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Mesothelioma in Portland, Oregon

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Asbestos was widely used at jobsites such as shipyards and chemical plants in Portland, Oregon, before the 1980s. For example, asbestos exposure occurred at the Albina Engine & Machine Works shipyard. Portland mesothelioma patients can find treatment and legal options below.

01. Mesothelioma Treatment in Portland

Portland, Oregon Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma patients in Portland have many options when seeking treatment. There are multiple mesothelioma cancer centers and doctors in the Portland area. These resources offer patients the opportunity to choose a healthcare team they are comfortable with.

Cancer Centers for Mesothelioma Serving Portland, Oregon

Mesothelioma patients in Portland can find specialized treatment at nearby Oregon cancer centers. For example, the Providence Cancer Institute – Franz Clinic uses immunotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery and other therapies to treat mesothelioma patients. The center has a dedicated Thoracic Surgery Clinic, where multidisciplinary care is offered for mesothelioma patients. Research at this center also supports the discovery of new treatment options.

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is another cancer center in Portland that offers specialized treatment. It is ranked among the top cancer centers in the country.

At these cancer centers, collaborative teams of medical professionals come together to treat each patient’s individual case with a personalized treatment plan.

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Portland, OR 97239

Providence Cancer Institute – Franz Clinic

Providence Cancer Institute – Franz Clinic

Portland, OR 97213

Samaritan Pastega Regional Cancer Center

Samaritan Pastega Regional Cancer Center

Corvallis, OR 97330

02. Mesothelioma Doctors in Portland

Portland, Oregon Mesothelioma Doctors

Doctors who specialize in mesothelioma treatment are available in the Portland area. Mesothelioma specialists understand the best therapy options for their patients’ unique situations. They will work with patients and their families to develop personalized care plans.

Mesothelioma doctors in Portland may help patients access a variety of treatments, including immunotherapy, radiation and experimental treatments available through clinical trials.

Photo of Rachel E. Sanborn, M.D.

Rachel E. Sanborn, M.D.

Medical Oncologist and Co-Director of the Providence Thoracic Oncology Program
Portland, OR

Photo of Paul H. Schipper, M.D.

Paul H. Schipper, M.D.

Thoracic Surgeon
Portland, OR

03. Mesothelioma Lawsuits in Portland

Portland, Oregon Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Residents and workers in Portland diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Mesothelioma lawyers can help patients and their loved ones file asbestos lawsuits against companies.

Oregon asbestos victims have received millions of dollars in compensation through lawsuits in the form of verdicts and settlements from negligent companies.

Finding a Lawyer or Law Firm in Portland, Oregon

Portland workers, residents and homeowners may have experienced asbestos exposure. As a result, they may develop an asbestos disease and be eligible for compensation.

Experienced mesothelioma law firms provide the necessary resources and knowledge to build a successful asbestos case. They can also help patients navigate Oregon asbestos laws and regulations.

Recovering billions of dollars for mesothelioma victims for over 40 years as recognized by Martindale-Hubbell, Best Lawyers®, Super Lawyers® and U.S. News & World Report.

Experienced mesothelioma and asbestos lawyers serving victims nationwide. Recognized by Best Lawyers®, Super Lawyers® and U.S. News & World Report.

Over a decade of experience fighting hard for mesothelioma victims in California and across the country. Millions of dollars recovered for clients through passionate work in asbestos litigation.

Fighting to get mesothelioma victims the compensation they deserve. Recognized by Super Lawyers® and National Trial Lawyers.

Deadlines for Filing Mesothelioma Lawsuits in Portland, Oregon

Mesothelioma attorneys will guide patients through the mesothelioma lawsuit process to help them get the compensation they deserve. For example, experienced attorneys know about any deadlines for filing lawsuits. Each state has its own deadlines for filing lawsuits outlined in laws called statutes of limitations.

Choosing a lawyer experienced with Oregon asbestos law can help ensure smooth legal proceedings.

Statutes of Limitations for Portland

Personal Injury

Claims must be filed within 3 years after an asbestos-related diagnosis.

Wrongful Death

Claims must be filed within 3 years after an asbestos-related death.

Compensation can help people with asbestos-related diseases and their families secure the funds to help pay for medical expenses, lost wages and travel costs.

Successful asbestos lawsuits in Portland include:

Client Profile

Age: 62

Occupations: Household, Technician

Jobsites Worked at: Kaiser Hospital (1998)

Settlement: ~$6,078,338

Client Profile

Age: 77

Occupations: Marines, Shipyard worker

Jobsites Worked at: FMC Shipyard (1976 – 1984)

Settlement: ~$4,214,170

Client Profile

Age: 70

Occupations: Railroad worker, Electrician

Jobsites Worked at: Southern California Permanente Medical Group (1998 – 2000)

Settlement: ~$3,782,534

Client Profile

Age: 45

Occupation: Army

Jobsites Worked at: ORTC Inc. (1998); Roy Ernstrom Golf Car Sales (1988)

Settlement: ~$3,392,250

04. Asbestos Use in Portland

Asbestos Use in Portland, Oregon

Asbestos use was common at shipyards and chemical plants in Portland during the 20th century. Workers at these sites who inhaled asbestos fibers risk developing diseases like mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis.

Shipyard workers performed a variety of tasks on ships that put them in direct contact with asbestos products. These workers often performed their jobs in poorly ventilated areas, increasing the risk of exposure. Shipyard occupations with a high risk of asbestos exposure include:

Several shipyards in Portland are known asbestos exposure sites, including Albina Engine & Machine Works, Commercial Iron Works and Zidell.

Chemical plants in Portland used asbestos in building materials, machinery and other products. Common sources of asbestos exposure included:

Portland chemical plants known to be asbestos exposure sites include Shell Chemicals, Stauffer Chemical Company and Klamath Chemical.

Improper Asbestos Safety at Home Demolitions in Portland, Oregon

In recent years, Portland home demolitions have come under scrutiny for not taking proper asbestos removal safety measures. The Oregonian estimates that between 2011 and 2014, about 356 homes that contained asbestos were demolished.

Oregon regulations require asbestos to be removed before demolishing a home. But weak enforcement led to homes being demolished without asbestos removal. Asbestos fibers from these homes may have become airborne. Portland residents near these demolitions risked inhaling these fibers. This can lead to the development of mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases.

Asbestos removal should be handled by licensed professionals. Stricter enforcement of abatement laws and regulations can help prevent asbestos exposure. Residents can also contact an abatement company if older building materials in their home become worn or broken.

Residents who may have inhaled asbestos from improper demolition can contact a lawyer if they develop mesothelioma. They may be entitled to compensation from companies responsible for their exposure.

Portland, Oregon Jobsites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

  • Aberdeen Victory (Ship)
  • Acme Trading & Supply Company
  • Adrian Victory (Ship)
  • Albina Engine & Machine Works
  • Alcoa Cavalier (Ship)
  • Alcoa Clipper (Ship)
  • Alcoa Corsair (Ship)
  • Alma Victory (Ship)
  • American Pipe & Construction
  • American Ship Dismantlers, Inc.
  • Amos Kendall (Ship)
  • Anthony Ravalli (Ship)
  • Anton M. Holter (Ship)
  • Appleton Victory (Ship)
  • Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation (ACandS, Inc.)
  • Armstrong Cork Company
  • Arthur Riggs (Ship)
  • Asbestos Supply
  • Associated Meat Packers of Portland
  • Austin Construction Company
  • B.F. Shaw (Ship)
  • B.P. John’s Furniture Company
  • Bandelier (Ship)
  • Bank of California
  • Baruh–Zell House
  • Battle Mountain (Ship)
  • Battle Rock (Ship)
  • Beacon Rock (Ship)
  • Belgium Victory (Ship)
  • Bell Telephone
  • Beloit Victory (Ship)
  • Belva Lockwood (Ship)
  • Ben Holladay (Ship)
  • Ben T. Osborne (Ship)
  • Benjamin Franklin Building
  • Benson Hotel
  • Benson Polytechnic High School
  • Bent’s Fort (Ship)
  • Berkheimers, Inc.
  • Big Bend (Ship)
  • Billings Victory (Ship)
  • Binger Hermann (Ship)
  • Binghamton Victory (Ship)
  • Black Hills (Ship)
  • Bladensburg (Ship)
  • Blue Cross Building
  • Boilermakers Union Local 72
  • Boise Cascade Corporation
  • Bradford Island (Ship)
  • Brookfield (Ship)
  • Bryce Canyon (Ship)
  • C H Murphy Clark Ullman
  • C.J. Jones (Ship)
  • California Container Corporation
  • Camp Namanu (Ship)
  • Cannon Beach (Ship)
  • Capitol Reef (Ship)
  • Carlsbad (Ship)
  • Casa Grande (Ship)
  • Cascade General, Inc. (Shipyard)
  • Cass Gilbert (Ship)
  • Castle Pinckney (Ship)
  • Cedar Breaks (Ship)
  • Celilo (Ship)
  • Central Heating Company
  • Century Fund Incorporated
  • Chaco Canyon (Ship)
  • Chalmette (Ship)
  • Chamber of Commerce Building
  • Champoeg (Ship)
  • Chase Bag Company
  • Chelsea Victory (Ship)
  • Chemawa (Ship)
  • Chevron Asphalt Refinery
  • Chevron Chemical Fertilizer Plant
  • Chief Joseph Elementary School
  • Chipman Chemical
  • Chisholm Trail (Ship)
  • Choctaw Trail (Ship)
  • Christian Community Center
  • Christopher Greenup (Ship)
  • City of Portland Garbage Crematory
  • Claremont Victory (Ship)
  • Clark Victory (Ship)
  • Cleveland Abbe (Ship)
  • Clinton Kelly (Ship)
  • Coffeyville Victory (Ship)
  • Columbia Asbestos Company
  • Columbia Exporters
  • Columbia I and S, Inc.
  • Columbia Steel Casting Company
  • Commercial Iron Works Shipyard
  • Concordia University
  • Consolidated Metals
  • Consolidated Metco Foundry
  • Continental Can Company
  • Coquille (Ship)
  • Corvallis (Ship)
  • Cosmopolitan Motor Hotel
  • Coulee Dam (Ship)
  • Council Crest (Ship)
  • Coxcomb Hill
  • Crater Lake (Ship)
  • Crown Columbia Pulp and Paper Company
  • Crown Zellerbach Corporation
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Davis Office Building
  • Delazon Smith (Ship)
  • Delta Electric
  • Delta Industries
  • Derks Building
  • Dewitt Clinton (Ship)
  • Dillingham Shipbuilding
  • Doernbecher Manufacturing Company
  • Dollar-A-Day Car Rental
  • Dominican Victory (Ship)
  • Don Bassett Company
  • Donner Lake (Ship)
  • Dwyer Lumber Company
  • Dyer Shipyard
  • E.H. Harriman (Ship)
  • E.J. Bartells Company
  • Edward Eggleston (Ship)
  • Edwin Booth (Ship)
  • Egg Harbor (Ship)
  • El Morro (Ship)
  • Electric Steel Foundry Company
  • Electronic Specialty Plating Shop
  • Elijah White (Ship)
  • Elk Basin (Ship)
  • Emanuel Hospital
  • Enertec
  • Escanaba Victory (Ship)
  • ESCO Corporation
  • Ezra Meeker (Ship)
  • Fallen Timbers (Ship)
  • Federal Courthouse
  • Felix Hathaway (Ship)
  • Fiberglas Engineering & Supply Company
  • Fibreboard Paper Box Plant
  • First Interstate Bank Building
  • Flintkote Company
  • Floating Marine Ways
  • FMC Shipyard
  • Forbes Road (Ship)
  • Fort Charlotte (Ship)
  • Fort Christina (Ship)
  • Fort Clatsop (Ship)
  • Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company
  • Fort Donelson (Ship)
  • Fort Erie (Ship)
  • Fort Frederica (Ship)
  • Fort George (Ship)
  • Fort Henry (Ship)
  • Fort Hoskins (Ship)
  • Fort Lane (Ship)
  • Fort Matanzas (Ship)
  • Fort McHenry (Ship)
  • Fort Meigs (Ship)
  • Fort Moultrie (Ship)
  • Fort Raleigh (Ship)
  • Fort Stanwix (Ship)
  • Fort Stevenson (Ship)
  • Fort Sumpter (Ship)
  • Fort Washington (Ship)
  • Fort William (Ship)
  • Fort Winnebago (Ship)
  • Fort Wood (Ship)
  • Franklin MacVeagh (Ship)
  • Fred Meyer Stadium Store
  • Frederick Billings (Ship)
  • G.W. Goethals (Ship)
  • Georgia-Pacific Corporation
  • Gervais (Ship)
  • Gideon Welles (Ship)
  • Gilbert Stuart (Ship)
  • Gilmore Steel Corporation
  • Glacier Park (Ship)
  • Glenn’s Ferry (Ship)
  • Gonzaga Victory (Ship)
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Gouverneur Morris (Ship)
  • Government Camp (Ship)
  • Grace R. Hebard (Ship)
  • Grand Mesa (Ship)
  • Grand Rapids Store Equipment Company
  • Grand Teton (Ship)
  • Grande Ronde (Ship)
  • Grant Building
  • Grants Pass (Ship)
  • Gray’s Harbor (Ship)
  • Green Bay Victory (Ship)
  • Griffith Rubber Mills
  • Gunderson Brothers Shipyard
  • H.C. Hosford
  • Hadley (Ship)
  • Hall J. Kelley (Ship)
  • Hallidie-Henshaw-Bulkley Company
  • Halls of Montezuma (Ship)
  • Harders Collective
  • Harry Lane (Ship)
  • Henderson Luelling (Ship)
  • Henry Failing (Ship)
  • Henry Weinhard Brewery
  • Herbert Malarkey Paper Company
  • Hercules Powder Company
  • Hibbing Victory (Ship)
  • Holiday Inn
  • Homestead (Ship)
  • Hood River (Ship)
  • Horace White (Ship)
  • Hovenweep (Ship)
  • Hydro-Blast, Inc.
  • IBM
  • Idaho Falls (Ship)
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Industrial Air Products Company
  • Inland Power & Light Company
  • Intermountain Gas Company
  • International Paper Company
  • J.M. Harder Plumbing & Heating
  • James Whitcomb Riley (Ship)
  • Jefferson High School
  • Joel Palmer (Ship)
  • John Adams School
  • John Ball (Ship)
  • John Deere (Ship)
  • John Straub (Ship)
  • Joshua Tree (Ship)
  • Kaiser Hospital
  • Kaiser Shipyard
  • Kaiser Steel
  • Kemp & Throndsen
  • Kenneth A.J. Mackenzie (Ship)
  • Kenton Meat Packing Plant
  • King Plaza Apartments
  • King’s Canyon (Ship)
  • Klamath Chemical
  • Klamath Falls (Ship)
  • Kleenair Products Company
  • La Grande Victory (Ship)
  • Lake Champlain (Ship)
  • Laurel Hill (Ship)
  • Leonard & Son Construction Company
  • Leslie’s
  • Lewis & Clark College
  • Libby, McNeill & Libby Cannery
  • Lincoln Building
  • Lincoln High School
  • Lincoln Station
  • Linde Air Products Company
  • Lloyd Center
  • Longview Victory (Ship)
  • Lord Brothers Contractors
  • Louis Agassiz (Ship)
  • Lowndes (Ship)
  • Lucretia Mott (Ship)
  • Lundy’s Lane (Ship)
  • Madison Tower
  • Marcus Whitman (Ship)
  • Mark Twain (Ship)
  • Marylhurst University
  • Masons Supply Company
  • Mayflower & Arms Bottling
  • Meacham (Ship)
  • Mechanicsville (Ship)
  • Meier and Frank Company
  • Mesa Verde (Ship)
  • Metalclad Insulation Corporation of Oregon
  • Midrex Plant
  • Midwest Farmer
  • Mobil Refinery
  • Modoc Point (Ship)
  • Montezuma Castle (Ship)
  • Morgan Plumbing & Lease
  • Mount Hood Community College
  • Mount Hood Railway and Power Company
  • Muir Woods (Ship)
  • Multnomah (Ship)
  • Multnomah County Farm Power Station
  • Multnomah Hotel
  • N. P. West Side Team Track
  • N.E. Ayer and Company
  • Nabisco
  • Nehalem (Ship)
  • New Echota (Ship)
  • New London (Ship)
  • New System Laundry
  • Nickajack Trail (Ship)
  • Northern Pacific Terminal
  • Northfield (Ship)
  • Northwest Bell Telephone Company
  • Northwest Marine Iron Works
  • Northwestern Electric Company
  • Ochoco (Ship)
  • Oglethorpe Victory (Ship)
  • Olds, Wortman and King Building
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes (Ship)
  • Omark Industries, Inc.
  • Opticraft Central Building
  • Oregon Health & Science University
  • Oregon Linen Rental, Inc.
  • Oregon National Bank
  • Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation
  • Oregon Steel Mills, Inc.
  • Oregon Trail (Ship)
  • Oregon Water Power & Railway Company
  • Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company
  • Oregonian Building
  • Oregonian Publishing Company
  • Otto Castrow Company
  • Owen Summers (Ship)
  • Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation
  • Owens-Illinois Glass Company
  • Owyhee (Ship)
  • Pacific Carbide & Alloys Co.
  • Pacific Coast Biscuit Company Building
  • Pacific Hardware & Steel Company Warehouse
  • Pacific Power and Light Company
  • Paramount Oil Refinery – Portland
  • Parkrose Water District
  • Payless Drug Store
  • Pendleton (Ship)
  • Pendleton Woolen Mills
  • Peninsula Lumber Company
  • Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company
  • Pennwalt Corporation
  • Pequot Hill (Ship)
  • Philip Schuyler (Ship)
  • Physicians & Surgeons Hospital
  • Pierre Gibault (Ship)
  • Pilot Butte (Ship)
  • Pioneer Valley (Ship)
  • Pipe Spring (Ship)
  • Platt Park (Ship)
  • Plattsburg (Ship)
  • Pleasant Armstrong
  • Poole, McGonigle & Jennings
  • Portland Artificial Ice Company
  • Portland Gas & Electric (PGE)
  • Portland Gas and Coke Company
  • Portland General Electric Company
  • Portland International Airport
  • Portland Library
  • Portland Machine Company
  • Portland Power & Light
  • Portland Shipyard
  • Portland State University
  • Portland Traction Company
  • Portland Tug & Barge
  • Portland VA Medical Center
  • Portland Woolen Mills
  • Precision Castparts Corporation
  • Prince L. Campbell (Ship)
  • Providence Hospital
  • Providence St. Vincent Medical Center
  • Public Works Building
  • Public Works Engineering Company
  • Publishers Paper
  • Pulpit Rock (Ship)
  • Pump, Pipe & Power Company
  • Quebec (Ship)
  • Queenston Heights (Ship)
  • Radar Punatics Company
  • Raderfab Construction
  • Rainier (Ship)
  • Raleigh Hills Safeway Store
  • Raleigh Scholls Apartments
  • Republic Steel Corporation
  • Rhone-Poulenc Chemical Plant
  • River Raisin (Ship)
  • Riverview Dairy Company
  • Roberts Residence Hall, Lewis and Clark College
  • Rocky Butte Jail
  • Ross B. Hammond Company
  • Sackett’s Harbor (Ship)
  • Saguaro (Ship)
  • Saint Helens Pulp Mill
  • Salem Maritime (Ship)
  • Sam Barlow School
  • Sam Jackson Park
  • Samuel Colt (Ship)
  • Samuel Parker (Ship)
  • Schenectady (Ship)
  • Scotts Bluff (Ship)
  • Shasta Insulation, Inc.
  • Shawnee Trail (Ship)
  • Shell Chemicals Plant
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Shepler Refrigeration
  • Shriners Children’s Portland
  • Sidney Edgerton (Ship)
  • Silver Creek (Ship)
  • Silver Peak (Ship)
  • Simeon G. Reed (Ship)
  • Simon Benson (Ship)
  • Simon Bolivar (Ship)
  • Simpson Logging Company
  • Smoky Hill (Ship)
  • Snake River (Ship)
  • South Park Hall
  • Spalding Building
  • Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway Company
  • St. Vincent Hospital
  • Standard Insurance Building
  • Standard Oil
  • Stanford Newel (Ship)
  • Stauffer Chemical Company
  • Steam Laundries
  • Steens Mountain (Ship)
  • Stephen A. Douglas (Ship)
  • Stephen G. Porter (Ship)
  • Stevens Building
  • Stone Webster Engineering Corporation
  • Stones River (Ship)
  • Stoney Creek (Ship)
  • Stony Point (Ship)
  • Sully’s Hill (Ship)
  • Sunset (Ship)
  • Swan Island (Ship)
  • Swan Island Shipyard
  • Table Rock (Ship)
  • Teamsters Building
  • Teeples & Thatcher
  • Terminal Transfer, Inc.
  • Texaco, Inc.
  • The Dalles (Ship)
  • Therm-O-Seal Insulation Company
  • Tillamook (Ship)
  • Tonto (Ship)
  • Trailblazer (Ship)
  • Treadwell Nursing Home
  • Tri-State Mill Supply
  • Troy Laundry Company
  • Tumacacori (Ship)
  • Tuolumne Meadows (Ship)
  • Twin City Light and Traction Company
  • Umatilla (Ship)
  • Union Carbide Corporation
  • Union Meat Company
  • Union Oil Company
  • Union Pacific Railroad Company
  • United Airlines
  • United Data Processing, Inc.
  • United Medical Laboratory
  • United Radio Supply, Inc.
  • United States Bakery
  • University of Oregon in Portland
  • USNS Range Sentinel (T-AGM 22)
  • Verendrye (Ship)
  • Veterans Memorial Coliseum
  • Victory Loan (Ship)
  • Villa-Mart Store / Valu-Mart
  • W.L.R. Emmett (Ship)
  • Wallowa (Ship)
  • Warrior Point (Ship)
  • Washington Irving (Ship)
  • Wells Fargo & Company
  • Western Engineers
  • Western Foundries
  • Western Kraft Company
  • White Oak (Ship)
  • White Sands (Ship)
  • Widmer Plumbing & Heating Office
  • Wilcox Building
  • Willamette Industries, Inc.
  • Willamette Iron & Steel Company Shipyard
  • Willamette Valley Company
  • William Cullen Bryant (Ship)
  • Wolf Creek (Ship)
  • Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works
  • Woodland Park Hospital
  • Woodlark Building
  • Yale Union Laundries
  • Yamhill (Ship)
  • York (Ship)
  • Zidell Companies
  • Zidell Shipyard
  • Zimmerman-Wells-Brown Company

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You