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A cancer diagnosis triggers fear and worry in most, if not all people. Many new terms and treatment options are provided to you at diagnosis. For some people, it can become overwhelming. To help alleviate these feelings in the beginning of your cancer journey, bring a friend or family member to your appointments to help understand the information, ask questions, and take notes. Make sure you ask questions until you understand the answers and the options you have during your treatment.

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Eat to Defeat: Stress-Free Holiday Meal Planning

Eat to defeat for the holidays

Research shows that one of the most important things you can do to manage mesothelioma and other forms of cancer is to keep stress low. You want your immune system humming, and stress can sabotage that. The holidays can be a very stressful time, especially when it comes to meal planning for those looking out for their health.

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Eat to Defeat: 7 Immune Boosting Foods

Immune boosting foods

There is an abundance of research demonstrating the importance of a strong immune system in the fight against mesothelioma and other types of cancer. Including a variety of immune-boosting foods can help you fight off the disease or prevent it from taking root in the first place. In general, a diet based mostly around plants, which includes many different colors of fruits and vegetables, will provide you with a good balance of nutrients and antioxidants. But if you’re looking for an extra boost, here are seven immune-boosting foods you can make sure to have in your diet.

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Eat to Defeat: Avoiding Gluten to Fight Cancer

Gluten free cancer patient diet

Whether you're in remission or you've recently been diagnosed with cancer, maintaining a healthy diet is critical to your recovery and well-being. For some aggressive cancers, like mesothelioma, the treatment is equally as aggressive and alleviating symptoms from such treatments is paramount to help a patient feel well. Vegetarian, vegan and low-carbohydrate diets have long been very popular ways to do this. However, studies are now showing that a gluten-free diet may also help in the fight against cancer.

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Eat to Defeat: Kick Cancer with Kale

Kick Cancer with Kale

When diagnosed with cancer, a patients diet and eating habits are one of the many things that change drastically. It’s important for a cancer patient to be aware of their diet and start to incorporate the types of foods that will benefit them in their fight against cancer. To avoid things such as cachexia and anorexia, which are problems faced by many cancer patients, a healthy diet is imperative in helping the body to heal efficiently.

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4 Tips To Not Let a Cancer Diagnosis Define You

tips to not let a cancer diagnosis define you

Being diagnosed with cancer can be one of the scariest things that a person has to deal with. Regardless of your age, gender, or religion, cancer doesn't discriminate. All of the unknowns, millions of questions, and constant uncertainty can consume the mind and really affect a persons well being. It is important to not let a cancer diagnosis define you and cause you to lose interest in the things you once loved and lose sight of your hopes and dreams. Here are some tips to keep in mind and help guide you:

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Nutrition during the holidays

The holiday season can fill up the stomach with delicious treats, hearty meals and expedient amounts of seasonal goodies. However, if you are on a nutritious diet plan, eating right during the holidays has to be a mission. For certain groups of people, it's a necessity to eat a healthy meal. For example, cancer patients currently in treatment and survivors can't overindulge during the holiday season, because cakes and sweets provide little nutrition. Caregivers need to pay close attention as well in order to enable and support their loved ones during the holiday season, when certain foods are more tempting than others. The following are some good and bad foods for nutritional eating this season.

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5 Ways to Deal with the Uncertainty of Cancer

5 Ways to Deal with Cancer

Whether dealing with skin cancer, lung cancer or mesothelioma, dealing with the uncertainty of this disease can be terrible. Even if you are in remission from your cancer, there is always the uncertainty of whether or not it will ever come back. Knowing that your cancer might appear again in your body can be extremely terrifying. However, it is important not to focus entirely on what may or may not happen. You have to learn ways to deal with the uncertainty of cancer so that you can live a normal and healthy life. Here are five ways that can help you deal with the uncertainty of cancer.

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