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News from the United States and around the world on topics related to mesothelioma and asbestos. Please email us at if you have a news story you would like us to report on.

EPA Gives Last Call for Asbestos Cleanup in Libby

The EPA provided a last call for residents of Libby to have their homes inspected and cleaned up if asbestos was found. Read more at

Electricians Walk Away from Sydney Opera House Due to Asbestos

Shortly following the second confirmation of asbestos at the Sydney Opera House, electrician workers walked off the job. Read more at

Arp Schools Replacing Asbestos Pipes

Arp Schools have begun replacing their asbestos pipes and seeking another water source in the meantime.

Asbestos Cleanup Wanted at Rutland City Dress Factory

The State of Vermont is looking to make the owner of a dress factory clean up asbestos and pay $10,000 in fines. Read more at Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

Sonoma State University Pays $2.9 Million in Asbestos Penalties

Sonoma State University is paying $2.9 million for mishandling asbestos in one of its campus office buildings. Read more at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

New Study Links Asbestos Exposure and Off-Roading

A new study has linked asbestos exposure and off-road vehicle use, identifying California to be at especially high risk.

Asbestos Tiles Discovered at Temple University

Asbestos floor tiles were discovered and removed shortly thereafter at Temple University’s Center City building. Read more at Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

Oregon Health & Science University Fined for Asbestos Violations

Oregon Health and Science University and its contractor were fined $37,500 for asbestos violations during renovations. Read more at

Hillshire Brands Sues Own Insurers After $13M Asbestos Case Loss

Hillshire Brands Co. is suing its insurers after losing a $13 million asbestos case for wrongful death. Read more at Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

30 Million Tons of Asbestos Left Near Vermont Mine

About 30 million tons of asbestos has been left on Belvidere Mountain by the Vermont Asbestos Group after it shut down in 1993. Read more at

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