Federal Asbestos Regulations Failed To Be Met At An Iowa High School

Construction workers at Washington High School in Iowa failed to meet federal regulations for removing asbestos.

New Investigation Shows Many Brands of Crayons And Toys Contain Asbestos

The Washington D.C.-based Environmental Working Group Action fund commissioned an investigation, which uncovered asbestos in children's toys.

New Study Shows Allegheny County Having Asbestos-Related Deaths Drastically Above National Average

The D.C.-based Environmental Working Group Action fund backed study shows Allegheny County as having asbestos deaths much higher than the national average.

Former Executive of Non-Profit Construction Company To Face Prison For Exposing Students To Asbestos

The third and final executive of the former non-profit Firm Build has been sentenced to serve time in jail for exposing high school students to asbestos.

$280 Million Has Been Secured For Buying Back Mr. Fluffy Homes

The New South Wales government has set aside $280 million for a buy back program of Mr. Fluffy homes.

Local New York Government Investigation Holds Up Asbestos Report At Shaw Building

Test results and the government are said to be holding up the asbestos report on a building in Niagara County, New York.

One Dozen Bags Of Asbestos Dumped On Side Of Canadian Road

Trash bags of asbestos were found on the side of a road by a Canadian resident and could result in fine or jail time for the person who illegally left them there.

Asbestos Adds $100,000 To Elementary School's Improvement Plans

Asbestos discovered in Van-Far Elementary School will cost the district significant dollars and push back original improvement plans.

University of Sydney Professor Develops Potential New Mesothelioma Treatment

University of Sydney Medical School professor has developed TargomiRs, a potential new treatment for mesothelioma cancer patients.

Avondale Shipyard Being Sued By Former Employee For Asbestos-Related Disease

Former employee of ten years at Avondale Shipyard is suing the company for damages from asbestos exposure, which has led to silicosis disease.

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July 27, 2015
Emily Walsh

Alternative Financial Assistance for Mesothelioma Treatments

“Mesothelioma can be an expensive cancer to treat. Patients and their families and friends can wind up spending tens of thousands of dollars on medicine, surgery, and other related costs in a bid to overcome mesothelioma.”