Resources for Patients and their Families

Cancer Support Services

Cancer patients, including those with mesothelioma, are often faced with a number of challenges. These challenges occur as patients are forced to deal with the physical and emotional issues of receiving a life changing diagnosis and going through extensive medical treatment. Fortunately there are a number of cancer support resources available that can be of help to cancer patients and those who care for them. They are designed to help provide a level of peace and comfort to those diagnosed with a serious disease throughout the treatment process.


Cancer patients who are also hearing impaired can find it difficult to communicate with loved ones and the medical personnel treating them. Audiology products, such as hearing aids, can be a tremendous help to these cancer patients by enabling them to hear more clearly so that they may participate more fully in their treatment.

Floral Services

Those battling a life threatening illness like cancer can experience a wide range of emotions. Many cancer patients, especially those that are in between treatments, will find that a gift of flowers will lighten and brighten their day.

Food Services

Those who have traveled great distances to be with a cancer patient while they receive treatment may find themselves in an unfamiliar geographic area. They may also welcome a respite from the time they are spending in the hospital with their loved one. This section provides a helpful directory of local restaurants by geographic area.

Seeing-Eye Dogs

Seeing-eye dogs can provide much assistance to visually impaired cancer patients by helping them to get around, protecting them from harm and providing much needed companionship.

Sign Language Interpreters

In situations where a mesothelioma cancer patient is also deaf, communication with their medical treatment team and their loved ones can be difficult. Often, a sign language interpreter can be an invaluable resource for facilitating clear communication between the patient and those that are providing their care.

Travel Agents

Those diagnosed with diseases, like mesothelioma, may have a need to travel some distance in order to specialized treatment at one of the country’s top cancer centers. A travel agent can help with travel arrangements and also assist with providing information about the area and long term housing options that may be required for the patient’s loved ones.

Wish Fulfillment

Those diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, like mesothelioma, can often realize a dream come true through one of the many wish fulfillment programs that are available to cancer patients and their families.

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