Rochester Man Sentenced for Exposing Employees to Asbestos

A man from Rochester, NY, was sentenced to two years of probation and 150 community services hours and fined $15k for exposing employees to asbestos.

Hillsboro Landfill Fined $6,400 for Failing to Cover Asbestos Properly

Hillsboro Landfill Inc. has been fined $6,400 by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for improperly covering asbestos waste.

Montana State University Receives $18k for Asbestos Research

Montana State University (MSU) received $18k for asbestos research as part of a $190k grant to increase quality healthcare.

Asbestos Discovered in Mill Run Building During Construction

Asbestos was discovered at the Mill Run project site in Levittown, Pennsylvania during construction into a mixed-use assisted care facility.

10,000 Feet Of Collier Water Utility Asbestos Piping To Be Replaced

10,000 feet of piping containing asbestos will be replaced by 2017 as part of a $1.4 million Collier County Water project.

Dumpster With Asbestos Warning Left In Detroit Neighborhood

A dumpster left by a city contractor weeks ago was left in the middle of the street in a Detroit neighborhood.

Sen. Rand Paul Blocks White House Support Of TSCA

The White House says it will back a bipartisan bill to overhaul asbestos regulation, but Senator Rand Paul put a hold on it.

Galion Neighbors Now Hearing About Asbestos Discovered In 2010

Neighbors in Galion are just now finding out about asbestos that was discovered at on old manufacturing plant in 2010.

$55 Million To Be Paid By Johnson & Johnson In Talcum Powder Case

Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $55 million in a talcum powder case for feminine hygiene products that caused ovarian cancer.

Pipe Bursts Cause $1.3M In Asbestos Damage At Framingham Schools

$1.3M will be spent to clean up burst pipes in Framingham Schools where asbestos tiling complicated the water flooding.

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June 24, 2016

I Survived Cancer...Now What? Part 3: Role Changes

“In addition to the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of surviving cancer, there is also a major impact on the interpersonal relationships of a cancer survivor. Many of the various role and relationship changes can begin even before diagnosis, affecting everyone that a cancer patient interacts with and the social situations in which they find themselves. After diagnosis and treatment, there are other issues to be dealt with, which can have an effect on the survivor’s role in the family and social circles.”