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At least 114 frigates were used during World War II to escort and protect destroyers and participate in other fleet protection and patrol missions. Asbestos products were used extensively in the construction of these warships due to the need for protection against extreme heat and fire. Engine rooms, boiler rooms and navigation rooms all required protection from these elements, and at the time, asbestos was the additive of choice. Depending on the size of the frigate, crews could range from a little over 100 to upwards of 500 people at a time, putting thousands at risk of asbestos exposure.

Currently, there are no active frigates in the U.S. Navy, but those who served on these ships when they were active are still at risk of developing asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma cancer. On average, it can take 10 to 50 years for these diseases to develop after initial exposure.

USS AinsworthFF-1090Knox3/31/1973Transferred to Turkey
USS Albert DavidFF-1050Garcia10/19/1968Sold to Brazil, 2001
USS AntrimFFG-20Oliver Hazard Perry9/26/1981Disposed through SAP
USS Aubrey FitchFFG-34Oliver Hazard Perry10/9/1982Scrapped
USS AylwinFF-1081Knox9/18/1971Transferred to Taiwan, 1998
USS BadgerFF-1071Knox12/1/1970Sunk as Target, 1998
USS BagleyFF-1069Knox5/6/1972Recycled, 2000
USS BarbeyFF-1088Knox11/11/1972Sold to Taiwan 1999
USS BlakelyFF-1072Knox7/18/1970Scrapped, 2000
USS BooneFFG-28Oliver Hazard Perry5/15/1982
USS BowenFF-1079Knox5/22/1971Transferred to Turkey, 2002
USS BradleyFF-1041Garcia5/15/1965Transferred to Brazil
USS BrewtonFF-10867/8/1972Transferred to Taiwan, 1999
USS BronsteinFF-1037Bronstein6/16/1963Sold to Mexico, 1993
USS BrookeFFG-1Brooke3/12/1966Disposed, 1994
USS BrumbyFF-1044Garcia8/5/1965Disposed, 1994
USS CapodannoFF-109311/17/1973Sold to Turkey
USS CarrFFG-52Oliver Hazard Perry7/27/1985
USS ClarkFFG-11Oliver Hazard Perry5/9/1980Disposed through SAP
USS Clifton SpragueFFG-163/21/1981Disposed through SAP
USS ConnoleFF-1056Knox8/30/1969Transferred to Greece, 1992
USS CookFF-1083Knox12/18/1971Transferred to Taiwan, 1999
USS CopelandFFG-25Oliver Hazard Perry8/7/1982Transferred to Egypt, 1996
USS CrommelinFFG-37Oliver Hazard Perry6/18/1983
USS CurtsFFG-38Oliver Hazard Perry10/8/1983Naval Reserve Force, Active
USS DavidsonFF-1045Garcia12/1/1965Transferred to Brazil
USS De WertFFG-45Oliver Hazard Perry11/19/1983
USS Donald B. BearyFF-10857/22/1972Transferred to Turkey, 2002
USS DownesFF-1070Knox8/28/1971Disposed, 2003
USS DoyleFFG-39Oliver Hazard Perry5/21/1983
USS DuncanFFG-10Oliver Hazard Perry5/15/1980Disposed through SAP
USS Edward McDonnellFF-1043Garcia2/15/1965Scrapped, 2002
USS Elmer MontgomeryFF-1082Knox10/30/1971Transferred to Turkey, 1993
USS ElrodFFG-55Oliver Hazard Perry9/21/1985
USS EstocinFFG-151/10/1981Disposed through SAP
USS FahrionFFG-22Oliver Hazard Perry1/16/1982Transferred to Egypt, 1998
USS FanningFF-1076Knox7/23/1971Transferred to Turkey, 1993
USS FlatleyFFG-21Oliver Hazard Perry6/20/1981Disposed through SAP
USS FordFFG-54Oliver Hazard Perry6/29/1985
USS Francis HammondFF-1067Knox7/25/1970Scrapped, 2003
USS GalleryFFG-26Oliver Hazard Perry12/5/1981Transferred to Egypt, 1996
USS GarciaFF-1040Garcia12/21/1964Scrapped, 1994
USS GaryFFG-51Oliver Hazard Perry11/17/1984
USS George PhilipFFG-12Oliver Hazard Perry10/10/1980Stricken, to Be Disposed
USS GloverFF-1098Garcia11/13/1965Scrapped, 1994
USS GrayFF-1054Knox4/4/1970Scrapped, 2001
USS HalyburtonFFG-40Oliver Hazard Perry1/7/1984
USS Harold E. HoltFF-1074Knox3/26/1971Disposed, 2002
USS HawesFFG-53Oliver Hazard Perry2/9/1985
USS HepburnFF-1055Knox7/3/1969Sunk as Target, 2004
USS IngrahamFFG-61Oliver Hazard Perry8/5/1989
USS Jack WilliamsFFG-24Oliver Hazard Perry9/19/1981Transferred to Bahrain, 1996
USS JarrettFFG-33Oliver Hazard Perry7/2/1983
USS Jesse L. BrownFF-1089Knox2/17/1973Transferred to Egypt, 1994
USS John A. MooreFFG-1911/14/1981Disposed through SAP
USS John L. HallFFG-32Oliver Hazard Perry6/26/1982
USS Joseph HewesFF-1078Knox4/24/1971Transferred to Taiwan
USS Julius A. FurerFFG-6Brooke11/11/1967Disposed, 1994
USS KauffmanFFG-59Oliver Hazard Perry2/28/1987
USS KirkFF-1087Knox9/9/1972Transferred to Taiwan
USS KlakringFFG-42Oliver Hazard Perry8/20/1983
USS KnoxFF-1052Knox4/12/1969Sunk as Target, 2007
USS KoelschFF-1049Garcia10/19/1968Scrapped in Hong Kong
USS LangFF-1060Knox3/28/1970Scrapped, 2001
USS Lewis B. PullerFFG-23Oliver Hazard Perry4/17/1982Transferred to Egypt, 1998
USS LockwoodFF-1064Knox12/5/1970Recycled, 2000
USS Mahlon S. TisdaleFFG-27Oliver Hazard Perry11/27/1982Disposed through SAP
USS Marvin ShieldsFF-1066Knox4/10/1971Sold to Mexico
USS McCandlessFF-10843/18/1972Transferred to Turkey, 2002
USS McCloyFF-1038Bronstein10/21/1963Sold to Mexico, 1993
USS McCluskyFFG-41Oliver Hazard Perry12/10/1983
USS McInerneyFFG-8Oliver Hazard Perry12/15/1979Sold to Pakistan
USS MeyerkordFF-1058Knox11/28/1969Scrapped, 2001
USS MillerFF-1091Knox6/30/1973Sold to Turkey, 1999
USS MoinesterFF-1097Knox11/2/1974Transferred to Egypt, 1994
USS NicholasFFG-47Oliver Hazard Perry3/10/1984
USS O’CallahanFF-1051Garcia7/13/1968Scrapped in Hong Kong
USS Oliver Hazard PerryFFG-712/17/1977Scrapped
USS OuelletFF-1077Knox12/12/1970Transferred to Thailand
USS PattersonFF-1061Knox3/14/1970Scrapped, 1999
USS PaulFF-1080Knox8/14/1971Transferred to Turkey, 2000
USS PharrisFF-10941/26/1974Sold to Mexico
USS RamseyFFG-2Brooke6/3/1967Sunk as Target, 2000
USS RathburneFF-1057Knox5/16/1970Sunk as Target, 2002
USS ReasonerFF-10637/31/1971Sold to Turkey
USS ReidFFG-30Oliver Hazard Perry2/19/1983Transferred to Turkey, 1999
USS RentzFFG-46Oliver Hazard Perry6/30/1984
USS Reuben JamesFFG-57Oliver Hazard Perry3/22/1986
USS Richard L. PageFFG-5Brooke8/5/1967Disposed, 1994
USS RoarkFF-1053Knox11/22/1969Scrapped, 2004
USS Robert E. PearyFF-1073Knox9/23/1972Transferred to Taiwan
USS Robert G. BradleyFFG-49Oliver Hazard Perry6/30/1984
USS Rodney M. DavisFFG-60Oliver Hazard Perry5/9/1987
USS SampleFF-1048Garcia3/23/1968Leased to Brazil, 1989.
USS Samuel B. RobertsFFG-58Oliver Hazard Perry4/12/1986
USS Samuel Eliot MorisonFFG-1310/11/1980Sold to Turkey, 2002
USS SchofieldFFG-3Brooke5/11/1968Sunk as Target, 1999
USS SidesFFG-14Oliver Hazard Perry5/30/1981Stricken, to Be Disposed
USS SimpsonFFG-56Oliver Hazard Perry9/21/1985
USS StarkFFG-31Oliver Hazard Perry10/23/1982Scrapped, 2006
USS SteinFF-1065Knox1/8/1972Sold to Mexico
USS Stephen W. GrovesFFG-29Oliver Hazard Perry4/17/1982
USS TalbotFFG-4Brooke4/22/1967Scrapped, 1994
USS TaylorFFG-50Oliver Hazard Perry12/1/1984
USS ThachFFG-43Oliver Hazard Perry3/17/1983
USS Thomas C. HartFF-1092Knox7/28/1973Transferred to Turkey
USS TrippeFF-1075Knox9/19/1970Transferred to Greece, 1992
USS TruettFF-1095Knox6/1/1974Sold to Thai Navy, 1999
USS UnderwoodFFG-36Oliver Hazard Perry1/29/1983
USS ValdezFF-1096Knox7/27/1974Transferred to Taiwan
USS VandegriftFFG-48Oliver Hazard Perry11/24/1984
USS VogeFF-1047Garcia11/25/1966Scrapped, 2001
USS VreelandFF-1068Knox6/13/1970Transferred to Greece, 1992
USS W. S. SimsFF-1059Knox1/3/1970Transferred to Turkey, 1999
USS WadsworthFFG-9Oliver Hazard Perry4/2/1980Transferred to Poland
USS WhippleFF-1062Knox8/22/1970Sold to Mexico, 2002
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