Representatives for Current and Future Asbestos Claimants Divided Over Proposed Reorganization Deal with Garlock

EnPro and Garlock Reach Reorganization Deal with Attorney for Future Asbestos Claimants

County Prosecutor Advocates for Asbestos Abatement as Commissioners Neglect to Remove Contaminants

Asbestos Presence Leads to Petition to Address Health Concerns in Lake County Government Building

Asbestos Case Results in $3.6 Million Payout to Plaintiffs

Carnival Cruise Lines Ordered to Pay $3.6 Million to Family of Deceased Electrician

Bankrupt Texas Power Company Will Not Be Mandated to Create a Trust for Future Claimants

Judge Decides Power Company Not Required to Set Up Trust for Future Asbestos Injury Claimants

Appellate Court Affirms Decision That Plaintiff's Asbestos Exposure Claim Was Unproven

Citing 'Paradoxical' Expert Testimony, Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Defendant in Asbestos Exposure Case

W.R. Grace Asbestos Trust is Up and Running and Accepting Claims

After 13 years, W.R. Grace & Co. is accepting and paying asbestos-related personal injury and death claims...

'Scientifically Unreliable' Theory Rejected in Asbestos Personal Injury Case

Federal Court Bars Witnesses From Citing 'Any Exposure' Theory in Asbestos Case

Appeals Court Reverses Summary Judgment in Asbestos Case

5-Day Asbestos Exposure Deemed Potentially Significant to Plaintiff's Disease, Says Appellate Court

Bus Manufacturer Ordered to Pay $7.7 Million to Family of Mesothelioma Victim

Mesothelioma Victim's Family Awarded Local Record-Setting $7.7 Million in Asbestos Lawsuit

Plaintiff Fails to Prove Defendant Responsible for Decedent's Mesothelioma

Federal Court Grants Summary Judgment to Defendant in Asbestos Suit, Citing Insufficient Evidence

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