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Steel Mills

Steel Mills

Steel Mill Workers Were Exposed to Asbestos on the Job

Industrial work sites such as steel mills contained a variety of products that were made out of asbestos. Insulation, in particular, was typically made with large amounts of the mineral. Although the asbestos made the insulating items stronger and more durable, while they were being used inside large machines small amounts of debris would break loose from the insulation and release microscopic fibers into the air.

When people are near any item that is made out of asbestos, they are very likely to breathe in small bits of the material without realizing it. The mineral is made up of fibers that are far too small to be seen by the human eye or noticed when they are taken in through the nasal passages. After the fibers are inhaled, they latch on to the respiratory system where they can cause a great deal of destruction over the course of many years. It's not unusual for signs of the damage to take more than a decade to be noticed, and by then the victims are often suffering from serious illnesses such as asbestosis or mesothelioma.

We have collected a list of the major steel mills across the country where our clients have been exposed to asbestos. People who worked at these steel mills are at a greater risk to develop serious medical conditions including mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer.


  • Birmingham Steel Corporation
  • Ensley Steel Works
  • Gulf States Steel Company
  • LTV Steel
  • Sloss Industries
  • Sloss Sheffield Steel and Iron Sloss Mines
  • U.S. Steel Mill


  • Ameristeel


  • Bohler Steel
  • Clingan Steel, Inc.
  • Granite City Steel Company
  • Keystone Steel & Wire
  • Northwestern Steel & Wire
  • Tri Star Metals


  • Ispat International


  • Bayou Steel Corporation


  • Titan Steel Corporation


  • National Steel
  • Plymouth Steel
  • Rouge Industries, Inc.


  • Carley Foundry, Inc.
  • Dotson Company, Inc.
  • Trussbilt

New York

  • Crucible Steel Company of America
  • Rome Strip Steel

North Carolina

  • J&H Power Group, Inc.


  • LTV Steel
  • Marion Steel Company
  • McDonald Steel


  • Sheffield Steel Corporation


  • Oregon Steel Mills, Inc.


  • AK Steel
  • Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation
  • ARMCO. Inc.
  • Bethlehem Steel Company
  • Electralloy
  • J&L Specialty Steel
  • USX Corporation


  • Commercial Metals
  • Quality Tubing Inc.
  • Steel Resource
  • TXI Chaparral

West Virginia

  • Weirton National Steel
  • Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that is closely associated to asbestos exposure. Many people who worked at Bethlehem Steel developed this disease after being exposed to the contaminated goods that were found at their work site. Since there is no cure and it is difficult to treat, mesothelioma cancer has claimed the lives of thousands of people in America. It is still a common issue today - people who worked at steel mills across the United States may be currently suffering from illnesses that they developed after working around products that contained asbestos.

Author: Tara Strand

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Tara Strand

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Jennifer R. Lucarelli