New Triple Threat Treatment Combo Could Change Standard of Care For Mesothelioma Patients

For mesothelioma patients, tumor-starving drug bevacizumab is being combined with the preferred duo of chemo drugs to form a new triple threat that could improve survival rates.

Three Decades of UK Police Officers With Possible Asbestos Exposure

After three decades, 30,000 London Metropolitan Police officers may have been exposed to asbestos from training in buildings containing the hazardous material.

New Study: Keytruda Drug Shows Promising Results in Mesothelioma Cancer Treatment

Merck's Keytruda immunotherapy drug halts tumor growth for majority of mesothelioma cancer patients who didn't benefit from chemo, according to new study.

Texas Follows Suit In Asbestos Case Requirements

Arizona, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and now Texas have recently added legislation that will make asbestos lawsuits more difficult for victims.

Canadian Government Keeps Asbestos Documents A Secret

Canada's federal Public Works department withheld air quality testing documents for a tax center building in Ottawa despite asbestos exposure concerns.

Number One Asbestos Exporter Blocks The Addition Of Chyrostile To UN's Dangerous Substance List

Russia and four other countries block a bid to make asbestos part of the UN's hazardous materials list due to exportation restrictions.

FACT Act Legislation Continues To Move Forward

Despite opposing efforts, the Republican-backed FACT Act advances through the House of Representatives in a 19-9 Judiciary Committee vote.

Should Canada Lobby For UN To Add Asbestos To Its Hazardous List?

Canada is no longer a top world producer of asbestos, but has instead increased its importation, and internally struggles with fight to add toxin to UN's list.

Government Proposes New Plan For Montana Superfund Site

The EPA proposed a new plan for the Superfund site in Montana. Local residents and officials are still concerned about future asbestos exposure.

$3.5 Million Awarded In Second-Hand Asbestos Exposure Case

Barbara Brandes dies of mesothelioma cancer contracted through secondary household asbestos exposure and $3.5 million is awarded to her estate as a result.

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July 03, 2015
Brian Turner

The Incalculable Costs of Freedom: Veterans and Post-War Illnesses

“Many Americans may not realize that veterans continue to fight after they return home. The enemy? A number of disabling physical and mental health issues, many of which are caused by adversaries camouflaged with invisibility. A way we can honor our veterans this Fourth of July is to bring awareness to these muted battles they continue to fight, long after the war is over.”