9 Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again-- the holiday season, where gift giving is on the minds of many. While the holiday season is supposed to represent a time of joy and giving, some people may not being feeling holly and jolly this year. If a family member or loved one has been recently diagnosed with cancer, they may not be feeling the holiday spirit. Finding a nice gift to give to your loved one may seem a little more daunting than it has in the past. But there are many gift options for cancer patients, even some that can’t be found in stores!

Time Together

Whether you set a weekly coffee date or go to their home just to chat, spending time with your loved one and just listening to them is worth more than you may know. But don’t think that you only have to talk about their cancer the entire time! Many patients love to hear about your life and worries too; it’s a nice break from their worries and their disease.

Cozy Clothing

Kool Tool

While recovering, a patient may spend a lot of time resting. Buying some soft cotton pajamas is a practical gift that will be helpful in keeping your loved one feeling comfortable. A common side effect of cancer treatments are night sweats so consider buying clothes with sweat wicking technology or consider something unique like the Kool Tool, a reusable cooling towel that is perfect for relieving a patient from their sweats.

Gift Certificates

Whether it's gift certificates for movie tickets or a favorite restaurant, giving cancer patients a night out and a chance to think about anything but cancer is a great gift. Gift certificates for a night out is something that a patient can look forward to if they’re still recovering. Think about making some homemade certificates as well-- offering to clean the house, do laundry, pick up groceries, or give rides to appointments are examples of helpful and meaningful gifts.

Beauty Products

Head Scarves by Wallaroo

For a loved one who has lost their hair due to treatment, a gift of a head scarf from Christine by Wallaroo is a great alternative to a wig. If you’d like to give an indulgent gift like lotions, be sure that they are free of chemicals, dyes and scents as treatments can make patients sensitive to chemicals.


Still need some ideas? Consider a Shadow Buddies doll for a child battling cancer. These dolls can be ordered to look just like their child and can be used for a teaching tool with their doctor to better understand their disease. For the patient struggling with nausea from treatment, try the PsiBands, an acupressure wristband designed to help ease nauseous side effects. Lastly, if there are any other gift ideas that could benefit cancer patients, please share them with our online community!