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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the home of a steel manufacturing company called The American Rolling Mill Company (ARMCO). The company was originally established in 1901 within Middletown, Ohio as the American Steel Roofing Company. Over the years the company expanded, and by 1978 it found a new based of operation within the Keystone state.

Producing steel based goods is a major undertaking that requires large pieces of machinery. This equipment runs at very high temperatures, and must be regulated and controlled with insulation. For several decades most insulating products contained a strong mineral that was able to withstand intense heat and help stop the spread of a small fire, asbestos. It worked well for this purpose, and also had several other advantageous qualities that made the mineral one of the most highly prized natural resources ever discovered in the United States. The mineral was used to create hundreds of different products, until it was found to be poisonous.

Ancient civilizations knew about the dangers of asbestos and understood that exposure to it could cause illnesses and even death. Somehow that important information was lost by the time American mining companies found it in large deposits all over the country. It was mined by the ton and sold to eager manufacturing companies that included the material in everything from insulation and protective clothing to clay and roofing materials. Items containing the hazardous substance were especially prevalent in industrial settings like steel mills.

The people who worked at ARMCO were in close proximity to asbestos on a regular basis. They would breathe in microscopic bits of asbestos dust that got loose and floated into the air. Once they had ingested the dust, the unfortunate workers would have a hazardous internal force that would start to damage their respiratory system and lead to breathing disorders and asbestos cancer. Many people ended up with asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other serious conditions that were painful and difficult to treat. Unfortunately, many of these ailments can also be fatal.

People who worked at facilities where asbestos products were in use, such as ARMCO. Inc., may still be at risk for developing the mesothelioma cancer. Those victims may not realize they have been harmed for many years, because it often takes more than a decade for the symptoms to become noticeable. Due to the long term development period this conditions have, even people who worked at this Pittsburgh, based facility many years ago should still contact their healthcare provider and notify them about the threat they have faced.

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