Mesothelioma in Omaha, Nebraska

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Asbestos use was common in the railroad industry. For example, Union Pacific Railroad (UPR) workers in Omaha, Nebraska, may have been exposed to asbestos through many job duties. Anyone is at risk of developing mesothelioma after asbestos exposure. Find legal and treatment resources below.

01. Mesothelioma Treatment in Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska Mesothelioma Treatment

Individuals diagnosed with mesothelioma in the Omaha area have local options for treatment. Patients may seek care from several treatment facilities within driving distance. Mesothelioma patients will find teams of medical professionals at these centers. These doctors are experienced in treating mesothelioma.

Omaha residents can make appointments with mesothelioma specialists at these cancer centers to discuss mesothelioma treatment options. Doctors at the centers can develop a custom treatment plan for each patient’s unique needs. Personalized treatment plans may include thoracic surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Treatment may be a combination of these and may include other therapies. Patients may also be eligible for participation in clinical trials at these centers.

Cancer Centers for Mesothelioma Serving Omaha, Nebraska

Mesothelioma patients in Omaha may seek treatment from Nebraska cancer centers offering mesothelioma care.

One of the larger cancer centers in the area is the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. This cancer center offers experts in both lung and peritoneal cancers, which gives the center the ability to treat different forms of mesothelioma in a specialized way. Patients can find surgery, chemotherapy, heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) and other types of specialized care at this center.

University of Nebraska Medical Center

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Omaha, NE 68105

CHI Health Henry Lynch Cancer Center

CHI Health Henry Lynch Cancer Center

Omaha, NE 68124

02. Mesothelioma Doctors in Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska Mesothelioma Doctors

Because mesothelioma is rare, it is important for Omaha patients to seek care from a mesothelioma specialist. These specialists will create a personalized plan for each patient and optimize treatment options that may help extend life expectancy. Many of the doctors who treat patients are also involved in mesothelioma research, which can help patients access clinical trials.

Photo of Jason M. Foster, M.D.

Jason M. Foster, M.D.

Surgical Oncologist
Omaha, NE

Photo of Brian W. Loggie, M.D.

Brian W. Loggie, M.D.

Chief of Division of Surgical Oncology & Director of the Cancer Center at Creighton...
Omaha, NE

Photo of Rudy P. Lackner, M.D.

Rudy P. Lackner, M.D.

Thoracic Surgeon
Omaha, NE

03. Mesothelioma Lawsuits in Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Omaha residents and workers who develop mesothelioma may be eligible for compensation. Asbestos victims have filed mesothelioma lawsuits and claims against those responsible for their exposure. Workers and residents in Omaha have filed successful asbestos lawsuits against responsible parties, resulting in financial compensation.

Anyone exposed to asbestos at Nebraska commercial, residential or military sites may have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. These people may be entitled to compensation. Mesothelioma attorneys can help individuals and families file the right type of asbestos claim depending on their specific circumstances.

Finding a Lawyer or Law Firm in Omaha, Nebraska

Nationwide mesothelioma law firms can help patients and their loved ones seek compensation. Lawyers at these firms have experience and knowledge of asbestos cases. They can help Omaha residents understand how Nebraska asbestos laws relate to their situation.

Asbestos laws generally vary from state-to-state. Victims may be able to file a lawsuit in Nebraska, or other states, depending on their unique case. For instance, if asbestos exposure occurred outside of Nebraska, it may be helpful to consult a national asbestos law firm. Their mesothelioma lawyers have experience representing clients nationwide. They can choose the proper filing venue and file the case within the appropriate legal deadline. This can help victims receive maximum compensation.

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Deadlines for Filing Mesothelioma Lawsuits in Omaha, Nebraska

Each state has lawsuit filing deadlines set by the statutes of limitations. These statutes dictate how many years after an asbestos-related death or diagnosis a lawsuit can be filed. An experienced attorney familiar with Nebraska state laws can work to file a lawsuit in the appropriate time frame. An asbestos attorney can explain an individual’s legal rights, eligibility and filing options.

Statutes of Limitations for Omaha

Personal Injury

Claims must be filed within 4 years after an asbestos-related diagnosis.

Wrongful Death

Claims must be filed within 2 years after an asbestos-related death.

An experienced mesothelioma lawyer can help patients, or their loved ones, understand the lawsuit filing process. This may involve filing a lawsuit, submitting an asbestos trust fund claim or both. The attorneys will determine the best state in which to file a claim and work to get the victims they represent the compensation they deserve.

Examples of clients served in Omaha include:

Client Profile

Age: 78

Occupations: Plant worker, Office worker

Jobsites Worked at: Cohen Wholesale (1967 – 1968); H&H Chevrolet (1977 – 1979); U.S. National Bank (1958 – 1967)

Settlement: ~$2,513,875

Client Profile

Age: 79

Occupations: Navy, Truck driver

Jobsites Worked at: Aetna Freight Lines, Inc. (1965 – 1970); Cherab, Inc. (1950 – 1958); Fidelity Storage & Van Lines, Inc. (1968 – 1969); Select Van & Storage, Inc. (1963 – 1965); Tway Van & Storage Co. (1958 – 1959)

Settlement: ~$2,509,397

Client Profile

Age: 79

Occupations: Laborer, Office worker

Jobsite Worked at: LaSalle Bank FSB (1967 – 1990)

Settlement: ~$2,041,209

Client Profile

Age: 61

Occupations: Navy, Mechanic

Jobsite Worked at: Blue Star Foods, Inc. (1981)

Settlement: ~$1,704,438

04. Asbestos Use in Omaha

Asbestos Use in Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska, is home to many sites where asbestos was found. Several industries in Omaha have put workers and residents at risk of asbestos exposure, including the railroad industry. The Union Pacific Railroad (UPR) headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, is the facility for overhauling and repairing all railroad equipment.

Many workers in the railroad industry may have been exposed to asbestos. They are at risk of developing an asbestos-related disease, including mesothelioma.

Asbestos Exposure at the Union Pacific Railroad Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska

Asbestos was a common additive in the structures and equipment at the UPR headquarters. For example, it was used in:

  • Brakes
  • Gaskets
  • Railcars
  • Train car flooring
  • Train carriages
  • Train tracks

Because the railroad structures endured friction and high temperatures, asbestos was popular for its heat resistance. Workers in the railroad industry who were frequently exposed to asbestos included:

The UPR is a freight-hauling railroad and the second largest railroad in the United States. The UPR operates about 7,475 locomotives with thousands of routes in 23 states across the western United States. The primary functions of the UPR headquarters facility in Omaha, Nebraska, were railroad fueling and repairing locomotive and car fleets. The UPR shops exposed numerous tradesmen to asbestos while they completed maintenance and repairs on trains and railroads.

UPR used steam engines until the 1950s, then converted to diesel engines. Asbestos was widely used as insulation on steam and diesel locomotives. Steam engines often contained asbestos insulation. Diesel engines often had asbestos pipe covering. Asbestos insulation was also used in the boilers of steam engines and in engine rooms to withstand extreme temperatures and prevent fires.

Multiple bankruptcy trusts recognize the UPR headquarters in Omaha as an asbestos exposure jobsite. Workers in the railroad industry at this and other jobsites may have been exposed to asbestos on the job. Individuals who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma may be eligible for compensation.

Omaha, Nebraska Jobsites Where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

  • Ace Drywall Company
  • Ag Processing, Inc.
  • Alger Corporation Warehouse
  • Allied Chemical Corporation
  • Allied Mills, Inc.
  • American Loan and Trust Company
  • American Smelting and Refining Company
  • Anderson Electric
  • Armour and Company
  • Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation (ACandS, Inc.)
  • Aultman Company
  • Beth Israel Synagogue
  • Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital
  • Blue Chip Auto Company
  • Boiler Burner Equipment Company
  • Briggs, Inc.
  • Burn-Zol, Inc.
  • C. G. Johnson Boiler Company
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • Castle Hotel
  • Ceco Steel Products Corporation
  • Chaney Furnace Company
  • Charles T. Vaughn, Inc.
  • City of Omaha Purchasing Department
  • City Sand Drier
  • Climate Control, Inc.
  • Consolidated Steel Corporation
  • Construction Specialties, Inc.
  • Corn Derivatives Company
  • Cornhusker Motor Club
  • Deere and Company
  • Douglas County Hospital
  • Drake Court Historic District
  • Drake-Williams Steel, Inc.
  • Ehrling-Bergquist Clinic, Offutt Air Force Base
  • ExxonMobil
  • F. L. O’Neill Company
  • Fairmont Creamery Company
  • Falstaff Brewing Corporation
  • Farm Credit Building
  • Ferer Aaron & Sons
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Foreman Brothers, Inc.
  • Frank J. Merwald & Sons, Inc.
  • Frazier Company, Inc.
  • General Electric
  • Hilton Omaha
  • J.J. Parks Trucking, Inc.
  • Jack Finely Mason Contractor
  • Jack Perry Plumbing
  • JBS Swift & Company
  • Jensen A O Company
  • Jones Street Power Station
  • Kellogg Company
  • Kiewit Plaza
  • Kitty Clover Foods
  • Kramer Power Plant
  • Land Paving Company
  • Lutheran Medical Center
  • M. E. Smith & Company Warehouse
  • Master Electronics Corporation
  • Methodist Hospital
  • Metropolitan Utilities District Water Treatment Plant
  • Midwest Asbestos Company
  • Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
  • Nebraska Power & Light Company
  • Nebraska Power Company
  • New Omaha, Thompson, Houston Electric Light Company
  • New Union Station
  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • North Omaha Power Station
  • Northern Gas Products Company
  • Northern Natural Gas Company
  • Offutt Air Force Base
  • Olson Brothers, Inc.
  • Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway
  • Omaha Electric Light and Power Company
  • Omaha Gas Company
  • Omaha Gas Works
  • Omaha Hardwood Lumber Company
  • Omaha Packing
  • Omaha Public Power District (O.P.P.D.)
  • Omaha Public Power District Power Station
  • Omaha Steam Electric Station
  • Packaging Corporation of America
  • Paul Davie & Sons Company
  • Peter Kiewit & Sons, Inc.
  • Puritan Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Quaker Oats Company
  • Rosborough Fire Brick & Supply Company
  • Rybin Plumbing & Heating Company
  • Schaefer Oil Company
  • Sealtest Foods, Division of National Dairy Products
  • Sears, Roebuck & Company
  • Sinclair Refining Company
  • Skinner Packing Company
  • Sperry Electric Light Company
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • Storz Brewing Company
  • U.S. Post Office & Garage
  • U.S. Supply Company
  • Union Pacific Coal Company
  • Union Pacific Railroad Company
  • United Benefit Life Insurance Company
  • United Gas Services
  • Upjohn Company
  • Vaughn Insulation Company
  • Western Electric Company
  • Willow Springs Distilling Company
  • Wilson & Company

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You

Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You