2024 Update: VA Disability Compensation for Veterans With Mesothelioma

Veteran Mesothelioma patient holding hands with a loved one

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) updates its compensation policies each year. The VA provides money to eligible veterans and their families. Updates occur across several programs. Two such programs are:

These benefits are entitlements. This means the VA provides them to any veteran or family member who applies and meets program qualifications. The government sets aside the money for these programs to acknowledge veterans’ service to the country.

A lawyer experienced with veterans’ rights can help mesothelioma patients and family members file for benefits.

Monthly Benefits for Veterans With Mesothelioma

The VA offers monthly, tax-free compensation to veterans who develop service-related mesothelioma. A service-related diagnosis must meet the following requirements:

  • Asbestos exposure occurred during the veteran’s time in the military
  • Exposure occurred while carrying out military duties

Veterans who did not receive an honorable discharge may be disqualified.

The VA assigns a rate – expressed as a percentage – to diseases. The rate corresponds to how debilitating the VA considers the disease.

Mesothelioma has a 100% disability rating under the VA system. As such, veterans with mesothelioma receive the maximum monthly benefit amount. The amount varies depending on the number of dependents a veteran has.

2024 Compensation Rates for Veterans With Mesothelioma
Dependents Amount per month
None $3,737.85
Spouse $3,946.25
Spouse + parent $4,113.51
Spouse + two parents $4,280.77
Parent $3,905.11
Two parents $4,072.37

The VA may also add monthly money for children and disabled spouses.

Monthly DIC Benefits for Spouses of Deceased Veterans

The VA offers monthly, tax-free compensation to spouses of veterans who die from service-related injuries like mesothelioma. Requirements around cohabitation, length of marriage and other factors may apply. This money is paid out under the VA DIC program.

For 2024, qualified spouses of deceased veterans with mesothelioma can receive a monthly payment rate of $1,612.75. The VA may also add funds if a spouse has dependents or is disabled. Dependent children may also qualify for DIC benefits.

DIC Benefits and VA Survivors Pensions

Some spouses of deceased veterans may have VA Survivors Pensions. The Survivor Pension program offers monthly payments to qualified spouses of wartime veterans.

Spouses cannot receive both a Survivors Pension and DIC. The VA pays from whichever benefit gives a spouse the most money.

Navigating VA benefits may feel intimidating. Experienced lawyers and veterans advocates can help file for benefits and handle any communications with the VA. Lawyers can also help veterans and their loved ones explore additional options for compensation.