tips to not let a cancer diagnosis define you

Being diagnosed with cancer can be one of the scariest things that a person has to deal with. Regardless of your age, gender, or religion, cancer doesn't discriminate. All of the unknowns, millions of questions, and constant uncertainty can consume the mind and really affect a persons well being. It is important to not let a cancer diagnosis define you and cause you to lose interest in the things you once loved and lose sight of your hopes and dreams. Here are some tips to keep in mind and help guide you:

Hold onto Your Interests

Don't allow your cancer diagnosis to take over who you are and what you enjoyed doing before finding out you have cancer. As long as you are able to, make time for your hobbies. If you enjoy doing crafts and creating DIY projects, be sure to make that a priority on your schedule. If reading novels is something that makes you happy and you are well enough to do so, be sure to include it in your daily routine.

Keep Your Friends and Family Close

When going through this difficult time it is not uncommon for your mind to be bogged down with things like what will happen at your next doctor's appointment or when your next round of treatment will be. It is important to keep your friends and family close. Spending time with loved ones may be just what you need to aid you in keeping your mind in a positive and hopeful state.

Let Go of Fear & Stay Positive

One of the most powerful feelings that a cancer diagnosis can bring is fear. Its important try to let go of fear and all of the "what if's" that a person may be thinking upon being diagnosed with cancer. Living every moment and embracing every single day can really have a positive effect on your mind and body. Focusing on positive thoughts will help put you in a place of hope and optimism.

Follow Your Dreams

Being diagnosed with cancer shouldn't be a reason to stop following your dreams. Regardless of your age, if you have hopes, dreams and goals for your life and your future, don't lose sight of them. Whether your goal is to be a writer, to start your own business, to earn a college degree, or to travel the world. Don't let a cancer diagnosis put those dreams to rest. Continue to stay on track and try your best to think of your diagnosis as a bump in the road.

A cancer diagnosis is not something that anyone expects to receive from his or her doctor. But if it does happen, it's important to not let cancer consume your entire life and take over everything that was. Take these tips into consideration and remember; you were you before you had cancer and you will continue being you after cancer.