Public Interest Groups Urge Cybersecurity Caucus To Help Fight FACT Act

Five public interest groups look to the House Cybersecurity Caucus to help oppose the FACT Act bill.

Capitol Hill Cannon Building Closes Due To Asbestos Scare

The Cannon building, home to more than 100 Capitol Hill lawmakers' offices, was recently closed for an asbestos scare.

New FDA-Approved Cancer-Killing Virus Is Released

A new cancer-killing virus has been approved by the FDA that could pave the way for future cancer treatments.

Bacon To Be Added To WHO's List Of Cancer-Causing Products

WHO to add processed meats, such as bacon, to its list of hazardous products alongside tobacco and asbestos.

Detroit's DMC Consultants Fined Over $265,000 In OSHA Fines

DMC Consultants to pay $265,200 in asbestos violation fines by Michigan OSHA for violating worker safety rules.

$17k Fence Being Installed Around A Former Hospital To Receive $125k In Asbestos Work

A $17k fence is being installed around a "haunted" hospital in Ohio that's about to have $125k worth of asbestos removal in 30 days.

Health Department Employees Working In Asbestos-Contaminated Building

Allegheny County Health Department employees are being forced to work in an asbestos-contaminated building with no secured solution in the near future.

EPA Scientist's "Small Fibers Matter" Asbestos Work To Be Published

Scientist Philip Cook's "small fibers matter" asbestos research will be published and shared for the first time at this week's symposium in Duluth, Minnesota.

Hundreds Of Portland Homes Demolished Without Proper Asbestos Removal

Hundreds of asbestos-containing Portland homes have been demolished without contractors first removing the hazardous material.

University of Montana Building's Asbestos Abatement On Hold Until 2017

A University of Montana building needs asbestos removed from it, but administration won't follow through until state funds are requested in 2017.

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November 25, 2015
Jackie Clark

How Doubling Federal Funding Could Change Cancer Research

“When Vice President Joe Biden announced last month that he was not going to seek the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party, he stated that he wanted his legacy to lie in another direction altogether. Specifically, he stated that he would much rather spend his time pursuing a “moon shot” to cure cancer.”