01. Doctor Overview

Doctor Overview

Dr. Jyoti Malhotra is a medical oncologist at the Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Jersey. Dr. Malhotra came to Rutgers after a fellowship in Hematology and Oncology at Mount Sinai, as well as a residency for Internal Medicine at Georgetown University Hospital.

At the Cancer Insitute of New Jersey, Dr. Malhotra is a member of the Lung Cancer Program, working with an extensive multidisciplinary team to care for patients. In addition to actively treating patients, Dr. Malhotra continues to conduct research, conducting various clinical trials and maintaining active memberships with the American Cancer Society of Clinical Oncology, American Association for Cancer Research and Phase I/Investigational Therapeutics Program.

02. Fast Facts

Doctor Fast Facts

Main Specialty: Medical Oncology, Hematology, Internal Medicine

Other Interests & Specialties: Lung cancer, mesothelioma and esophageal cancer.

Certifications, Awards & Accolades: American Board of Internal Medicine Certifications for Medical Oncology, Hematology and Internal Medicine

Education & Experience:

  • Medical Degree from the Maulana Azad Medical College
  • Internship at Georgetown University Medical Center
  • Residency at Georgetown University Medical Center
  • Fellowships at Mount Sinai Medical Center and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
03. Publications


Sodium channel Scn1b null mice exhibit prolonged QT and RR intervalsJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. November 2007;43(5):636-647. doi: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2007.07.062

The L1-Type Cell Adhesion Molecule Neuroglian Influences the Stability of Neural Ankyrin in the Drosophila Embryo But Not Its Axonal LocalizationJournal of Neuroscience. June 2000;20(12):4515-4523. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.20-12-04515.2000

Cis-activation of L1-mediated Ankyrin Recruitment by TAG-1 Homophilic Cell AdhesionJournal of Biological Chemistry. September 1998.

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