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NYU Langone Medical Center

NYU Langone Medical Center

550 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016

(212) 263-7300

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Located in New York City, NYU Langone Medical Center is a respected hospital and also the teaching arm of New York University, one of the city’s most prestigious institutions. The medical center is comprised of four entities: the NYU School of Medicine, Tisch Hospital, the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, and the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. NYU Langone Medical Center is recognized by U.S. News & World Reports as one of America’s best hospitals in 14 different specialties, including cancer.


Today, NYU Langone Medical Center is a sprawling urban hospital, but it originated from the tiny, six-bed Almshouse Hospital, the first public hospital in the United States. Founded in 1736 in what was then rural New York City, Almshouse Hospital was the precursor to the Bellevue Hospital – which, many years later, would become the present-day Langone Medical Center. It wouldn’t be until 2008 that the hospital would take on its current name in honor of a $200 million gift – the largest in the hospital’s history – from Board Chairman Kenneth Langone and his wife, Elaine.

NYU Langone Medical Center and its affiliated medical school can boast an impressive list of accomplishments from its long history. In 1854, human dissection was legalized in New York thanks to efforts by the school’s faculty. Professors from the medical school also conducted research that led to the establishment of New York City’s Health Department (1866); established the first department of forensic medicine (1932); discovered how to inactivate malaria parasites (1967); and developed the first vaccine against hepatitis B (1980).

Mesothelioma Treatment at NYU Langone Medical Center

In 1975, NYU Langone Medical Center became home to one of the first designated national cancer centers in the United States; it would later become known as the Rita and Stanley H. Kaplan Center. And in 2004, the NYU Clinical Cancer Center, a new facility that offers comprehensive outpatient cancer services under one roof, opened its doors at the hospital.

Generally, mesothelioma treatment and research is conducted at the hospital’s Division of Thoracic Surgery, which focuses on both cancerous and non-cancerous diseases of the lungs, esophagus and chest, including mesothelioma cancer. The division was founded in September 2005 and is headed by Dr. Harvey Pass, Director of the Division and Chief of Thoracic Oncology. A leading mesothelioma expert, Dr. Pass is spearheading research about early detection of mesothelioma and in 1998 helped found the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, a foundation dedicated to ending mesothelioma through research, education, support and advocacy.

NYU’s Thoracic Oncology Program takes a multidisciplinary approach to serving patients that spans the work of many fields: oncology, surgery, radiation therapy, radiology, pulmonary medicine and others. Specialists from these fields gather together each week to discuss their patients’ treatments, bringing their expertise together to tailor a specific plan for each individual patient. Treatment often includes a combination of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, which is minimally invasive whenever possible.

Author: Linda Molinari

Editor in Chief, Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Linda Molinari

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