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Ohio Senator Not Happy with New State Asbestos Bill

Pat Guth contributes news and insightful content for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

Patricia Guth

December 11, 2012

Lakewood, Ohio - New legislation passed last week in Ohio will make it much harder for victims of asbestos exposure to sue for compensation, says one state senator, who adds that he voted against the bill, known as Substitute House Bill 380.

According to an article in the Plain Dealer, Ohio State Senator Michael Skindell (D-23, Lakewood) was unhappy with the passing of the new law, which he believes will greatly impact whether or not those who were unwittingly exposed to asbestos on-the-job can collect funds from the companies responsible for their exposure.

“This legislation is another example of the 129th General Assembly’s war on Ohio workers,” Skindell said in a press release to the media. “The bill is creating additional procedural and evidentiary hurdles, roadblocks, rules and other requirements that will make it impossible for a dying asbestos plaintiff to get a fair trial on their case.”

Skindell says the new law dictates every step of an asbestos lawsuit, from the filing through the jury verdict. He also notes that it forces “a dying asbestos worker to file a claim against an asbestos trust, even in situations where there may be no evidence that the worker was exposed to the product of the trust.”

Skindell believes the newly-passed legislature unfairly leans towards the large defendant corporations and he refers to the law as “extremist corporate legislation.” Skindell stresses that he finds Substitute House Bill 380 to be totally unnecessary, noting that the “scales of justice in Ohio were not out of balance” in the first place.

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