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Trussbilt produces steel based products that are used in correctional facilities all across the United States and in more than a dozen other countries. These goods are utilized to make the prisons more secure, and they include items such as security ceilings, metal detention doors and wire mesh frames. The company was founded in the early 1900's and has continued to thrive and build a stellar reputation within the steel producing industry.

Keeping a steel mill operating requires a lot of large machines, and each one of them needs insulation to keep it functioning properly and operating at an even temperature. There are many different materials that can be used to make effective insulating products, but one of the best was a mineral that was found in abundant natural deposits all throughout the United States. That mineral was asbestos, and its strength, durability, and ability to be uncompromised in tremendous heat made it highly sought after by insulation manufacturers. Other aspects about asbestos, such as the fact that is inexpensive to mine, readily available and able to be molded into most shapes made it even more appealing.

There was, however, a serious problem with the use of asbestos. The mineral is toxic, and people who spend time around it are likely to breathe in small amounts of asbestos dust that breaks off of insulation and other products and gets into the air. When this happens, the poisonous dust becomes a very destructive internal force that often causes people to develop respiratory disorders and asbestos cancer. Mesothelioma is a common result of asbestos exposure, and victims who are unfortunate enough to develop this type of cancer do not always survive it.

Prior to the 1970's, most people in America did not know about the dangers of asbestos. People who worked at sites such as Trussbilt realized that goods containing the mineral were at the work site, but they did not understand the dangers that held. Over time hundreds of thousands of individuals became very sick because of the time they spent around contaminated products at their place of employment. Those who were affected fought back by filing a multitude of lawsuits, but even the biggest payoff could not help the conditions they suffered from. Most of the health conditions, including mesothelioma cancer, that are caused by asbestos exposure have are difficult to treat and have no known cure.

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