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Miracle Vaccine Universally Targets All Cancer Tumors

Kristen Griffin brings a fresh perspective to news and blog content for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

Kristen Griffin

April 09, 2012

Tel Aviv, Israel - A research team, collaborating efforts between Tel Aviv University and a pharmaceutical company, Vaxil Bio Therapeutics, have discovered a powerful vaccine that could eliminate nearly 90% of all cancers.

The vaccine – ImMucin – actually attacks a molecule that 90% of all cancers carry, jumpstarting the immune system.

ImMucin is different than standard medications given to cancer patients, in that, it is a therapeutic vaccine rather a prophylactic vaccine. Prophylactic vaccines prevent cancers.

In the study, the research team administered ImMucin to 10 patients with a rare blood cancer known as multiple myeloma. 3 of the initial test patients reported that the cancer was completely eradicated, where the remaining 7 found their immune system boosted and better equipped to fight off the cancer.

Side effects were minimal, and the chief complaint from the initial test group was minor skin irritation.

Though the results from the small study are impressive, ImMucin is years away from commercial production. Further clinical trials, and a lengthy approval and regulatory process will delay the commercial production of the vaccine. However, ImMucin is expected to hit the shelves as early as 2020.

ImMucin may be used independently or in combination with other cancer treatments, and may be used after certain procedures, such as radiation or surgery, to prevent future tumors from growing.

For such cancers that do not respond well to traditional treatment options, ImMucin offers hope. ImMucin triggers the body's natural defense mechanism – the immune system – to recognize the sugary molecule known as MUC1 and destroys the tumor. Even cancers as rare as multiple myeloma – the test group – contain the MUC1 molecule like mesothelioma, a deadly disease linked to chronic asbestos exposure, a toxin used in manufacturing.

The applications of ImMucin for difficult or rare cancers are limitless: further malignancies can be stopped; inoperable tumors can be slowed; and the complete cessation of the disease.

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