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  1. Massage Therapy Can Be Beneficial in Cancer Care |

    Spirit: How Massage Therapy Can Be Beneficial... The MCA Blog Connecting with others one story at a time Relax Your Mind, Body, and Spirit: How Massage Therapy Can Be Beneficial in Cancer Care Posted by Melanie Bowen on 7/3/2012 Prevailing medical wisdom long held the belief that massage therapy would

  2. Melanie Bowen |

    health can be attained. Continue Reading » Relax Your Mind, Body, and Spirit: How Massage Therapy Can Be Beneficial in Cancer Care Author: Melanie Bowen Date: 7/3/2012 Prevailing medical wisdom long held the belief that massage therapy would have more negative effects on cancer patients than positive ones

  3. Looking & Feeling Good While Battling Cancer

    of well-being. Massages are excellent for overall health, and massage therapy can help a patient relax and ease anxiety. A massage may also benefit those who struggle with sleeping at night. Aromatherapy is believed to enhance a person's sense of well-being and can be added to a massage session to help

  4. Stress Awareness and Cancer - Tips for Coping

    near you. Four of Many Alternative Therapy Options Massage can help relieve stress and anxiety. Massage therapy may improve sleep, reduce pain and fatigue. However, each individual responds differently. Massage therapists need training for massaging cancer patients as they should modify their techniques

  5. Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients: Spending Time

    gift for primary caregivers, who often have to take care of many of these types of things on their own. Schedule a Massage or Spa Package Numerous medical studies have shown that massages and other relaxation techniques can be beneficial for cancer patients. Such activities can help reduce stress, anxiety

  6. Alternative Mesothelioma Treatments | Touch

    drainage therapy may be a complementary treatment option. Massage and Cancer Massage therapy is the hands-on practice of physical manipulation of the body’s soft tissues, ideal for relaxation and pain relief. There are many different types of massages, including Acupressure, Anma and Balinese, which all have

  7. Mesothelioma Palliative Care | Pain Management

    care techniques or alternative care to manage pain and other symptoms, such as difficulty breathing (dyspnea). These methods may include: Acupuncture Massage therapy Respiratory therapy Nutrition and diet planning Yoga and meditation Learn more about Palliative Care for Mesothelioma Learn more about Palliative

  8. Alternative Therapies & Cancer Infographic

    story at a time Alternative Therapies & Cancer Infographic Posted by Jackie Clark on 8/19/2011 Ever wonder how alternative treatments such as reiki, massage and acupuncture have assisted healing for cancer patients? Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about these complementary healing modalities

  9. Vanderbilt Cancer Center | Mesothelioma Cancer

    chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a list of alternative treatments, which are offered at Vanderbilt's Center for Integrative Medicine. These include massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, and stress reduction techniques. Also offered at this facility are support services including spiritual and psychological

  10. Hematology and Oncology Associates of Central New

    nutritional counseling community referrals community educational programs Patients may also access to complimentary therapies such as Reiki, acupuncture and massage therapy. The facility operates its own comprehensive imaging center that includes PET and CT scanning. HOA cancer patients have access to clinical

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