Hundreds Of Portland Homes Demolished Without Proper Asbestos Removal

Hundreds of asbestos-containing Portland homes have been demolished without contractors first removing the hazardous material.

University of Montana Building's Asbestos Abatement On Hold Until 2017

A University of Montana building needs asbestos removed from it, but administration won't follow through until state funds are requested in 2017.

Verastem Mesothelioma Clinical Trial Stopped Early For Futility

The Boston-based company Verastem has stopped its mesothelioma clinical trial early due to futile results in the Phase 2 study of VS-6063.

Asbestos Found At Los Medanos College

Asbestos found in the roofing and gravel covering of Los Medanos College Complex and Gymnasium buildings will result in an estimated $1 million abatement project.

ADAO Cites Global Health Study Statistic Showing Asbestos-related Deaths Increased to 194,000 Annually

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) has cited new asbestos statistic at 194,000 deaths per year due to occupational asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Discovered Post-Demolition In An Ohio Elementary School

Without EPA notice, an Ohio elementary school was demolished and asbestos was found in its debris.

New Mesothelioma Treatment Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation

A new drug has been granted Orphan Drug Status by the US FDA as a potentially safe and effective treatment for mesothelioma cancer.

Port Terminal Railroad Association and Union Pacific Being Sued For Asbestos-Related Death

Port Terminal Railroad Association of Harris County and Union Pacific are being sued for a former employee's asbestos-related death.

$1 Billion Asbestos Lawsuit Filed Against Morehead State University

A 61-year-old man filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Morehead State University for health problems he says resulted from asbestos exposure during his time there.

New Statistical Model To Identify Ideal Mesothelioma Patients For Surgery

A doctor from Regina Elena National Cancer Institute has developed a new statistical model to help identify which mesothelioma patients could benefit most from surgery.

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Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog


October 08, 2015

Developing a Survivorship Care Plan

“No matter how you define survivorship, one of the things that many survivors of mesothelioma and other deadly cancers includes developing a survivorship plan. Such plans are beneficial for the survivor, their family members and friends, as well as for doctors and other medical professionals who may be involved in providing care in the future.”