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Occupational Safety and Health Week

According to Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1970, every employee has the right to know what their potential workplace hazards are. But how do you know what types of hazards you should be really concerned about? This week we’re celebrating the North American Occupational Safety and Health Week by sharing some tips for considering the safety of your workplace.

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2 0 1 4Dec29

Libby, MT Introduces Asbestos Resource Program


The city of Libby, Montana, has a long, sordid history with asbestos exposure. Now, however, administrators in Libby and surrounding Lincoln County are looking to give residents new ways to deal with asbestos safely.

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2 0 1 3Oct29

One Year Later: Superstorm Sandy Leaves Health Legacy

One year since Superstorm Sandy

A year has passed since Superstorm Sandy, one of deadliest and costliest storms on record, tore through the eastern seaboard, and many are still recovering from the damage inflicted on their communities, neighborhoods and homes. Even more, some of Superstorm Sandy's victims still feel her savage power daily as they struggle to cope with the lasting health problems stirred up in the storm's aftermath.

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2 0 1 3Aug01

20 Deadly Products: Are They Hiding In Your Home?

Asbestos-containing products

Once considered a “miracle mineral”, the properties of asbestos that made it so desirable for use in construction and products are the same properties that turned it into a curse for many families. Asbestos exposure is the known cause of mesothelioma and other rare and deadly asbestos-related diseases. Despite being considered a rare cancer, the places where asbestos exposure can happen are surprisingly common and still exist.

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2 0 1 3Feb28

Asbestos: The Real Bond Villain


The 40.3 million people who watched the Oscars this past Sunday saw the impressive James Bond tribute. It's been a great year for the 50-year-old franchise. Over the past 5 decades, many songs and faces were made famous by being so closely associated with the franchise. Here are some other facts about the series that may not be as well known, but are as deadly as Bond himself:

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5 Shocking Places to Find Asbestos

5 Shocking Places

With the rise of people being diagnosed with mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, it has sounded an alarm with the general public. People everywhere are beginning to wonder if they, or their families, have been exposed to asbestos in their homes or somewhere else in their day-to-day life. A lot of people are under the impression that asbestos only lies in certain building materials, like siding. However, these deadly fibers can be present in a lot of other places as well.

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2 0 1 2Oct30

Dangers of Garage Sale and Antique Shopping

Dangers of Garage and Antique Sales

Garage sales, antique shopping and pawnshops are all great places to find some really interesting items. In fact, they are great places to possibly find rare and valuable antiques. However, not many people consider the hidden dangers behind a simple event as a garage sale.

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Stay Safe While Renovating Your Home

Tools Picture Credit

Renovating a home can be an exciting time, but there are also potential health risks that are involved with these types of projects. This is certainly the case when it comes to older homes. With a few simple precautions, the renovation can be completed without any problems.

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