Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that are preying on the public’s goodwill towards veterans and other military service members. Though charity schemes aren’t limited to just veterans’ groups, many organizations claim to support veterans’, offer resources and services really do not.

Whether you’re looking to make sure that your donation is working the hardest for you or if you’re looking for a charity to help you out as a veteran, knowing which charities are reputable and responsible is key.

According to the American Institute of Philanthropy and Charity Navigator these are some of the highest rated veterans’ charities, organizations and non-profits around today.

Always do your research before donating to or working with a charity.

Armed Services YMCA of the USA

The Armed Services YMCA of the USA (ASYMCA) offers support services to active duty men, women and their families. Since the time of the Civil War, the ASYMCA has served the military, and today, works closely with the Department of Defense through food and childcare services, and educational training programs.

Fisher House Foundation

A unique Veterans’ and military organization, the Fisher House Foundation provides housing and lodging to military families who have a veteran under care at a VA medical facility. By providing the comforts of home, typically onsite of a VA medical facility, the Fisher House Foundation ensures that military families don’t have worry about the additional cost of being close to their veteran.

Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust

One of the most respected and reputable veterans and military charities is the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust. Founded to specifically help wounded and disabled veterans, the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust provides specialized services for veterans but also offers supportive resources for military families.

Operation Homefront

The Operation Homefront provides a wide variety of support services for military service members, their families and those who have been wounded in combat. From emergency services including financial aid, food and home repairs to long-term assistance, the Operation Homefront has helped over 160,000 military families.