Thousands of Kansas residents have developed asbestos-related diseases, like mesothelioma. These patients and their families may be able to file asbestos lawsuits to seek justice against responsible companies. Mesothelioma attorneys have secured millions of dollars for Kansas asbestos victims.

01. Kansas Law Firms

Top Mesothelioma Law Firms in Kansas

Mesothelioma law firms can represent eligible Kansas residents seeking compensation for their asbestos injuries. These firms have experienced attorneys who regularly litigate against asbestos companies. Mesothelioma lawyers can handle the entire legal process for clients. This leaves patients free to focus on things like spending quality time with loved ones.

The following law firms can seek compensation for asbestos victims in Kansas:

Recovering billions of dollars for mesothelioma victims for over 40 years as recognized by Martindale-Hubbell, Best Lawyers®, Super Lawyers® and U.S. News & World Report.

Over 16 years of experience serving asbestos injury victims. The Gori Law Firm is recognized by Super Lawyers®, National Trial Lawyers and the American Society of Legal Advocates (ASLA).

Experienced mesothelioma and asbestos lawyers serving victims nationwide. Recognized by Best Lawyers®, Super Lawyers® and U.S. News & World Report.

These law firms and their attorneys have years of experience with asbestos litigation. They understand asbestos laws and can access many resources for building successful lawsuits. With their background, lawyers at these firms can recommend the most favorable options for each case.

Mesothelioma lawyers are committed to making this process easy on patients and their families. They often travel to clients to discuss, build and finalize cases. These lawyers can manage the entire lawsuit process on behalf of victims. This includes determining what evidence is needed and putting all the paperwork together. Their experience with asbestos lawsuits allows them to handle cases efficiently and easily.

02. Filing Lawsuits in Kansas

Filing Mesothelioma Lawsuits in Kansas

Thousands of people have been diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases in Kansas. Many of these patients have filed lawsuits to seek financial compensation. This includes Kansas residents who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

From 1999 to 2020, approximately 489 Kansas residents were diagnosed with mesothelioma. For those same years, reports show approximately 426 deaths from mesothelioma in Kansas. Mesothelioma law firms work to get compensation for these asbestos exposure victims and their families.

Before the 1980s, asbestos products were used throughout Kansas. Many people experienced asbestos exposure and have later developed mesothelioma. Some who were exposed during this time may still develop mesothelioma in the future. The disease can take decades to develop.

Mesothelioma patients and their loved ones may seek compensation by filing personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. A Kansas mesothelioma lawyer can provide more information about eligibility for these types of litigation.

Who Is Eligible to File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit in Kansas?

Mesothelioma patients and their families may both be able to file mesothelioma lawsuits. The specific type of lawsuit depends on certain criteria. Personal injury lawsuits may be filed by mesothelioma patients. Mesothelioma wrongful death lawsuits may be filed by family members of deceased patients.

Kansas asbestos exposure victims have encountered the mineral at sites throughout the state. For instance, people may have been exposed to asbestos from the aviation industry in Wichita. Aerospace manufacturing commonly used asbestos in its parts, products and facilities before the 1980s.

Major companies like Beech Aircraft Corporation and Boeing had facilities in Wichita that employed thousands of people. Records show these companies used asbestos, putting workers at risk of occupational exposure. Kansas asbestos victims may file lawsuits against asbestos companies involved in their exposure.

Residents of these Kansas towns and cities have filed mesothelioma lawsuits for compensation from asbestos manufacturers and distributors:

  • Albert, KS
  • Cimarron, KS
  • Clearwater, KS
  • Columbus, KS
  • Derby, KS
  • Great Bend, KS
  • Independence, KS
  • Lenexa, KS
  • Newton, KS
  • Ottawa, KS
  • Overland Park, KS
  • Phillipsburg, KS
  • Scott City, KS
  • Shawnee, KS
  • Topeka, KS
  • Udall, KS
  • Valley Center, KS
  • Wichita, KS
  • Winfield, KS

Deadlines for Filing a Mesothelioma Lawsuit in Kansas

Various federal and state laws may impact the asbestos lawsuit process. These include a state’s statutes of limitations, which specify lawsuit filing timelines in Kansas. The details may vary depending on the type of mesothelioma lawsuit.

Kansas Statutes of Limitations

Personal Injury

Lawsuits must be filed within 2 years after a mesothelioma diagnosis.

Wrongful Death

Lawsuits must be filed within 2 years after death from mesothelioma.

Kansas residents may also be eligible for other filing options, like asbestos trust fund claims. Asbestos companies often establish these trust funds during bankruptcy proceedings. These funds set aside compensation for current and future mesothelioma claims.

An experienced lawyer can help Kansas asbestos victims understand all their filing options.

Filing VA Claims in Kansas

In 2021, nearly 150,000 veterans were living in Kansas. Like many other veterans, they may have faced asbestos exposure during their military service. As a result, veterans with service-related mesothelioma have benefits available through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Asbestos lawyers can help veterans apply for this government-provided compensation.

Filing for Benefits With the VA vs. Filing Lawsuits Against Asbestos Companies

The government sets aside VA benefit money to assist veterans in acknowledgement of their service to the country. It is the government’s policy that it owes these benefits to any qualified veteran.

Mesothelioma lawsuits are separate actions that do not involve suing the government. When veterans file mesothelioma lawsuits, they sue asbestos companies that manufactured and distributed asbestos to the U.S. military.

03. Kansas Settlements & Verdicts

Mesothelioma Settlements in Kansas

Filing a lawsuit may be an option for Kansas asbestos victims seeking financial compensation. Successful mesothelioma lawsuits may result in financial settlements or jury awards. Mesothelioma settlements end a lawsuit for a certain sum of money. They are private alternatives to having a judge or jury decide a case.

The average mesothelioma settlement ranges from $1 million to $1.4 million. Some settlements in Kansas have exceeded that average amount.

Examples of Kansas settlements compensating asbestos exposure victims include:

Note: Each lawsuit is different, and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in the future. Contact a reputable Kansas mesothelioma lawyer to understand how much compensation you may be eligible to receive.

04. Asbestos Laws in Kansas

Kansas Asbestos Laws & Regulations

Several state and federal asbestos laws regulate asbestos use to help prevent exposure. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment manages the state’s Asbestos program. This program oversees activities like training requirements, work practices, licensing, certification and notification.

The department also enforces asbestos control statutes to help the state comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Other asbestos regulations require certain building projects to be performed by licensed asbestos removal contractors. The state must be notified of these activities at least 10 days in advance.

Kansas asbestos control statutes also provide guidance for safe asbestos handling and disposal.

Kansas Laws Affecting Asbestos Litigation

Over time, Kansas has established laws for litigating asbestos cases. Depending on each case, certain laws may or may not apply. Mesothelioma attorneys understand and can navigate any relevant laws and requirements.

Notable Kansas laws that may impact mesothelioma lawsuits include:

  • Causation: This is established in the Silica and Asbestos Claims Act. Attorneys must prove asbestos exposure was a substantial factor in causing the patient’s asbestos disease. They must show that victims were exposed to asbestos several times at a certain concentration level to win their case.
  • Successor liability: This limits the transferable asbestos liabilities during a merger or acquisition. The amount a successor corporation may owe to asbestos victims is limited to the total value of the company being acquired.

The Silica and Asbestos Claims Act includes some other guidelines that may impact mesothelioma cases. Lawyers can navigate all asbestos laws as they move through the lawsuit process with clients.

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Find Mesothelioma Doctors, Lawyers and Asbestos Exposure Sites Near You