Asbestos Controversy At Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University continues its plans to renovate Stevenson Hall despite the current asbestos controversy.

Promising Clinical Trial Results For A Mesothelioma Immunotherapy Drug

Promising results from another phase of a clinical trial for an immunotherapy drug for mesothelioma, CRS-207, have been released.

Asbestos Discovered In South-Doyle High School's Library

Asbestos was discovered in South-Doyle High School's library, specifically between the ceiling and roof, causing it to close.

Two Companies Fined $27k For Asbestos Violations

Oregon-based Conser Design & Construction and Master Craft Restoration and Maintenance of Corvallis have been fined a total of $27,200 in asbestos violations.

Dover Greens LLC Settles With OSHA For $700k In Asbestos Fines

$700k will be paid out to OSHA by Dover Greens LLC for asbestos fines resulting from work performed at the Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center in Dover Plains.

Former Montezuma-Cortez High School Seeks Public Input On Its Future

A Colorado high school is seeking the public's opinion on the future of its building—all four options involve removing asbestos.

Over 200 Chicago Public Schools Face The Threat of Asbestos

About 200 Chicago Public Schools face the threat of asbestos health hazards inside their buildings.

Promising Lung Cancer Vaccine From Cuba At Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Roswell Park Cancer Institute is working on a promising lung cancer vaccine from Cuba that will be submitted for FDA approval.

New Study Finds A Potential New Mesothelioma Gene-targeting Drug

A study for a new drug called HRX9 shows it can stop tumor growth and trigger cell death in mesothelioma—for the first time ever.

Indiana Asbestos Exposure Law Deemed Unconstitutional

The Indiana Supreme Court struck down the state's unjust 10 year statute of repose because it treats similar asbestos victims differently.

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April 29, 2016
Jackie Clark

Mesothelioma Supporter Ricki Hall and His "Big Beard Shave Off"

“Two years ago, Wolverhampton model Ricki Hall was deemed as having the most influential hair in Britain. While his bushy beard and extensive tattoos catapulted him in the public eye, he is now harnessing that fame for a fundraising event he’s calling “The Big Beard Shave Off.” His mission? To direct much-needed attention to a cause that hits close to home: fighting mesothelioma.”