Mesothelioma Resource Guide

Financial Assistance For Veterans With Mesothelioma

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Get Important Information About:

How Veterans Were Exposed to Asbestos

  • Navy Asbestos Exposure: shipyards and naval ships
  • Army Asbestos Exposure: sleeping barracks, mess halls, ammunition storage facilities
  • Air Force Asbestos Exposure: military base structures, aircraft braking systems
  • Marines Asbestos Exposure: naval warships

Obtaining Financial Assistance

  • Help filing VA benefit claims to secure benefits
  • Social Security Disability Income
  • State level financial assistance
  • Help from other groups and organizations
  • Financial security for you and your loved ones

Mesothelioma Treatment for Veterans

  • Signs, Symptoms and Getting Diagnosed
  • Locating a VA Treatment Center
  • Finding the Right Doctor for Your Diagnosis
  • Get Help Contacting a Mesothelioma Expert

Support Resources for Veterans and Families

  • Transportation to/from doctor appointments
  • Group support for patients and families
  • Nutritional guidance and advice
  • Complementary therapies to manage pain and treatment side effects