Mayor, Neighbors of Airport Express Safety Concerns After Truckloads of Asbestos-Containing Dirt Removed From Construction Site

Asbestos Discovery Has Opponents of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Expansion Project Up In Arms

Asbestos Discovery Does Not Deter Mobile Home Park's Demolition

DeKalb County to Demolish Mobile Home Park Despite Uncertainties Surrounding Future Land Use

Exposure to Asbestos-Containing Boilers and Furnaces Results in $7.5 Million Verdict

New Jersey Mesothelioma Victim Awarded $7.5 Million in Compensatory Damages

Attorneys Counseled Plaintiffs to Commit Perjury in Garlock Asbestos Case, According to Unsealed Lawsuits

Unsealed Lawsuits Show Allegations of Plaintiffs' Attorneys Hiding Evidence in Garlock Asbestos Case

Stamford City Officials Deny Nearly 300 Workers Compensation Claims Filed By Police Department

Explosion of Workers Compensation Claims Follows Police Department's Asbestos Exposure Concerns

Representatives for Current and Future Asbestos Claimants Divided Over Proposed Reorganization Deal with Garlock

EnPro and Garlock Reach Reorganization Deal with Attorney for Future Asbestos Claimants

County Prosecutor Advocates for Asbestos Abatement as Commissioners Neglect to Remove Contaminants

Asbestos Presence Leads to Petition to Address Health Concerns in Lake County Government Building

Asbestos Case Results in $3.6 Million Payout to Plaintiffs

Carnival Cruise Lines Ordered to Pay $3.6 Million to Family of Deceased Electrician

Bankrupt Texas Power Company Will Not Be Mandated to Create a Trust for Future Claimants

Judge Decides Power Company Not Required to Set Up Trust for Future Asbestos Injury Claimants

Appellate Court Affirms Decision That Plaintiff's Asbestos Exposure Claim Was Unproven

Citing 'Paradoxical' Expert Testimony, Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Defendant in Asbestos Exposure Case

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Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog


March 05, 2015
Cameron Von St. James

Lung Leavin’ Day: A 9-Year Retrospection

“Lung Leavin’ Day began as a way to deal with stress and as a way to cope with mesothelioma. The idea of Lung Leavin’ Day came just after Heather’s second biopsy, which confirmed her mesothelioma diagnosis. At a time when we should have been celebrating the start of our family and getting to know our new baby daughter Lily, who was born 3 months earlier, we were in a hospital far from home fighting cancer. There was a lot to be stressed about.”