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Melanie Bowen

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5 Summer Exercises for Cancer Patients

  • Author: Melanie Bowen
  • Date: 5/1/2013

5 exercises for cancer patients in the summer

Staying active while going through treatment for cancer can be a tremendous challenge. Especially when dealing with an aggressive cancer like mesothelioma, treatments can make exercise seem the the last thing a patient wants to do. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery all have side effects that can limit energy and create physical limitations. However, here are five activities that patients can do this summer to jumpstart a low-impact exercise program to help reduce symptoms from treatments.

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Cancer Patients: Turn Your Treatment Focus to Nutrition

  • Author: Melanie Bowen
  • Date: 1/24/2013

Focus on nutrition

Nutrition is an important part of preventing and fighting cancer. When cancer patients focus on nutrition, they build their natural defenses and fight disease naturally. Even vitamin C therapy is being considered as a way to fight cancer. Though the treatment is experimental, it shows how advanced the body is in repairing itself with nutrients it needs. Especially with rare cancers like mesothelioma, treatments may be limited so consider how these nutritional changes or inclusions can help to fight cancer.

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The Benefits of Having a Care Nurse on Your Side

  • Author: Melanie Bowen
  • Date: 10/18/2012


A chronic illness such as a cancer diagnosis can be a very difficult matter to digest and a heavy burden to swallow. That is why it is important for each cancer patient to maintain a positive relationship with their nurses and other healthcare professionals so that they may feel more comfortable in their situation and optimistic for the future. From mesothelioma to breast cancer, all cancer patients deserve a caring nurse who will understand and address their concerns so that the best possible outcome for health can be attained.

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Gain Peace of Mind During Trying Times

  • Author: Melanie Bowen
  • Date: 8/15/2012

Peace of Mind

When one is undergoing a cancer treatment, thoughts of confusion, uncertainty, and pressure can be at the forefront of their minds. It can be extremely difficult to find time to relax and ease your mind amidst all the doctor appointments, days where rest is needed or simple thoughts about the future. However, there is hope and a safe alternative to gaining a piece of mind for both body and spirit—that hope lies within Reiki treatment.

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Relax Your Mind, Body, and Spirit: How Massage Therapy Can Be Beneficial in Cancer Care

  • Author: Melanie Bowen
  • Date: 7/3/2012

Prevailing medical wisdom long held the belief that massage therapy would have more negative effects on cancer patients than positive ones, but many medical professionals are challenging that ruling. The fear surrounding massage therapy for cancer patients stems back to the idea that malignant cancer tumors could spread to other parts of the body due to the superior circulation that massage therapy could provide. Many experts claim that scientific research does not support this position and that people with breast cancer, mesothelioma, and other types of cancers may benefit in several ways from receiving massage therapy.

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4 Ways to Find Happiness: Inspiration From Within

  • Author: Melanie Bowen
  • Date: 4/27/2012


It’s no secret that life can get tough. There are things that happen beyond our control, like a cancer diagnosis, that can turn life upside down and make you feel down, but it’s important to remember that things will get better if you take a proactive approach in making things better. Physical health and mental health go hand and hand, and there are several ways in which you can ease your mind and also improve your health while dealing with mesothelioma cancer.

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Goals: The Catalyst to Strength and Optimism

  • Author: Melanie Bowen
  • Date: 1/27/2012


People who study human behavior and psychology champion the power of goals; setting goals helps to bolster strength and create optimism. In what better ways to channel hope - Work towards your goals, realize your choices, and gain a sense of personal power and control!

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Illness to Inspiration: The Power of Writing

  • Author: Melanie Bowen
  • Date: 1/2/2012


It is not uncommon to experience a plethora of emotions when your doctor informs you that you are suffering from an illness or disease. At first you may feel shock and disbelief, which is likely to turn into denial and then anger. After your anger subsides you may feel depressed or resigned. Through it all, as humans we tend to focus on the unknown and fear of what we may not understand completely.

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