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2 0 1 5 Nov 23

Ways to Maintain the Holiday Cheer with Cancer

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The holiday season is traditionally met with excited anticipation, joy, and gratitude. Families come together, homemade foods are served, and gifts are given and received. However, for many people, even those who are generally content, the holidays bring about stress, anxiety, loneliness and a lack of fulfillment.

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2 0 1 5 Nov 19

Great American Smokeout: How to Quit Smoking

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Every third Thursday of November, the American Cancer Society hosts their Great American Smokeout event as a way to motivate individuals to finally break their smoking habit and triumph over tobacco once and for all. The event brings awareness to the risks of smoking as well as to the variety of tools and resources individuals can use to quit. This day can be used as a day to quit, or a day to draft up a plan to quit.

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2 0 1 5 Nov 11

Top 5 Ways to Honor Vets This Veterans Day

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Veterans continue to fight a number of battles after returning home. Due to the traumatic experiences and various carcinogenic exposures encountered on active duty, veterans suffer from an array of medical conditions ranging from mental illness to mesothelioma. Beyond that is the challenge of adjusting back to civilian life. This makes honoring America's roughly 22 million veterans all the more important.

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This month is dedicated to recognizing the crucial roles that family members and friends play in caring for loved ones who are in some way disabled or have fallen ill. While some patients are under the care of paid caregivers, roughly 75% of all caregivers are unpaid family members and friends.

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2 0 1 5 Oct 30

3D Printing and the Future of Medicine

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When many people think of 3D printing, they typically think of some high-tech science fiction device that can almost magically make things appear – or they think of it as little more than a new way to make cheap tchotchkes like keychains or phone cases.

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2 0 1 5 Oct 15

Lung Cancer Vaccine Cimavax: Sci-fi or Reality?

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If diagnosed in its later stages, such as stage III, lung cancer will often have a poor prognosis. Half of these patients survive for one year,1 but only 5 of 100 patients survive for 5 years.2 In an effort to improve these grim statistics, experts are working tirelessly to uncover the next best treatment or cure. However, is it possible that they could stumble upon a lung cancer vaccine that could prevent the disease entirely?

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2 0 1 5 Oct 8

Developing a Survivorship Care Plan

Survivorship Care Plan

No matter how you define survivorship, one of the things that many survivors of mesothelioma and other deadly cancers includes developing a survivorship plan. Such plans are beneficial for the survivor, their family members and friends, as well as for doctors and other medical professionals who may be involved in providing care in the future.

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We often treat our health a lot like a cat-and-mouse game: it’s not until something is wrong that we chase after it. In honor of Healthy Lung Month, and in the interest of taking a more proactive, preventative role in our health, we’re putting the spotlight on an oft-forgotten organ: the lungs.

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