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Congoleum Corporation The origins of Congoleum Corporation date back to the mid-1800s in Scotland where the Nairn family owned and operated a successful business called Nairn Linoleum Co. As manufacturers of painted canvas floorcloths, their products offered working-class folks a durable, practical and an affordable way to cover the dirt floors in their homes. Seeking to expand its business, the Narin family emigrated to the United States and settled in Kearny, New Jersey in the late 1800s. The company began manufacturing linoleum which was more durable flooring and easier to clean than canvas floorcloths. The company thrived. In the early 1900s, the Nairn Linoleum Co. joined together with a supplier in Pennsylvania who manufactured Congoleum, a simulated wood grain product used to border area rugs and linoleum, and formed a new company called Congoleum-Nairn.

Headquarted in Mercerville, NJ, the company, known today simply as Congoleum Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of resilient sheet and tile flooring products serving both residential and commercial markets. They employ nearly 1,000 workers and operate three manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Congoleum Asbestos Containing Products

Congoleum Tile​​​​​​During 1947 and 1983, Congoleum manufactured a wide range of flooring products with asbestos including: asphalt tile, vinyl asbestos tile, and sheet flooring in a variety of colors, patterns and styles.

Provided below is a list of products manufactured by Congoleum between 1947-1983, that contained asbestos either in the flooring itself or incorporated in a felt backing material:

Congoleum Nairn Products 1947-1968

6' Sheet Flooring 1952-1960
Flor-Ever Deluxe Vinyl 1959-1960
Flor-Ever Vinyl 1959-1960
Gold Seal Nairon Deluxe 1957-1958
Gold Seal Nairon Standard 1955-1958
Gold Seal Vinyl Inlaids 1952-1958
Gold Seal Vinyl Nairon Standard 1957-1958
Asphalt Tile 1947-1978
Asphalt Tile 1959-1971
Gold Seal Asphalt Tile 1952-1958
Nairn Asphalt Tile 1947-1951
Sequin 1955-1958
Countertop, Etc. 1952-1960
Flor-Ever Vinyl Top 1959-1960
Gold Seal Nairon Standard 1956-1958
Solid Seal Vinyl Inlaids 1952-1955
Tile 1952-1962
Flor-Ever Vinyl Tile 1959
Gold Seal Nairon Custom Tile 1956-1958
Gold Seal Nairon Standard Tile 1956-1958
Gold Seal Vinyl Tile 1952-1955
Nairn Custom Tiffany Vinyl Tile 1959
Nairn Custom Vinyl Dynasty Tiles & Tile Inserts 1959
Nairn Custom Vinyl Tile 1959-1962
Vinyl Asbestos Tile 1954-1968
Gold Seal Vinylbest Tile 1954-1958
Vinyl Asbestos Tile 1963-1968
Vinylbest Tile 1959-1962

Congoleum Products 1947-1968

Congoleum Vinyl Asbestos Tile 1969-1975
Vinyl Asbestos Tile 1969-1972
Vinylbest 1969-1975
Sheet Flooring w/Asbestos Felt 1965-1980
Builderflor 1978-1980
Cushioned Inlaid Vinyl 1970-1973
Cushioned Vinyl 1970-1973; 1978-1980
Cushionflor 1978-1980
Cushionflor Supreme 1970-1973; 1978-1980
Dynasty Vinyl 1978-1980
Fashionflor Cushioned Inlaid Vinyl 1970-1973
Flor-ever Commercial Vinyl 1978-1980
Highlight Cushioned Vinyl 1978-1980
Inlaid Cushioned Vinyl 1978-1980
Inlaid Vinyl 1965-1969
Inlaid Vinyl 1970-1973
Luxury Cushioned Vinyl 1965-1969
Pacemaker Cushioned Vinyl 1970-1973; 1978-1980
Peerless Cushioned Vinyl 1970-1973
Spacemaker Seamless Cushioned Vinyl 1978-1980
Spring Luxury Cushioned Vinyl 1970-1973; 1978-1980
Textured Inlaid Vinyl 1965-1969
Ultraflor Esteem 1978-1980
Ultraflor Imperial 1978-1980
Ultraflor Majestic 1978-1980
Ultraflor Regal 1978-1980
Villager Vinyl 1978-1980
Vinyl Cushionflor 1970-1973; 1978-1980
Asbestos Sheet Flooring 1974-1983
Commercial Vinyl Flooring 1974-1977
Cushioned Vinyl 1974-1977
Cushionflor 1981-1983
Cushionflor Supreme 1974-1977; 1981-1983
Dynasty 1981-1983
Fashionflor 1981-1983
Fashionflor Cushioned Vinyl 1974-1977
Flor-Ever 1981-1983
Highlight 1981-1983
Highlight Cushioned Vinyl 1974-1977
New Dimension Cushioned Vinyl 1974-1977
Pacemaker 1974-1977; 1981-1983
Pacemaker Cushioned Vinyl 1974-1977
Pavillion 1981-1983
Peerless Cushioned Vinyl 1974-1977
Prestige 1974-1977; 1981-1983
Profile 1981-1983
Reflection 1974-1977; 1981-1983
Reflection 2 1974-1977
Spacemaker Wide Width 1974-1977
Spring 1974-1977; 1981-1983
Spring Luxury Cushioned Vinyl 1974-1977
The Now Floor Cushioned Vinyl 1974-1977
Ultraflor 1981-1983
Ultraflor Esteem 1981-1983
Ultraflor Majestic 1981-1983
Ultraflor Regal 1981-1983
Villager 1981-1983
Vinyl Cushioned 1974-1977
Vinyl Cushionflor 1974-1977; 1981-1983

Where Asbestos Exposure May Have Occurred

Asbestos containing floor products manufactured by Congoleum were most commonly used in the construction industry for new construction and remodeling projects across both residential and commercial markets. Working in construction can be physically demanding as well as hazardous because the need to work around toxic substances like asbestos occurs frequently. Those who worked directly with asbestos containing products, such as installers, demolition workers and do-it-yourselfers have been unaware of exposure to harmful asbestos fibers and now could be at risk for developing mesothelioma, an asbestos-related disease. Equally at risk were those who worked in other trades along side or within close proximity of the jobsite as well as spouses and other family members who were exposed to the worker's dusty clothing and hair.

Congoleum Asbestos Trust

In an effort to be free of liability for outstanding and future asbestos claims, Congoleum filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on December 31, 2003. Seven years and many revisions later, the federal bankruptcy court confirmed Congoleum's reorganization plan. Effective July 1, 2010, Congoleum's asbestos liability claims was administered through a court-approved trust that both Congoleum and its insurers pledged to contribute to it.

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer and believe you were exposed to Congoleum's asbestos containing products, a mesothelioma lawyer may be helpful. Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney & Meisenkothen can provide assistance with filing a claim with Congoleum's Asbestos Trust on your behalf. Please fill out the form on this page to receive our free information packet to learn more.

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Tara Strand

Reviewer: Jennifer R. Lucarelli

Lawyer for Mesothelioma Victims and Their Families

Jennifer R. Lucarelli
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