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Carbon Nanotube Products

Nanotubes are small, extremely durable carbon fibers and are used in a vast array of items due to their light weight and immense strength.

Sports Equipment

Many sports items contain nanotubes, including graphite tennis rackets and golf clubs. Some bicycle parts, such as the chain or pedals, may also contain graphite composite nanotubes. Nanotube-based components are becoming more prevalent because they are nearly shock-and-impact resistant and extremely lightweight, which makes them a perfect material for sports equipment manufacturers.

Automobile Components

A large number of automobile constituents now contain nanotubes, including vehicle front and rear bumpers, tubing, fuel lines, and other plastic parts. Certain automobile components that are structured from glass-fiber reinforced plastic also contain nanotubes. In the future, automobile companies foresee the use of nanotubes within the interior of a vehicle as well as a lighter and more durable substance within the electrical equipment and other plastic-based parts.

Medical Use

Scientists are just now beginning to explore uses for nanotubes in the medical field. Fluorescent nanotubes will eventually be utilized for specific anti-cancer treatments involving the ejection of tiny fluorescent light particles. Additionally, scientists are interested in the injection of nanotubes into the human body to act as actuators or substrates for cell cultures or implants. The use of nanotubes in technologically advanced wound dressings is also in progress. Research thus far has shown a connection between accelerated wound healing when materials similar to nanotubes are present.

Household Items

Nanotubes can be found in a plethora of items that the average person uses in their home on a daily basis. These products include perfumes or fragrances encapsulated in a nanotube-containing plastic, CDs, prescription medication containers, and reinforced, and heat-resistant plastic cookware, such as measuring spoons or spatulas. Some light bulb manufacturers also use components containing nanotubes. Many computer constituents also contain nanotubes, including computer screens and the inner-workings of computer monitors and towers, such as the motherboard and other electrical tubing. Specific formulas used to make items like mattresses non-retardant may also contain nanotubes. Many magnetized items, such as refrigerator magnets, have also been known to be formulated using nanotubes, and some small toys which feature carbon components might contain them as well.

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