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McDonald Steel

McDonald Steel is based in McDonald, Ohio. They produce standard and custom made products out of steel, and serve a variety of industries with their wares.

The people who have gone to work for this Ohio based corporation have done so knowing full well that they would be called upon to fulfill many expectations, but they did not know that doing so could be a detriment to their very health. As they labored in the mill, the workers were spending their days close to products that contained a toxic mineral known as asbestos. Asbestos is a natural resource that was once thought to be a miracle material because it has many advantageous qualities such as being incredibly strong, surprisingly moldable and resistant to heat and fire. It was known to be a health hazard until several decades after was initially discovered.

Whenever products made from asbestos are in use, there is a possibility that people will breathe in small fibers that break off of these items and float in the air. Anytime this happens, the individual who inadvertently inhales these fibers may be subjected to experiencing severe health problems. The toxins inside of the mineral will be released into the victim's respiratory system, and they can do major damage to healthy tissue. Over time, the unlucky person who ingested the asbestos may develop a disorder that makes normal breathing slow, difficult and painful. Beyond that, they may also end up suffering from one of many different types of asbestos cancer. Among them is the fearsome mesothelioma, which has been responsible for claiming many lives, including some of the people who once worked for McDonald Steel.

Today the use of asbestos is highly regulated by government agencies, but for many years it was used in large quantities by manufacturers all over the country. This resulted in millions of people being exposed to the mineral, and multiple thousand of deaths. Although asbestos poisoning is a serious and potentially deadly threat, sings of mesothelioma cancer usually take a decade or more to develop. This means that even people who worked at McDonald Steel many years ago could still be at risk. If you or someone you know worked at this steel mill, you are urged to notify your healthcare provider about it right away.

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