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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

For patient’s battling mesothelioma and other terminal cancer, often the support structures they have in place are the most important factors in maintaining a sense of calm and wellbeing. For many this includes family and loved ones. But support comes not only from those around us, but also from ourselves and our faith. The Mesothelioma Patient Family Alliance recognizes the value of spiritual guidance and meditation for those battling terminal disease as well as their family and loved ones.

While for some a serious disease like cancer may challenge one’s beliefs and faith, for many accessing their own spiritual identity can be a rewarding experience and put the person in a better state of mind to cope with the psychological effects of cancer. Coming to terms with one’s disease and the acceptance of things like cancer, that are beyond our control, has led many to come to peace with their illness and to celebrate each day of their life as a blessing.

Most hospitals, cancer centers, and clinics offer patients guidance and care in whatever denomination they desire. For patients who are homebound, many community spiritual and religious leaders will perform house calls or will speak to those seeking guidance over the phone to offer support in difficult times. Often the calming influence of a religious or spiritual leader can be extremely valuable to patients in between the hectic schedule of family members, doctors, and others who wish to spend time with the patient.

For family members and loved ones of those diagnosed with terminal illness, spiritual guidance can be equally important. Difficult diseases like cancer are often beyond our medical knowledge and spiritual comprehension and centering a person’s beliefs often brings about a sense of wellbeing and acceptance in all those affected by the illness.


The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance at does not recognize or advocate on behalf any single religious, spiritual, or other denomination or sect.

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