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Merchant Marine Ships

Merchant Marine

During peaceful times the Merchant Marine Fleet was responsible for our country's import and export activity. During wartime, these vessels were responsible for delivering necessary supplies to troops on the front line. Much of the equipment on these merchant ships including boiliers, pumps, pipe coverings, turbines, fuel oil burners and more contained asbestos. As a result the individuals working on these merchant ships may be at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma and asbestos cancer. Listed below are some of the ships that comprised the U.S. merchant marine fleet during World War II.

  • S.S. Alcoa Cavalier
  • S.S. Bay State
  • S.S. Berkeley Victory
  • S.S. Blue Grass State
  • S.S. Borinquen
  • S.S. Buckeye State
  • S.S. Burco Trader
  • S.S. C.H.M. Jones
  • S.S. Cilco Logger
  • S.S. Copper State
  • S.S. Coxcomb Hill
  • S.S. Defiance
  • S.S. Del Mar
  • S.S. E.J. Block
  • S.S. Elizabeth W. Moran
  • S.S. Empire State
  • S.S. Evergreen State
  • S.S. Excalibur
  • S.S. Gopher State
  • S.S. Keystone State
  • S.S. Little Butte
  • S.S. Lurline (Matson Line)
  • S.S. Mobilube, Bethlehem Steel, Sparrows Point Yard, MD
  • S.S. Mormacdove
  • S.S. Mormacsea
  • S.S. Morris Hillquit
  • S.S. Oakey L. Alexander, formerly the S.S. Laconia Victory
  • S.S. Pacific Victory
  • S.S. Pan Massachusetts
  • S.S. Pine Tree State
  • S.S. President Cleveland, Bethlehem Steel West Coast Shipyard, CA
  • S.S. Robin Gray, ex-USS Fayette (APA-43), Ingalls Shipbuilding Company, MS
  • S.S. Samuel Chase
  • S.S. Sheldon Clark, Bethlehem Shipbuilding at Fore River Shipyard, MA
  • S.S. Simon Benson
  • S.S. Socony 10
  • S.S. Spencer Kellogg
  • S.S. Steel Traveler, Federal Shipbuilding, NJ
  • S.S. Stonewall Jackson
  • S.S. Thomas H. Barry, ex S.S. Oriente, Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., VA
  • S.S. Thomas Lynch
  • S.S. Thomas Nelson
  • S.S. Tydol Bayonne
  • S.S. Uruguay, ex-California (representing American Republic Line's "Good Neighbor" ships)
  • S.S. William Hooper
  • S.S. William J. Bryan
  • S.S. William Mulholland
  • S.S. Wilson B. Keene
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