Asbestos Found In Harvard University Housing

Asbestos was recently discovered in Winthrop House at Harvard University, causing one student to temporarily move out.

Stoveworks Asbestos Clean-up Plan Approved By Lorain City Council

Lorain City Council has approved an asbestos removal and demolition plan for its former National Stoveworks site.

EPA To Model A Fire In W.R. Grace Asbestos Mine Site

A joint effort between the EPA and U.S. Forest Service will result in a model fire being conducted in the W.R. Grace mine site.

Asbestos Removal Underway At Chicago's Lake County Prosecutor's Office

Lake County Prosecutor Center workers move to a temporary office while asbestos abatement and renovations occur.

Covered Pile Of Asbestos Remains In Town Of Barrington

A pile of debris containing asbestos and lead paint remains covered in the town of Barrington with no further plans of action in the near future.

Asbestos Findings Delay Aluminum Plant Demolition In Montana

Demolition of an aluminum plant in Columbia Falls, MT will take six months longer due to more asbestos findings than originally expected.

FACT Act Would Expose Asbestos Victims Personal Information

The FACT Act moves through Congress this week, which could result in asbestos victims' personal data and medical histories getting published on the Internet.

Asbestos Control Concerns At Former Huber Breaker Site In Pennsylvania

Demolition of the Huber Breaker property leaves the state DEP, Ashley officials, and residents worried about asbestos control and air quality.

Oregon Home Asbestos Demolition Laws Becoming Stricter

Oregon's asbestos laws regarding home asbestos demolition are becoming stricter per the passing of Senate Bill 705.

ADAO Recognizes U.S. Senate For Its Reform Of TSCA

ADAO recognizes the U.S. Senate for its reform of TSCA to officially categorize asbestos as a high-priority chemical.

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February 03, 2016
Emily Walsh

What to Eat During Cancer Treatment

“Nutrition is an integral part of any cancer treatment plan. For mesothelioma and other cancer patients, eating foods that support energy levels, immune function, and overall health is crucial to getting through treatment as successfully as possible and for improving well-being. Figuring out which foods are right and which foods are wrong, however, can be a confusing and overwhelming process given the amount of conflicting information that circulates about diet and nutrition.”