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Albany, New York

The City of Albany is the state capital city of New York. Albany is located on the west bank of the Hudson River, approximately equidistant from New York City and Boston. First chartered in 1686, Albany is the oldest continuously chartered U.S. city. With an estimated population of 93,539, Albany is a diverse modern city, and a vital transportation hub linking New York, Buffalo, Boston, and Montreal. Albany is also a center of higher education, with nearly two dozen public and private colleges and universities, including Albany Medical College and the State University of New York.

Today's Albany originated as a pair of Dutch fur trading posts, Fort Nassau and Fort Orange, in the early 17th century. The community that formed around Fort Orange was renamed Albany by the English in 1664. Albany's central location on the navigable Hudson River made it an early transportation nexus. Beginning in 1807 with a New York-Albany steamboat line, Albany exported products throughout the East and Great Lakes region, first by waterways, including the Erie Canal, and later by rail, highways, and air. Among the goods produced, lumber was especially prominent; by 1865, Albany had almost 4,000 active sawmills. Books, beer and iron wares were also key industries. The last of Albany’s breweries was the Beverwyck Brewery, which operated until 1972. In the 19th century, the New York Central Railroad and Delaware and Hudson Railroad both had headquarters in Albany. The city was also home to the first municipal airport, which opened in 1908. Albany was also known for its financial services. Banks such as KeyBank and Norstar Bank had their origins in Albany, and American Express was founded in 1850 as an express shipping service. Although manufacturing declined in the second half of the 20th century, Albany has kept a fairly stable economic base in government services, higher education and finance.

Albany has a long history of industry and transportation, placing it in a high risk category for asbestos exposure. We have identified numerous jobsites where asbestos exposure has occurred. If you were exposed to asbestos in Albany and have been diagnosed with asbestos cancer, you should also consider contacting an asbestos law firm.

Asbestos Exposure at Jobsites in Albany

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance has compiled information obtained from a number of sources to identify the following jobsites in Albany where asbestos exposure was known to have occurred. These sites are listed below.

  • A. E. Smith State Office Building
  • A. Mendleson's Sons
  • Acands, Inc.
  • Albany Airport
  • Albany Analine and Chemical Works
  • Albany and Hudson Railroad Company
  • Albany Chemical Company
  • Albany Elect and Illmg Company
  • Albany High School
  • Albany Hospital
  • Albany Mall
  • Albany Medical Center & Hospital
  • Albany Medical College
  • Albany Railway Company
  • Albany Water Works
  • Beverwyck Breweries Incorporated
  • Building Maintenance Foreman
  • Cargill, Inc
  • Chas. Van Benthuysen and Sons
  • City Hall
  • Collum Acoustical Corporation
  • Comstock Prison Job Sar
  • Consolidated Car Heating Company
  • Continuous Rail Joint Company
  • Creamery Package Manufacturing
  • Delaware and Hudson Company
  • Department of Public Works
  • Dobler Brewing Company
  • Embossing Company
  • Empire State Plaza
  • F&M Schaefer Brewing Company
  • F. C. Huyck & Son
  • Filtration Plant Pumpg Sta
  • Fuld and Hatch Knitting Company
  • General Electric
  • Ginna Nuclear Plant
  • Glenmount Powerhouse
  • H Y S Tunnel Project
  • H.B. Kimmey Company, Inc.
  • Hall Hartwell and Company
  • Hudson River Aniline Color Works
  • Ibm
  • Joyce R.R. Siding
  • Justice Building
  • Legislative Building
  • Linde Air Products Company
  • Liquid Carbonic Corporation
  • Madison Ave Team Track
  • Mcgregor
  • Metropolitan Refractories Corp
  • Missile Complexes
  • Mobil Oil Company
  • Mohawk Brush Company
  • Municipal Gas Company
  • N Y S Tunnel Project
  • National Molasses Company
  • National Savings Bank Building
  • New York Central Rr
  • New York Power & Light
  • New York State Campus Site
  • New York State Capitol and Education Building
  • New York State Dorm & Dining Hall
  • North American Contracting
  • Northern Lightweight Aggregate
  • Port of Albany
  • Press Company
  • Psychiatric Center
  • Rathbone, Sard and Company
  • Refrigeration Plant, South Mall
  • Riverside Station
  • Robert A. Keasbey Company
  • Rpi Tunnel
  • S L Munson
  • S.U.N.Y.
  • Saint Peters Hospital
  • Samuel Franklin Photography
  • Saugerti High School
  • Schaffer Brewery
  • Senate Chambers Building
  • Sheraton Avenue Steam Plant
  • Simmons Machine Tool
  • Socony Vacuum Oil Company
  • South Mall Towers
  • South Mall Tunnel
  • St. Joseph Provincial House
  • St. Peters Hospital
  • St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church
  • State Teachers College
  • State University of New York
  • Steefel Brothers
  • T & R Restaurant
  • Ten Eyck Hotel
  • Tobin Packing
  • Tri‐City Insulation Company
  • Va Hospital
  • Vermont University
  • Veterans Hospital
  • Y S Tunnel Project

Mesothelioma Cancer Centers near Albany, New York

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of mesothelioma cancer centers that are located within a 100 mile radius of Albany, New York. Please click on a cancer center link to obtain more information about the clinical programs offered, professional designations, areas of expertise and how to contact the center.

Thoracic Oncology Program
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102

Distance: 83.4 miles

Mesothelioma Doctors near Albany, New York

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of mesothelioma doctors that are located within a 100 mile radius of Albany, New York. Please click on a doctor link to obtain more information about his/her background, areas of expertise, professional affiliations, and office locations.

Dr. Michael R. Grey
The Hospital of Central Connecticut
100 Grand Street
New Britain, CT 06050

Distance: 85.5 miles

Filing an Asbestos Lawsuit in Albany, New York

Don’t lose your rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and were exposed to asbestos in New York, you may be entitled to compensation. You may have limited time to file a claim. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and have a pathology report in hand to support that diagnosis, you are eligible for financial assistance.

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