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Cruisers play an integral role in wartime operations, but their construction with asbestos materials posed threats to those on board. At least 140 cruisers are known to have contained asbestos and were in active combat during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War. Some of the types of cruisers that served our nation during wartime include battlecruisers, armored cruisers, command cruisers and guided missile cruisers.

These ships can perform different tasks in battle, making them highly utilized and versatile during wartime. However, the asbestos used in pipes and insulating materials made for dangerous conditions for those on board. With as many as 350 passengers on an average cruiser ship at a time, there were potentially thousands of crew members exposed to asbestos. Today, these veterans and shipyard workers are still at risk of developing mesothelioma cancer.

Name Hull Class Commissioned Fate
USS Alaska CB-1 Alaska 6/17/1944 Scrapped
USS Albany CA-123 6/15/1946 Scrapped, 1990
USS Amsterdam CL-101 1/8/1945 Scrapped
USS Amsterdam CL-59 Independence 1/14/1943 Sunk, 1951
USS Arkansas CGN-41 Virginia 10/18/1980 Ship Recycling, 1999
USS Astoria CA-34 4/28/1934 Sunk, 1942
USS Astoria CL-90 5/17/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Atlanta CL-104 12/3/1944 Sunk as Target, 1970
USS Atlanta CLAA-51 12/24/1941 Sunk, 1942
USS Augusta CL/CA-31 Northampton 1/30/1931 Scrapped, 1960
USS Bainbridge CGN-25 Leahy 10/6/1962 Recycled,, 1999
USS Baltimore CA-68 4/15/1943 Scrapped, 1972
USS Belknap CG-26 Belknap 11/7/1964 Sunk as Target, 1998
USS Biddle CG-34 Belknap 1/21/1967 Scrapped
USS Biloxi CL-80 Cleveland 8/31/1943 Scrapped, 1962
USS Birmingham CL-62 Cleveland 1/29/1943 Scrapped, 1959
USS Boise CL-47 8/12/1938 Scrapped, 1978
USS Boston CAG-1 6/30/1943 Scrapped, 1975
USS Bremerton CA-130 Baltimore 4/29/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Brooklyn CL-40 9/30/1937 Sold to Chile, 1951
USS Buffalo CL-99 Independence 11/17/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1961
USS Bunker Hill CG-52 Ticonderoga 9/20/1986
USS California CGN-36 California 2/16/1974 Recycling, 2000
USS Canberra CA-70 Baltimore 10/14/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1980
USS Chester CA-27 Northampton 6/24/1930 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Chicago CA-136 Baltimore 1/10/1945 Scrapped, 1992
USS Chicago CL/CA-29 Northampton 3/9/1931 Sunk, 1943
USS Cincinnati CL-6 Omaha 1/1/1924 Scrapped, 1946
USS Cleveland CL-55 6/15/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS Columbia CL-56 Cleveland 7/29/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Columbus CA-74 6/8/1945 Scrapped, 1977
USS Concord CL-10 Omaha 11/3/1923 Sold for Scrap, 1947
USS Dale CG-19 Leahy 11/23/1963 Sunk as Target, 2000
USS Dayton CL-105 1/7/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1962
USS Dayton CL-78 6/17/1943 Sold for Scrap
USS Denver CL-58 Cleveland 10/15/1942 Scrapped, 1960
USS Des Moines CA-134 Des Moines 11/16/1948 Scrapped
USS Detroit CL-8 Omaha 7/31/1923 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS Duluth CL-87 9/18/1944 Scrapped
USS England CG-22 Leahy 12/7/1963 Scrapped, 2004
USS Fall River CA-131 Baltimore 7/1/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Fargo CL-106 Fargo 12/9/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1971
USS Fargo CL-85 Independence 8/31/1943 Sold for Scrap
USS Flint CL-97 Atlanta 8/31/1944 Scrapped, 1966
USS Fox CG-33 5/8/1966 To Be Scrapped
USS Fresno CL-121 11/27/1946 Scrapped, 1966
USS Galveston CL-93 Galveston 5/28/1958 Sold for Scrap, 1975
USS Gridley CG-21 Leahy 5/25/1963 Scrapped, 2005
USS Guam CB-2 9/17/1944 Scrapped
USS Halsey CG-23 Leahy 7/20/1963 Scrapped, 2003
USS Harry E. Yarnell CG-17 Leahy 2/2/1963 Scrapped, 2002
USS Helena CA-75 9/4/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Helena CL-50 St. Louis 9/18/1939 Sunk, 1943
USS Honolulu CL-48 Brooklyn 6/15/1938 Scrapped, 1949
USS Horne CG-30 4/15/1967 Sunk as Target, 2008
USS Houston CA-30 6/17/1930 Sunk, 1942
USS Houston CL-81 Cleveland 12/20/1943 Scrapped
USS Huntington CL-107 2/23/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1962
USS Indianapolis CA-35 Portland 11/15/1932 Sunk, 1945
USS Josephus Daniels CG-27 5/8/1965 Scrapped
USS Jouett CG-29 12/3/1966 Sunk, 2007
USS Juneau CL-119 Atlanta 2/15/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1962
USS Juneau CL-52 Atlanta 2/14/1942 Sunk, 1942
USS Leahy CG-16 Leahy 8/4/1962 Scrapped, 2005
USS Little Rock CG-4 Cleveland 6/17/1945 Museum Ship
USS Long Beach CGN-9 9/9/1961 Sub Recycling
USS Los Angeles CA-135 Baltimore 7/22/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1975
USS Louisville CL/CA-28 1/15/1931 Scrapped, 1959
USS Macon CA-132 Baltimore 8/26/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Manchester CL-83 Cleveland 10/29/1946 Scrapped, 1960
USS Marblehead CL-12 Omaha 9/8/1924 Scrapped, 1946
USS Memphis CL-13 Omaha 2/4/1925 Scrapped, 1947
USS Miami CL-89 Cleveland 12/28/1943 Scrapped, 1962
USS Milwaukee CL-5 Omaha 6/20/1923 Sold for Scrap, 1949
USS Minneapolis CA-36 5/19/1934 Scrapped, 1959
USS Mississippi CGN-40 Virginia 8/5/1978 To Be Recycled
USS Missoula CA-13 Tennessee 7/21/1908 Scrapped, 1935
USS Mobile CL-63 Cleveland 3/24/1943 Scrapped, 1960
USS Montana ACR-13 Tennessee 7/21/1908 Scrapped, 1935
USS Montpelier CL-57 Cleveland 9/9/1942 Scrapped, 1960
USS Nashville CL-43 Brooklyn 6/6/1938 Sold to Chile, 1951
USS New Haven CL-76 3/31/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS New Orleans CL/CA-32 New Orleans 2/15/1934 Scrapped, 1959
USS Newark CL-100 Independence 11/15/1943 Scrapped
USS Newport News CA-148 Des Moines 1/29/1949 Scrapped, 1993
USS Northampton CA-125 3/7/1953 Scrapped
USS Northampton CA-26 5/17/1930 Sunk, 1942
USS Oakland CL-95 Atlanta 7/17/1943 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Oklahoma City CL-91 Galveston 12/22/1944 Sunk as Target, 1999
USS Omaha CL-4 Omaha 2/24/1923 Scrapped, 1946
USS Oregon City CA-122 Oregon City 2/16/1946 Scrapped, 1973
USS Pasadena CL-65 Cleveland 6/8/1944 Scrapped, 1970
USS Pensacola CL/CA-24 Pensacola 2/6/1930 Sunk as Target, 1948
USS Philadelphia CL-41 Brooklyn 9/23/1937 Sold to Brazil, 1951
USS Phoenix CL-46 10/3/1938 Sunk, 1982
USS Pittsburgh CA-72 Baltimore 10/10/1944 Sold for Scrap, 1974
USS Portland CL/CA-33 2/23/1933 Sold for Scrap, 1959
USS Portsmouth CL-102 Cleveland 6/25/1945 Scrapped, 1974
USS Providence CL-82 Cleveland 5/15/1945 Sold for Scrap, 1980
USS Quincy CA-39 6/9/1936 Sunk, 1942
USS Quincy CA-71 Baltimore 12/15/1943 Scrapped, 1974
USS Raleigh CL-7 2/6/1924 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS Reeves CG-24 Leahy 5/15/1964 Sunk as Target, 2001
USS Reno CL-96 Atlanta 12/28/1943 Scrapped, 1962
USS Richmond CL-9 Omaha 7/2/1923 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS Richmond K. Turner CG-20 Leahy 6/13/1964 Sunk as Target, 1998
USS Roanoke CL-145 Worcester 4/4/1949 Sold to Levin Metals, 1972
USS Rochester CA-124 Oregon City 12/20/1946 Scrapped, 1974
USS Salem CA-139 Des Moines 5/14/1949
USS Salt Lake City CL/CA-25 Pensacola 12/11/1929 Sunk as Target, 1948
USS San Diego CL-53 Atlanta 1/10/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1960
USS San Francisco CA-38 2/10/1934 Scrapped, 1959
USS San Juan CL-54 Atlanta 2/28/1942 Sold for Scrap, 1961
USS Santa Fe CL-60 Cleveland 11/24/1942 Scrapped, 1959
USS Savannah CL-42 Brooklyn 3/10/1938 Scrapped, 1966
USS Seattle CA-11 Tennessee 8/7/1906 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS South Carolina CGN-37 California 1/25/1975 To Be Recycled
USS Spokane CL-120 Atlanta 5/17/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1973
USS Springfield CL-66 Cleveland 9/9/1944 Scrapped
USS Springfield CLG/CG-7 Cleveland 9/9/1944 Scrapped
USS St. Louis CL-49 St. Louis 5/19/1939 Sold to Brazil, 1951
USS St. Paul CA-73 Baltimore 2/17/1945 Scrapped, 1980
USS Sterett CG-31 4/8/1967 To Be Dismantled
USS Tallahassee CL-61 Independence 2/25/1943 Sunk, 1944
USS Texas CGN-39 Virginia 9/10/1977 Recycling, 2001
USS Ticonderoga CG-47 Ticonderoga 1/22/1983
USS Toledo CA-133 Baltimore 10/27/1946 Sold for Scrap, 1974
USS Topeka CL-67 12/23/1944 Scrapped, 1975
USS Trenton CL-11 Omaha 4/19/1924 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS Truxtun CGN-35 Belknap 5/27/1967 Ship Recycling, 1999
USS Tucson CL-98 Atlanta 2/3/1945 Scrapped, 1971
USS Tuscaloosa CA-37 New Orleans 8/17/1934 Scrapped, 1959
USS Valley Forge CG-50 1/18/1986 Sunk as Target, 2006
USS Vicksburg CL-86 Cleveland 6/12/1944 Scrapped, 1964
USS Vincennes CA-44 New Orleans 2/24/1937 Sunk, 1942
USS Vincennes CG-49 Ticonderoga 7/6/1985 Sold for Scrap, 2010
USS Vincennes CL-64 Cleveland 1/21/1944 Sunk as Target
USS Virginia CGN-38 Virginia 9/11/1976 Ship Recycling, 2002
USS Washington ACR-11 Tennessee 8/7/1906 Sold for Scrap, 1946
USS Wichita CA-45 2/16/1939 Scrapped, 1959
USS Wilkes-Barre CL-103 Cleveland 7/1/1944 Sunk, 1972
USS William H. Standley CG-32 7/9/1966 Scrapped
USS Wilmington CL-79 Independence 7/24/1943 Scrapped, 2002
USS Worcester CL-144 Worcester 6/26/1948 Sold for Scrap, 1972
USS Worden CG-18 Leahy 8/3/1963 Sunk as Target, 2000
USS Yorktown CG-48 Ticonderoga 7/4/1984 Scheduled for Scrapping
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