01. History

History of McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research

Part of the University of Wisconsin – School of Medicine and Public Health, the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research was founded in 1940. It was the first “basic” science cancer research center in an academic institution in the nation and has, over the past 70 years, achieved much notoriety for its innovative and successful research in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of different types of cancer like mesothelioma.

McArdle Laboratory proclaims that its mission is two-fold: “To pursue outstanding research programs directed toward understanding the causes and biology of cancer and the factors that regulate normal and neoplastic growth and differentiation” and “to provide training of the highest quality in basic cancer research at the graduate and postdoctoral levels.”

There are about 200 staff members at McArdle with 27 University of Wisconsin faculty members leading 19 different research groups. Interest focuses include cancer virology, the study of how viruses contribute to the formation of tumors; cancer genetics; and tumor biology, including cell biology, stem cells, transcriptional regulation and protein structure relevant to cell growth regulation, differentiation and cancer.

The faculty at McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research has received many awards and honors including Nobel prizes in medicine and physiology and researchers here have also been inducted into a variety of prestigious associations and/or have served on distinguished boards and panels like the American Cancer Society Board of Directors. Overall, the faculty have made notable contributions to cancer research, many of which have prompted the development of new drugs and treatments for the disease.

02. Specializations

McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research Specializations

  • Cancer genetics research
  • Cancer research
  • Cancer virology research
  • Tumor biology research
03. Accreditations

McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research Accreditations

  • First “Basic” Science Cancer Research Center in an Academic Institution
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