01. History

History of Case Western Reserve University

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center at Case Western Reserve University specializes in cancer research. They work together with Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals Case Medical Center to deliver the latest research and cancer treatment for mesothelioma.

The center is composed of seven interdisciplinary scientific initiatives for cancer research, which include cancer prevention and cancer genetics. Their studies are designed to help discover emerging treatments and methods to help prevent cancer, as well as ways to improve patients’ quality of life. For their cancer prevention initiatives, they focus on cancer screening processes and behavioral interventions to reduce the risk of cancer, which may include smoking or occupational exposure to toxins like asbestos.

They are active in outreach programs for cancer prevention initiatives, which include educational programs and training seminars to raise awareness of cancer risks and emerging treatment methods. The center also facilitates clinical trials that examine cancer prevention, screening, treatment and supportive care. The trials assess lifestyle choices that may cause cancer, discovering ways to screen for early diagnosis and utilizing pain management strategies for patients with advanced cancers.

02. Specializations

Case Western Reserve University Specializations

  • Aging-cancer research
  • Cancer cell signalings
  • Cancer genetics
  • Cancer prevention
  • Developmental therapeutics
03. Accreditations

Case Western Reserve University Accreditations

  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Center