Vogelzang Law has handled hundreds of asbestos-related cases, successfully securing millions in verdicts and settlements. Our firm supports every client and their family and fights to win on their behalf.

Deadlines for Filing Mesothelioma Lawsuits in Bloomington, Indiana

Each state has filing deadlines called statutes of limitations. These statutes dictate how many years after an asbestos-related death or diagnosis a lawsuit must be filed. An experienced attorney familiar with Indiana state laws will make sure a lawsuit is filed in the appropriate time frame, so the client does not lose the legal right to pursue a mesothelioma settlement.

Statutes of Limitations for Bloomington

Personal Injury

Claims must be filed within 2 years after an asbestos-related diagnosis.

Wrongful Death

Claims must be filed within 2 years after an asbestos-related death.

An experienced mesothelioma lawyer can help patients, or their surviving loved ones, understand the legal filing process. This may involve filing a lawsuit, submitting an asbestos trust fund claim or both. They will determine the best state in which to file a lawsuit and ensure the victims they represent receive the compensation they deserve.

Examples of clients served in the Bloomington area include:

Client Profile

Age: 75

Occupations: Laborer, Mechanic

Jobsites Worked at: Sarkes Tarzen (1957 – 1965)

Settlement: ~$1,191,368

Client Profile

Age: 60

Occupations: Plumber, Maintenance

Jobsites Worked at: Weddle Brothers Construction Co. Inc. (1964 – 1965)

Settlement: ~$625,102

04. Asbestos Use in Bloomington

Asbestos Use in Bloomington, Indiana

Asbestos was common in building materials throughout much of the 1900s. In Bloomington, it was used in homes, offices and industrial buildings. The negative effects of asbestos were well known for much of the time the materials were used. Therefore, workers involved in the construction of Bloomington buildings who develop an asbestos-related illness may be entitled to compensation.

Homes, Hospitals and Industrial Buildings Used Asbestos in Bloomington, Indiana

Asbestos was used in various Bloomington structures throughout the 1900s until the 1980s. Some of the notable sites in Bloomington include the Griffy Water Treatment Plant. This industrial site was found to have asbestos-containing materials. These materials became a bigger exposure risk as the building fell into disrepair before it was demolished.

The Kohr Building and its parking garage were also found to have asbestos-containing materials that needed abatement for renovations. In residential settings, homes built in the 1930s through 1970s are known to contain asbestos and other hazardous materials.

Workers involved in the construction of these buildings may have been exposed to asbestos. Victims should seek medical care and appropriate legal counsel if they are diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Bloomington, Indiana Jobsites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

  • Ami Strauss Inc
  • Bloomington Bell
  • Bloomington Hospital
  • Central Indiana Lighting Company
  • Indiana University Bloomington
  • Johnson Creamery Company
  • National Light, Heat & Power Company
  • Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation
  • Tri-Delta Sorority House at Indiana University Bloomington
  • UNARCO Industries Chembest Division Manufacturing Plant
  • Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You